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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 5 2012 8:55 a.m. MST

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Cache, UT

@Just Me
I don't think I am the one with frustrations. You are the one ripping on Noodlekaboodle. You are the one that brought the hospital organization into the discussion. I will stay on this board as long as I like.

I live in Logan. I know how IHC works. I battle their monopoly on a daily basis.

I hope that Danny heals fully and leads the Aggies to many victories in the future.

If you need some valium, go to IHC and have them prescribe some for you.

Kamas/United States, UT

It would be nice to have the game played, but sports isn't the issue here. I hope Berger gets better

Just Me
Richfield, UT

Thanks Cougs for your kind words....I ALMOST like some of you now!!!


You make me laugh! I'm the one that brought the hosptial organization into the discusion?

Ummmmm...I'm not an "md" like you, but I was pretty sure noodlekaboodle brought up Logan hospitals. I was responding to that comment that the kid was "lucky" to be in Murray and not ANY logan hospital, when in fact, he had been at a Logan hospital.

Then, it seems, it was the esteemed "md" that brought the Intermountain "organization" into the conversation.

I responded to both (with an emphasis on responded).

As far as me having 'frustrations', I will refer you again to the illustrious "md":

* "I will stay on this board as long as I like."
* "I battle their monopoly on a daily basis. "
* "I know how IHC works."
* "If you need some valium, go to IHC and have them prescribe some for you.":

Like I said, YOU make me laugh!

Highland, UT

No big deal rescheduling a game, it is only a game afterall. I don't see it as being a right or wrong decision either way though, just a good thing to do since that is what USU requested be done. Kudo's to BYU for agreeing to this. Something like this is different than just an injury, this is life and death.

Dietrich, ID

The Chiefs did play after there tragdy, With a heavy heart. I seen high schools play on after the death of there players with heavy hearts. AS a courtesy nice for the teams to do that. And in some instances play on. I attended the Goshner classic a few years ago and book by Wayne Estes was in Hallways. Bought it off amazon. Wish him the best.

Mapleton, Utah

This is where everyone will tell me I'm an insensitive bloke. Oh well, send the heat. Everyone associated with both programs knew Danny did not die and was not going to any time soon. Since when does D-1 Sports get cancelled because I player is in a car accident; Or breaks an arm at practice; Or breaks a back the week before; Or Mom dies, or Dad dies. Answer?? Never. Unless of course the program is BYU. Hated by most, despised by the majority of the rest and loved by a precious few. So what does the Y do? Always doing it's best to take the high road (even when none is needed) always bowing to the pressure from the haters; Always anticipating the political fall out if, Heaven forbid, they were to ever do anything insensitive....such as play a scheduled BB game when a player is sick.

Give me a break. I'm glad Danny is on the mend. I'm very, very, very delighted he didn't die and was revived so quickly by an obviously skilled staff at USU. But cancel a game???

That is a joke.

Richfield, UT

I seriously hope you don't have a wife and kids with feelings like that.

Yep....insensitive AND a joke.

I hate byu; have for a long time, but kudos to them for this. it was about the timing. The entire team was in a flux about Danny. THEY wanted to know about him, not play a game. The game will get played and most likely without Danny.

Sometime a hug is better than a beat down.

Call me an old fashioned chap.

The A Game
Sandy, UT


I think it would be best if you learned how to read before you comment. Were you one of Danny's teammates that watched the incident happen? Did you also drive immediately from Logan to Murray when you didn't have to, in order to be with your teammate who was in critical condition? After staying up all night wondering if he was going to survive, did you then play an unimportant game of basketball with all your left-over energy you had from the events of the previous day?

It's a game, buddy. And I'd be surprised if you know what a basketball even looks like. I can't count how many times I've heard BYU fans how much they "couldn't care less" about playing Utah State, and that "it's not a rivalry." Interesting....seems like you guys care quite a bit. I think it's about time that BYU fans (notice I said fans, not BYU the organization who I'm glad had the decency to cancel the game) get over themselves.

Cedar City, Utah

Funny A Game is saying someone should learn how to read when I'm sure he doesn't know. Did you see the incident or drive from Logan to Murray? Dude it's funny how you say this stuff and no one calls you on it. Oh wait I'm sorry I just did. I'm glad this kid's doing well but the game should still go on or the season for both schools is gonna be screwed up. Were the USU players, coaches, administration etc afraid they would get beat and beat bad if this kid didn't play?

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