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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 4 2012 2:20 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Disappointed, but not worrying the least about our future.

Why do I know Kyle will take us to the top of the nation.

Because he already did take us to the top of the nation(see only undefeated team in the whole country 2008).

That wasn't a fluke.

Nor will it be next time we're there.

Farmington, UT

I am hoping for a better season in 2013, but I believe that the U needs a new offensive coordinator, someone who has a little more experience in that position. At least that will be a start.

Syracuse, UT

I believe Whittingham has one more season, and if it is like this year, I could see im getting the boot, same with Bronco.

Salt Lake City, UT

Whittingham is still the right man for the job. The changes at quarterback were certainly a set back. The offense was inconsistent, with too many 3rd and longs. Red Zone offense would grind to a halt. The defense was over-hyped in preseason. They'd swing between dominating and being dominated. Conference play will always be front-loaded (USC, ASU, UCLA). Utes need a non-conf schedule that prepares them for that.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Coach Whitt needs to reverse the trend next year and win 8+ games. I, like others, still think he's the right man for the job. The PAC 12 was extremely tough this year, but going 5-7 just isn't getting it done.


Not so sure about Brian Johnson. His play calling appeared to improve as the season went on. Not so sure about Travis Wilson either. Did the guy ever throw a 50+ yard bomb all season? I'm hopeful and optimistic: Here's to next year; GO UTES!

South Jordan, UT

I think he gets another year. So does Brian J a OC. I'm a big SEC Fan and have tried to express to Utah and BYU fans for years that moving to a good BCS Conference is not easy and your will not like the results. The 2004 Utah Team was for real they could have beat anybody.....but put them in an SEC league or even a PAC12 league and the chances of them getting thorugh undefeated are very very slim. It's about depth and playing 7-8 good teams in a season.

Next year will be Kyle's third in the conference and fourth year of knowing you are PAC12 and having that to help with recruiting. If Utah is not a 9 win team with a good bowl outing then Kyle needs to go.

Mcallen, TX


Are you saying both Bronco, and Kyle may get the Beehive boot next year?

Chris B----it was a fluke. Our country will pay off it's national debt before the utes go undefeated. With that said,--let's hope the utes go undefeated.

Kamas/United States, UT

I am a BYU fan. I think that BYU and Utah have a lot to improve for next year, but I think that they both will fill in the gaps. Next year will be very interesting. Here is my prediction:

BYU: 244
Utah: 244 (Game decided to be tied after game went to 27 overtimes)

Gilbert, AZ

Chris B

Whittingham hasn't even proven that he can beat a PAC 12 team with a winning record, let alone, take the Utes back to the "top", which to U is 2nd place.

2008 was a fluke.

The Utes were VERY fortunate to beat TCU and Oregon State at home, and barely survived beating Michigan(3-9) 25-23, Air Force(8-5) 30-23, and New Mexico(4-8) 13-10 on the road.

With USC on probation, and ASU, Arizona, UCLA and Colorado all finishing with losing records, the Utes blew their best chance to win the PAC 12 South by getting dominated at home by lowly 10-loss Colorado.

It could be a couple of decades before the stars align once again for the Utes to have another shot at a PAC 12 championship game.

Whittingham will be long gone "the next time you're there."

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I agree worf, and Utah will go undefeated for the 8th time before byu does it a 2nd time.

Salt Lake City, UT

How was 2008 a fluke? The Utes Beat BYU, TCU, Oregon St and Alabama on the road (60,000 bama fans in attendance). All of those teams were ranked and 2 of them were ranked in the top 10.
If you look at most college football teams that are fortunate enough to have an undefeated season there are some great wins and several instances when they could have easily lost. Look no further than Notre Dame this year, they blowout Oklahoma on the road but had some inexplicably close wins.

Franklin, IN

One question for Coach Whitt.. If Brian Johnson applied for 50 OC jobs at ANY D1 schools....

