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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 4 2012 3:20 p.m. MST

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Brother Wolf
Salt Lake City, UT

His only mission right now should be learning to nail jump shots.

Detroit, MI

Has anyone told him that the LDS church has an institute building and LDS apartments across the street from the MSU campus? I got find a way to get this message to Tom Izzo. Please Jabari don't get sucked into the Mormon culture superiority complex. Plus...much more diversity. I'm sure the 4 hours from Chicago will help as well.

dallas realist
rockwall, texas

Missions are great but they are not for everyone.

St. George, UT

This "Diversity" garbage is so overrated. Come to Utah. See how the church is supposed to work. Then go out and help those in the "mission field." You know the place that has fewer monthly baptisms than the Utah missions.
If he doesn't go to BYU then the only logical choice is Duke. (And I hate Duke) MSU can't develop a decent pro player.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT


Oh, I'm sorry. I thought this was the "unrighteous judgment blog". At least that is what everyone else is doing (including you), so I thought I would pile on the bandwagon.

Dietrich, ID

Haven't talent in something can easily put you in the spotlight on every descision you choose to make. David archuleta, Manti Teo, the Osmonds, Jimmer Freddette, Luke Staly all had achieved great talent before mission age and performed in front of thousands so people follow there descisions like crazy.

Any case I have seen several explanations of Laban and God always tells us to do what is right. What Nephi was told was foreign to him he hesitated. For active friends and neighbors trying to make that descision but not well known besides family and friends I would not put them down for choosing not to go. Wish they would and do what I can to encourage them. I think you can defend righteous principles withoug unrighteous judgement, Encourage people to keep the commandments and such help them repent when they need too. Were not Protestants. All missionaries who go out willingly sacrifice. And performers who are well known well there sacrifice might be more visible than the average Joe. A mission is what Church leaders have repeatedly urged for all worthy young men and we should encourage them.

Helendale, CA

While I wish that he had chosen to serve a mission now and hope that he will choose BYU, it is not for me to judge him. Whatever he chooses, I hope that people who are judging him don't drive him away.

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