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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 5 2012 10:20 p.m. MST

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East Salt Lake City, Utah

Looking good.

Now go take down BYU on Saturday @MC. Huge task on the road but if they play like today they'll beat BYU.


Cedar Hills, UT

Really nice win and a proper tribute to the sweater.

Interesting that I got flack for saying the Utes would go 3-2 or even 4-1 through SMU, Texas SA, Boise St, byU, SMU and CS North Ridge. Well, they are 2-1 with SMU and CS NR left at home.

Like I said before, byU will have all they can handle with the Utes at the MC. I love it.

Go Utes!

West Jordan, Utah

It's good to feel good about Ute team again, but mostly I feel good FOR them. When program pride and identity sinks in, teams get better. This Ute squad has a long way to go, but I am happy they played passionately on a night when Rick Majerus was honored. Thank you boys for the effort. And Coach K, you are doing a great job in a tough situation. The University needs you now. One day you will love this job and need the University as well. Thanks coach.


Awesome game, guys. Keep it up!

Go Utes!!

Frisco, TX

The warm fuzzy feeling, U are feeling, is about to end with games against BYU, SMU and CSNR. There is no doubt the Utes are "developing" this year, but this is a young, inexperienced team who will struggle in every remaining game except the high school team of College of Idaho. U may get 3 or 4 more wins, but getting to 10 wins for the seaon will be a challenge.


Great game and great enviornment last night. I loved watching all the Utes on defensive. Gotta bring that intensity every game and we could see some pretty good games. Good luck on saturday.
Go Utes!!!

Richmond, VA

Great win by the Utes! For a team that many didn't think will be competitive this year, they sure are making a lot of noise and I couldn't be happier for them. Looking forward to a great game against BYU, for which I hope they loose and then win as many of the rest of their games as they can. I'm pleasantly surprised at the job Coach K is doing with those kids. He's obviously a great catch for the Utes.

Good luck against my Cougars! Actually I'm nervous because I didn't think you'll be this good this fast. May the better team win!

Go Cougs!

Lynchburg, VA


Thank you for reasoned words, and giving recognition where it is due. I'll do the same; BYU is always at least pretty good, if not really good, and this year they are somewhere in this range yet again. You guys have a great coach and a great program going right now. I hope this game coming up is really competitive and hard fought on both sides!


Is that the best you've got? You can do better than that, really.

Great game by the Utes, I was stoked to be keeping up with it last night! It sounds like they were rocking it defensively, and that they were taking good shots all night, and they were falling! The offense may not be running like that most nights, but if we play with that kind of passion defensively, we'll be a tough team all year! Keep it up, Utes, I'm hoping for a win over the Cougs!

Go Utes!!


Nice win and a great tribute to Coach!

Gilbert, AZ

Only 7,896 fans in attendance to pay tribute to the greatest basketball coach in Runnin' Utes history?


Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Can't even give Utah credit for a good win and a good performance? Wow, and I thought you were a pretty straight shooter.

Nice win by Utah, best win of the season. Hopefully the Utes can keep it up in Provo. The PAC 12 is down this year, so hopefully the Utes can do well in conference play.

GO UTES >---->

Salt Lake City, UT


No worries, the crowd will grow in years to come.

It won't be long before every Ute fan alive will be "recalling" the night they were in the Huntsman to watch the tribute to Majerus.

Salt Lake City, UT

Oh my gosh, the Utes are awesome now. And we're in the PAC12 and the PAC12 is so awesome. We totally belong in the PAC12. And the PAC12 really wanted us instead of BYU. Did I say we are now in the PAC12?


CougFaninTX, Nice try, but last night's game was already written off as an easy Boise State win last week after they took Michigan State down to the wire in East Lansing and ran #11 Creighton out of their own building.

"Looking at Utah's upcoming schedule, it's very possible that the Utes could lose 4, if not all 5, of their next 5 games:

at Texas San Antonio (only lost to SMU by 3)
Boise State (just beat #11 Creighton 83-70)
at BYU (enough said)
SMU (see last night's game)
CS Northridge (only lost at BYU 87-75)"

Of course, I shouldn't even need to mention Pa Cute's credibility that he/she doesn't even know Utah's actual schedule (they played at Texas State in San Marcos, not UTSA).

My only hope is that BYU's players become as childish as Boise's were and throw tantrums on the court if Utah gets off to a good start. My guess is it probably won't happen because Dave Rose is a good coach for whom I have a lot of respect. But I know the fans in the Marriott certainly aren't above it, they've shown us that much.


Wow, USAlover, obsess much?

phoenix, if it means so much to you, what section of the Huntsman were you sitting?

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

Krysto's plan is working and the runnin' Utes are really tearing it up against the 317th toughest SOS in the country.

Time will tell, but the Utes might actually have a basketball team this year.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

What a glorious night for our Runnin' Utes!

Nothing can stop us now. The Utes will be undefeated the rest of the season and win the NCAA tourny,

Mark it down!

Gilbert, AZ


Why would I travel all the way from Phoenix to sit in a sea of empty red chairs?

I just find it curious, and embarrassing for Utah, that Utah basketball fans have become so few that a tribute to Utah's greatest basketball coach ever only half-fills the Huntsman Center.

Guaranteed, if Dave Rose or Stan Watts were being similarly honored at BYU, the Marriott Center would be packed with over 20,000 fans.

Cedar Hills, UT


The Utes win big in a game that was labeled as a loss by all the byU trolls and now they are all in a frenzy. Love it.

What will they do when the Utes shut down their (2) shooters in the MC come Saturday?

I'll be at the game in red.

Go Utes!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I love the nervousness you can see in the typing of the trolls today. Some fun stuff!
Nice win Utah, that was a fun atmosphere last night ... the big guy himself would've been proud. Keep it rolling forward!

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