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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 4 2012 2:20 p.m. MST

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Baltimore, MD

Spokane Ute

"You sure know your Cougars, even when you have to go back almost 30 years."

Fortunately for BYU fans, BYU actually has some football history from 30 years ago that's worth remembering.

Here's a little question to test your knowledge of Utah football:

Has Utah ever finished in the Top 25 in both polls in three or more consecutive seasons?

And a question to put rankings in perspective:

Which is more important, BEATING a ranked team, or BEING a ranked team?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

If Utah wins out, they will play in the 4 team playoff. It doesn't matter if they play Lone Peak, Bingham and Highland HS in the non conference. Don't kid your self. Again, answer the question; who did Oregon play in non-conference games this year.

Yes, per the coaches Poll: 2008 #4, 2009 #18 and 2010 #23. Why do you ask? Which is more important? Both, it's difficult to be ranked, with out beating ranked teams. What's your point?

Bottom Line
BYU finished Ranked Higher
Utah played a tougher schedule
Utah beat BYU
BYU had a better record
Both teams underachieved.
BYU is going bowling, Utah is staying home.


Highland, UT

I personally think the point is moot as we will never see an undefeated, or for that matter 1 loss, utah team again. It is not going to happen, ever. Regardless of their conference affiliation utah is not good enough to accomplish either of those records.

Gilbert, AZ

Spokane Ute

"If Utah wins out, they will play in the 4 team playoff. It doesn't matter if they play Lone Peak, Bingham and Highland HS in the non conference. Don't kid your self. Again, answer the question; who did Oregon play in non-conference games this year."

Oregon played Arkansas St, Fresno St, and Tennessee Tech and finished #4 in the BCS, which you think proves that an undefeated PAC 12 champion Utah would be a lock for a 4-team playoff.

Unfortunately, you have some fatal flaws in that analysis, not the least of which is an eligible Ohio State would have pushed Oregon to 5th.

AP Poll (which includes ineligible Ohio St)
1. Notre Dame(12-0)
2. Alabama(11-1)
3. Ohio State(12-0)
4. Florida(11-1)
5. Oregon(11-1)
6. Georgia(11-2)

Notice two one-loss SEC teams ahead of Oregon and a two-loss SEC team right on Oregon's heels.

Throw in an undefeated Oklahoma or Texas in a future season, and even an undefeated Oregon could have been shut out of the playoff with their weak OOC schedule, and an undefeated Utah wouldn't stand a chance.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah's SOS this year is higher than 'Bama's, Georgia's, Oregon's, AND Notre Dame's. If Utah had ran the table this season there is no way the Utes would be left out of a 4-team playoff. Especially considering that the Utes would have been fresh off a victory over a top 10 team in the CCG. I realize that Utah doesn't have the "name recognition", but that's not how the committee is going to be picking teams to fill the four slots. They will look at each team's resume, and the "undefeated PAC-12 champs" with a SOS higher than any other team in contention would be a lock for a spot.

@ Duckhunter

You must be a rich man with your ability to predict the future with such certainty...

Highland, UT

@two for

Let's put it this way, my prediction of utah never going undefeated again is far more likely than christina b's predictions of utah winning the pac12 and going to the rose bowl every year. But I'll tell you what, if utah EVER goes undefeated at any time for the remainder of my life I will never, ever, not one time, post anything on a utah article. Never.

I'll be posting for the rest of my life.

Sandy, UT

Two For Flinching

The thing Utah fans don't seem to understand in this entire hypothetical argument about an undefeated PAC 12 champion Utah being a lock for a 4-team playoff spot is this...

all four teams will be selected by a committee much like the NCAA basketball selection committee, and as we've all seen, traditional powers ALWAYS receive preferential seeding, regardless of RPI.

The mere thought that Utah would be picked over elite teams like Alabama, Texas, Ohio State and Notre Dame is ludicrous. Utah will have to have an absolutely sterling record with no blemishes just to be in the discussion. Playing Weber State instead of BYU could easily be the kiss of death for Utah's playoff chances.

But, of course, like Duckhunter said, the chances of Utah even getting to that point are so remote, that it's a waste of time even speculate about it.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Whatsnu

I'm not saying Utah will be picked over Bama, Texas, tOSU, and ND. I'm saying (undefeated) Utah would be picked WITH three of them to compete. I know the traditional powers can receive preferential seeding. But I think that with so few teams in this format, the "RPI" will trump the "name brand" effect the vast majority of the time.

@ Duckhunter

Chis B is a troll and you will never hear me defend him. However, You shouldn't be proud that you are slightly less ridiculous than the most ridiculous poster on this site. At the end of the day, you're still speaking in absolutes, which is a poor and ineffective way to make a point.

That being said, I don't care if you post on Utah articles or not. Occasionally you make good points and spark interesting debate.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

When Utah goes undefeated, and doesn't play for the National Championship I will stand on my head and spit out Nickelz! Deal?

Never gonna happen, but keep telling your self otherwise. what a joke....

Play in a big boy conference, otherwise, good luck competing with Army....

U 90
Corona, CA

@ Duckhunter,
"I personally think the point is moot as we will never see an undefeated, or for that matter 1 loss, utah team again. It is not going to happen, ever."

Yeah, and that's what you were personally thinking in 2003 and 2007.

