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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 4 2012 2:20 p.m. MST

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pocatello, ID

Springville, UT
Using the past two years of PAC12 performance certainly adds some questions about all the hype of the PAC10 invitation and the 2008 season as to the comment...

"Utes are ready to compete at the next level"

Just because you have TWO miracle seasons in the MWC obviously does not mean squat when you get to play in a 'big boy' conference does it?

"That wasn't a fluke"?

Well with two 'stellar' seasons and no bowling this year, certainly it's one of those storylines that's beginning to gain some traction.

Thanks for suggesting it Chris B.


Using the past two years of BYUs performance certainly adds some questions about all the hype of being an independent.

San Jose St. owns BYU 6-10 all time.
Colorado owns BYU 3-8-1 all time.
BYU can't beat ranked at the time they play them.
BYU keeps losing to Utah.
No power conference has extended an official invite.

Thanks for the comments sammyg.

U 90
Corona, CA


BYU has never beaten 4 teams in the same season that finished the year ranked in the top 25. I'm pretty sure they have never beaten three. Have they ever beaten two? I don't know the answer.... just asking.

Fluke or not, at least Utah has beaten 4 ranked teams while BYU hasn't even come close.

Salt Lake City, UT

The QB fiasco falls squarely on Whittingham. He should have had a 2nd and 3rd QB ready in the wings. You can't blame the season on a bad shoulder or an inexperienced OC. Whittingham has to take full responsibility.

Salt Lake City, Utah


In 1994, BYU finished #18 in the AP, #10 in the Coaches. There's no guarantee that just because the Utes finished #14 in the Coaches poll in 1964, that the Utes would have finished in the Top 20 in the AP poll; that's pure speculation on your part.

It's a proven fact that BYU had been ranked in the AP Poll TEN times, before Utah cracked the poll for the first time.

The truth is, Utah didn't accomplish a single thing on a national scale until the Utes cracked the Coaches poll in 1964, and then the Utes disappeared again completely from the national radar until 1994.

Final Tally
Top 25 Finishes
BYU 18 Coaches, 17 AP
Utah 7 Coaches, 5 AP

Sorry, but final rankings are the only true measure of success.

Palmdale, CA

Sorry if I am playing the devil's advocate here. This is all I got to say about Coach Whitt and Utah football. Eight years as a head coach, two years of that eight years as a head coach in a BCS conference (PAC-12). He's had eight years to learn as a head coach in the MWC/PAC-12 to find ways to win and adapt to two different conferences and an ever changing state of college football. I understand a lot has happened within the Utah football program in those two years, but IMO, Whitt is just not cut out to be a head coach in a BCS conference. He has the athletes and the talent to have 10+ win seasons, notice I said seasons, plural. And that was very possible last year. You can see a whole lot of holes in the boat from a mile away, and the coaching staff has not identified them yet. If you can't coach players to plug those holes and keep them plugged, you are not going to win very many games. While most will disagree with me, that is fine. I see what I see.

Farmington, UT

What's to be disappointed about?


1) Is in the PAC 12
2) Is in a BCS Conference
3) Finished above Colorado and Washington State and beat California as well
4) Is in the conference that hosts the Rose Bowl
5) Finished about where they belong, not lower, which could have happened
6) Beat their new rival, Coloraddo, and their old rival, BYU
7) Barely lost to USU and that was on the road

So why all the disapponitment? They did as well as could reasonably be expected.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Utah is 0-8 versus Washington, including losses in 2011 and 2012
BYU is 4-4 versus Washington, including a win 2010

Utah is 24-31-3 versus Colorado, including losses in 9 of their last 12 meetings
BYU is 3-8-1 versus Colorado, with wins in 3 of their last 4 meetings, including a bowl

Versus other PAC 12 teams
Ariz 20-16-2
ASU 6-18
Ore 8-19
OSU 6-9-1
Cal 4-5
Stan 2-3
UCLA 2-9
USC 3-7
WSU 7-5

In your first two years in the PAC 12, 7-11.

The PAC 12 OWNS U!


as everyone knows, what an opponent is ranked when you play them is far less important than what they're ranked at the end of the season, but just for the record, BYU has beaten three teams, #3 Pittsburgh, #1 Miami, and #3 Oklahoma, that were ranked higher when BYU played them than ANY team Utah has ever beaten.

Highland, UT

Hey utah "fans"....I'm guessing that none of you read antelopevalleyute's post above or else you will all pretend you didn't.


Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Duckhunter

Quit digging man. AVUte is one mis-informed person. It does nothing to prove your point considering the fact that the vast majority of Utah fans still support coach Whitt.

@ Antelope Valley

Utah clearly does not have the athletes to put ten wins together in the PAC-12; especially last year. Depth is a huge problem. As are the linebackers, O-line, and WR's and kickers.

