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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 4 2012 7:55 p.m. MST

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Wm. VanderWerff
Draper, Utah

When ever I see all of our so called leaders come together and endorse a document like the Utah-Compact, I can't help being suspicious of their, self promoting, motives. The Utah-Compact has no standing in law, is full of high sounding fluff, and fails to suggest solutions. Our founders were not so vague. They were precise and to the point. Their arguments and declarations took positions that jeopardized their lives and fortunes. More importantly the were meaningful and fruitful.

A sovereign nation's most defining aspect is citizenship and border definition. The failure on the part of our leadership to uphold both values is criminal and traitorous. That said, we are where we are. The remedies taken should not punish the children for the sins of their parents. Deporting those, who have lived their formative years here, brought here by law breaking parents, is a violation of common sense and righteous principles; however, any path to citizenship for the children should include rigorous indoctrination of our constitutional principals and the history of it's founding. The parents should not be given citizenship but should have probationary visas without recourse to full citizenship or the right to vote.

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