Idaho Falls, ID

Whittingham would be wise to update his LinkedIn profile.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

U 90

Would you agree that a team that can't beat good PAC 12 teams on the road doesn't stand a chance of running the table to win a PAC 12 title?

The Utes haven't had a road win against a PAC 12 opponent with a winning record since the 90's, and after two seasons in the conference, the Utes still haven't beaten a PAC 12 foe with a winning record.

You may point to 2008 as evidence that Utah isn't just a 2004 one hit wonder and that the Utes could be a conference contender relatively soon.

I'll point to 1964 when the Utes won their first WAC championship, won a bowl game, and cracked the polls, albeit only the Coaches Poll, for the first time.

It took the Utes 28 years to play in another bowl (1992), 30 years to crack the polls again (1994), 31 years to win another conference championship (1995), and almost 40 years to accomplish all three again in the same year (2003).

It remains to be seen whether it will be 4 years or 40 years before the Utes win their next outright conference championship.

Palo Alto, CA

"Play in a big boy conference, otherwise, good luck competing with Army...."

Actually, BYU is competing with Notre Dame...

which, in case you hadn't noticed, is doing quite well this year, and against which, BYU was VERY competitive.

After going 17 quarters without giving up an offensive touchdown, Notre Dame gave up two in a span of 2:18 as Riley Nelson threw a 6-yard scoring pass to a wide-open Cody Hoffman in the end zone and a 2-yard pass to Kaneakua Friel after an interception by Kyle Van Noy.

That put BYU up 14-7 at halftime.

Final score:
UND 17
BYU 14

After the game, Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly said, "That's a bracket buster team in basketball parlance, that's a darned good football team."

I guess we could accept your biased opinion of BYU, or we could acknowledge the professional opinion of someone who really knows the game and what it takes to compete at the national level.

With Notre Dame, Texas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Boise State, and Michigan, among others, on future BYU schedules, the Cougars will have plenty of opportunities every season to compete against the big boys.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


The next time a coach doesn't build up the opponent after a win, it will be the first. Don't confuse coach speak with a genuine compliment.

Salt Lake City, UT

Two For Flinching

Try not to confuse sincere praise with Utah fan jealousy.

Notre Dame was fortunate to escape with a win. Had Riley's errant pass to a wide-open Hoffman late in the 2nd half been on target, BYU would have beaten the Fighting Irish.

U 90
Corona, CA

Just Fax,

Do you not agree that when Utah is able to put together another team like 04 or 08 that winning road games in the PAC 12 will happen more often. The first 2 years in the PAC12 have been disappointing driven by Whit's mishandling of the QB position but I believe he has learned his lesson.

Since the 80's Utah and BYU have played a similar number of games against PAC12 teams. If I told you that BYU hasn't beaten a PAC12 team on the road with a winning record since 1983 does that make you believe BYU's future is hopeless? I didn't think so. You see, your stats don't prove hopelessness for Utah. In 2002 things didn't look good but then 2003 and 04 happened. In 2007 things didn't look good either, but then 2008 happened. Like I said, your stats don't prove hopelessness.

Given Utah has demonstrated the ability to beat 4 ranked teams in one season and 3 ranked teams in another season (something BYU has never done) it gives me confidence that Utah will occasionally put together strong teams that will compete for the PAC 12 South and possibly another BCS bowl game.

U 90
Corona, CA

skywalker, your team just wasn't that good. Five wins against Idaho, New mexico State, Hawaii, Washington State and Weber state. And then you lost to lowly Utah. Like I said, your team wasn't that good.

swoop, Yeah, yeah, we know BYU was 23 plays away from a perfect season and a #1 ranking.... and so was every other college football team in America.

Salt Lake City, Utah

U 90

Your hyperbole notwithstanding, BYU was four plays away from being 11-1 and having a legitimate shot at playing in a BCS game.

Unlike BYU, Utah has no history of putting back-to-back great seasons together, which is what it's going to take for the Utes to build enough momentum to get into the playoffs.

When has Utah ever had back-to-back Top 15 finishes?

When has Utah had FIVE Top 12 finishes in SIX years?

When has Utah ever managed back-to-back-to-back Top 25 finishes in both polls?

Back-to-back Top 7 finishes: 1983-1984
Back-to-back-to-back Top 12 finishes: 1979-1980-1981
Back-to-back-to-back Top 20 finishes: 1983-1984-1985
Back-to-back Top 15 finishes: 2006-2007
Back-to-back-to-back-to-back Top 18 finishes: 2006-2007-2008-2009

Back-to-back Top 18 finishes: 2008-2009

Utah fans talk about beating ranked teams, but Utah is seldom ranked. Why is that?

BYU has THREE strings of back-to-back-to-back Top 25 finishes in both polls.
Utah has never even had one.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

When was the last time BYU actually beat Utah?


U 90
Corona, CA


Take a deep breath. You need to read all the posts and understand the context of the thread. The conversation started when Duckhunter stated that Utah will never again have an undefeated or one loss season, and Just Fax says Utah's future prospects in the PAC 12are hopeless. Read my posts again and understand that all I am saying is there is hope that Utah will occasionally compete for the south and possibly a BCS bowl given their track record.

Nevertheless, thanks for all of the research and stats

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