He's had eight years as a head coach and has 70-32 record. That puts him in the top 25% of all active coaches for winning percentage, and he's done that with mid-major players and a mid-major budget. What more could you possibly want? In short, you are ridiculous for expecting Utah to step into the PAC and compete immediately. Whittingham has consistently won at Utah, give him time to make his team a winner in our new conference.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@Snack Pac

Where a team finishes in the rankings is the only thing that matters. Oklahoma and Pitt were #3 to start the season, but they both finished un-ranked. In other words, they were way over-rated and, obviously, not one of the top teams in the country. You have identified the problem with pre-season rankings though, so congratulations.

CO Ute

The article is about Utah football, competing in the PAC 12, and moving forward to improve. I don't recall any reference to a team south of SLC or anything even close to discussing AP rankings from 30 years ago. Frankly, a lot of the post to this article are the same repeated drivel from the same posters.

My suggestion is you make a relevant comment or go to an article about another team and post your false bravado about playing half a dozen no name teams so you can have a winning record. If that doesn't float your boat you can post how great your coach is, or conversely had bad he is and needs to go.

KW has some work to do the get the team back to a winning record and regular appearances in bowl games. The competition level got better and our QB play got worse - a bad combination that has lead to a disappointing record the past two year in PAC 12 play.

Springville, UT


"Utah clearly does not have the athletes to put ten wins together in the PAC-12"

And that will be the case or excuse for each year IMHO.

But Chris B. and company said the athletes would be lining up to join the Utes and that the wins would come.

Still waiting or has the best come and gone already?

South Jordan, UT

Utah, be quiet. We don't want to play you anymore, remember?

What's been is been. Why keep dredging it up over and over and over and over, ad nauseum! Who cares? Go and build your program and leave BYU alone. We will do the same. There is too much hate in the world and real problems here in our nation to keep squabbling over all this trivia.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ BYU alum

You realize you commented that on a Utah article, right?

@ Sammy

You are certainly entitled to that opinion. I respectfully disagree. I have confidence that Coach Whitt can/will turn Utah into a winner in the PAC. The good news is we will get to see it play out in the coming seasons.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

When Utah goes undefeated it's a "perfect storm" or a "fluke". When Boise State, TCU, BYU or Alabama go undefeated it's because they had a great team. My 2009 Sugar Bowl Hoodie doesn't say fluke or perfect storm on it; but it does say 13-0 on the back.

Also, thanks to all of the Utah Haters who continue to troll the Utah threads. Your envy and jealousy is awesome! Keep up the bad work!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


No need to appologize. Your Cougars lead the ranking war, and the Utes lead the head to head war. Us Utah fans will continue to support the Utes. Nothing worse than a fair weather fan. You can continue to support your Cougars. There's nothing wrong with supporting your team.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Spokane Ute

"When Utah goes undefeated it's a "perfect storm" or a "fluke". When Boise State, TCU, BYU or Alabama go undefeated it's because they had a great team."

Actually, that's not far off.

When Utah goes undefeated its more like a one-hit wonder; no build up in years prior to show that they're legitimate.

When Boise State, TCU, BYU, or Alabama go undefeated it's a continuation of years of football excellence culminating in an extraordinary season.

Call us the first time Utah finishes in the Top 12 in five out of six seasons, including back-to-back Top 7 finishes, a 24-game winning streak, and a National Championship.

If you want to know why Utah 2004 and 2008 didn't stand a chance of competing for a national championship, see 2001 to 2003 and 2005 to 2007.

One hit wonders, like Northern Illinois this year and Hawaii years ago, occasionally qualify for things like BCS bowls or Sweet Sixteens, but quickly fade back into mediocrity.

Utah - 5 AP Top 25 finishes EVER
BYU - 17 AP Top 25 finishes in the last 35 years

The difference between being a flash in the pan and a perennial Top 25.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ Utenanymous

It's not my fault that your Cougars haven't been to a BCS bowl. Maybe a perfect storm will develop in Provo and your Cougs will end up in a BCS bowl. Don't hold your breath though, and remember, your Cougars hold the ranking record. Quick, to your blue time machine. Go back at least 15 years. Call us when you beat us.


Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Spokane Ute

Utah fans have deluded themselves into believing that playing in a bcs bowl is the pinnacle of major college football achievement.

While Utah fans are still fixated on the antequated, inherently biased bcs bowl structure, where an unranked, 8-5 Wisconsin team can sneak into the "Grand Daddy of Them All", BYU fans are looking forward to the playoffs where the ultimate prize awaits.

While teams like Ohio State and Michigan are beefing up their schedules to better position themselves for the playoffs, Utah is dropping BYU to schedule Big Sky teams just to qualify for a bowl.

To Utah fans, the "perks" of being in a power conference are simply having the opportunity to sneak into a "decent" bowl without having to have a stellar season, in other words, without having to earn it.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@Snack Pac

Of course knocking off an 11-1 Alabama team, as a 10 pt. underdog, in there back yard (BCS, Sugar Bowl) is the pinnacle of major college football. Everyone outside of Provo knows that. Even an unbiased BYU fan knows that. It's not my fault that no conference wants your Cougs, or that you haven't came close to playing in a BCS bowl. Those are just the facts. As far as schedule goes, didn't the Utes drop BYU to pick up Michigan? Sorry guy, but that's better competition. We all know who played a tougher schedule this year, and will again next year.

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