1. How many would respond to his application? My guess. 10
2. How many would grant and interview? My guess. 2
3. How many jobs would be extended? My guess? 0

I can't think of a single BCS school that would take an unproven QB coach coach and elevate him to this level. Like the Lakers retiring Phil Jackson and promoting the ball boy...

Just don't get it. Gotta believe we could have done better...

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ gonefishn

Anything but give credit where credit is due. Very seldom do teams go undefeated, and we both know they have to play very good, and get a few breaks along the way. To some, when Alabama, Boise State or Notre Dame do it: it's because they have a great team. When Utah does it, it's a fluke. Merely consider the source; we both know that may very well have been the best team in the country in 2008. That was a very good and special team; certainly not a fluke. Just ask any Alabama fan.

Springville, UT

"A picture says a 1000 words."

I wonder if I can get an autographed copy of it?

Every story about the Utes disappointing season features it prominently.

How about just running the picture with no story?

It epitomizes the angst of Ute Nation so well.

Springville, UT

Using the past two years of PAC12 performance certainly adds some questions about all the hype of the PAC10 invitation and the 2008 season as to the comment...

"Utes are ready to compete at the next level"

Just because you have TWO miracle seasons in the MWC obviously does not mean squat when you get to play in a 'big boy' conference does it?

"That wasn't a fluke"?

Well with two 'stellar' seasons and no bowling this year, certainly it's one of those storylines that's beginning to gain some traction.

Thanks for suggesting it Chris B.

Orem, UT

Utah fans like to pretend that the Utes have always had a great football program that is only suffering a temporary slump. The truth is just the opposite.

1994 - after more than 100 years of playing football, the Utes finally crack the AP Top 25 for the 1st time

2003 - after a 10-year absence the Utes crack the AP poll for the 2nd time

2004 - Utes dominate a weak schedule and take advantage of recent rules changes to crack the BCS

2005-2007 - back to mediocrity

2008 - Utes enjoy a perfect storm season; barely survive several scares at home and on the road and upset Alabama in the Sugar Bowl

2009-2012 - Utes begin their downward slide back to mediocrity from ranked to unranked to losing season

Regardless of what Utah fans hope will happen, it remains to be seen whether Utah will ever become anything more than a middle to bottom of the PAC team, with an occasional break through season every decade or so.

Mcallen, TX

Ernest T. Bass, You've been throwing too many rocks at windows.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Im a big Ute fan but if you think losing Jordon was what happened to this team you are wrong wrong wrong. JW was not the same player and if you coaches couldn't see that during spring and fall practice then you don't know how to see talent.The offense is pathtic play calling and the scheme, was worse. Sorry but even the D did not look good special teams overall fair. A lot of work to do. Go Utes


Utah fans are still supportive of Whit after a difficult season, while Y fans are calling for Bronco's lynching after a winning season.

Utah fans are invested in the team and the people who have worked so hard over the last decade to build the program. Whit has earned the credibility to get the benefit of the doubt for next season. I think he gets next year to right the ship. If he doesn't then he'll make a nice replacement for Bronco.

BYU fan's seem so desperate to win that they throw everyone under the bus if they don't live up to what most non BYU fans would see as their unrealistic expectations (see Bronco, Doman, Heaps, Riley, the unnamed managment guru).

What's funny is Bronco's name is coming up all over the place to be a head coach as some of the truly elite programs around the country. I don't think Y fans know when they have a good thing. It'll be interesting to see how Heaps does at Kansas next year.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

SportsFan, from 1962 to 1967 the AP only ranked the top 10, Utah finished 14 in the coaches poll that year. BYU wasn't ranked the in any poll until 1977. Some other statistics for wayward kittens: Utah overall record 623-428-3 (.590). BYU 484-369-26 (.565). Bowl Records Utah 13-4 (.765). BYU 12-17-1 (.417). Head to head Utah leads 56-34-4 including 8 of the last 11 (including many Y beat downs). So from the above SportFan if Utah is so bad, BYU is far worse. As always, way too easy.

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