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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 4 2012 2:55 p.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

I thought we were still in a recession?

Cinci Man

It will be interesting to see if what Obama says he said are the same things Herbert says he said. Experience has shown that Obama pretends to listen to those who speak to him (except Brewer of Arizona), then goes about his business on the same "wrong" track as he was headed before the meeting. The governors don't butter his bread. His left-wing socialist liberals do, in the same way that Reid and Pelosi work. And the other side is not a speck better. Boehner wouldn't recognize a good idea unless it came from his side of the aisle by a very few he actually listens to, and ONLY if it were different than what is proposed by the President. I have no use and no respect for any of them. But alas, America voted them all in - again.

Cedar Hills, UT

we wouldn't even be talking about a fiscal cliff if Romney were president. The self imposed fiscal cliff deadline would have been extended until a new and sane president would have easily negotiated a settlement between parties. Just more Obama insanity.

Springville, UT

So, Gov, tell your Utah delegation to stop the games. Entitlements are not problem, despite what the GOP is saying. (We have a Social Security and a Medicare tax in place). The problem lies elsewhere, and the fact that the GOP wants to suck the money from SS and Medicare should show their true intentions. Sen. Coburn (R-OK) wrote a report called "Welfare for the Rich and Famous." Think the GOP will pick this low hanging fruit? No way. They WANT welfare for wealthy, at our expense. So, no whining from the GOP. Step it up.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Good grief Patriot,the country hasn't been in recession for more than two years. You need to check your facts before you make a comment. And look beyond Fox News for a change.

If the Gov. wants to avoid the Fiscal Cliff then he should make his displeasure known to the Republican Party. They are the ones that are holding the county hostage, genuflecting to the great and omnipotent poohah Grover Norquist, who has never been elected to anything.

Those sour grapes must be mighty tasty these days Patriot and Cinci Man

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

The possibility of an agreement between the Republicans and Democrats regarding the "fiscal cliff" has become more of a possibility, as several Republican Tea Party legislators have been removed from the budget committee.
A leader of the Tea Party movement just quit, as well. He may not suffer much, as he comes away with a more than generous financial package to sooth his wounds.

Cinci Man

Mike in Cedar City

Sour grapes for what? You made an assumption that couldn't be further from the truth. How easy it is for you to cast a stone without the facts. And you chastise Patriot and then do the very same thing. You are too funny. Both sides are equally disinterested in any bipartisan solution to any major problem in this country, unless every point in the agreement is precisely what their party put forward. Please explain how the Democrats are better than the Republicans in that space, or vice versa if that's your pleasure. Obama couldn't get his deals through when his party was in control of both houses. Hmm. Explain that too. And please explain how he avoided the 8%+ unemployment he guaranteed he could avert. And please explain why he lied about having immigration reform legislation before Congress his first year. He promised. And you probably voted for him again. I didn't vote for him or Romney. Neither party will fix the problems. There are no sour grapes when you know Americans want a losing plan.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Esquire, sorry but you are dead wrong. SS and Medicare are going broke, Medicare much faster,perhaps in less than 10 years. They both suck funds from the general fund. Further, other entitlements not only cost us money but create the culture that harms our economy by removing motivation for personal solutions.

and Mike in CC: the GOP is trying to keep the country from bankruptcy while the Dem's have it running over the cliff. We have to quit spending!

Federal Way, WA

I like the idea of giving flexibility to governors to reach broad national goals on education or healtcare etc. Then, if they dont work within a period of time (4 yrs?) the states agree to do it the way the national government has outlined. Would that be acceptible to governors?

Kaysville, UT

Social Security was self sufficient until it was moved into the general fund during the Johnson and Nixon Administrations to help fund the Vietnam War... If Romney had won Social Security would have taken an addition hit when Romney moved it into the private sector.
That's all we need. Social Security in the Stock Market? Even Republican know that's not a good investment.

Farmington, UT

As I stated before, the deal is already drafted and will be a last-second "rescue" for which everyone will claim credit as they bash the opposite party. Political postering is so vouge and statemanship is so passe' in the world of government and running the country.

I have to agree that the US Congress is a sorry bunch when it comes to doing the people's business. Why in the world we re-elected ANY of them is beyond me.

Just think how mad people would be in they knew what really goes on in Washington. But then they'd shrug it off and go on in the same usual manner, I suppose, just like the 68% who hated Obama-Care but subsequently seemed to forget all about it at the polls this past November..

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

A recession is technically defined as two straight quarters of negative growth. However, for many Americans the recession is a little more than this technicality. It has a lot to do with buying power, employment (under or un in too many cases), consumer confidence, and overall standard of living. I could argue that we haven't been out of the recession since the fall of 2008 and just because the Dow goes up or some Wall Street dudes are making money doesn't mean it isn't a recession for the majority of us.

As for the fiscal cliff, it's funny that Herbert says this when in reality it will be the House Republicans that will ultimately decide whether we go off this cliff.

Finally, who knows, going over the cliff might be a good thing in the long run.

South Jordan, UT

I read yesterday in the DN that Governor Herbert wants a 32% pay raise the first of the year, along with others wanting increases on his staff. I think the legislature had best put that on hold. How I would like that kind of a raise. I don't think that substantial of a raise would set well with the people of Utah at all right now.

Why would I?
Farmington, UT

Howard B

A good thing in the long run? You can't be serious. Unless you think the Great Depression was a "good thing" in the long run, or that leaving a gold-standard is a good thing, or that run-away inflation, massive debt, stagflation and poverty are desirable, too. That's what we're facing and even if a few politicians finally admit they were wrong I'd hate to see the masses suffer greatly because of their incompetence.

Remember that a member of Congress gets a $150,000 annual pension for life after serving a measly two years in the House of Representatives and unbelievable health care (not the type we're saddled with) because they literally write their own checks. Gosh, wouldn't that be nice, as we run the ship of state aground? But they are worth it---right?---because, after all is said and done, they were "elected" by the people. (See my above post regarding how smart the 'people' were this election.)

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

What a neato trip for the Guv.

Neato - but useless; other than a nice junket at taxpayer expense.
The money would have been better used donated to the homeless shelter.

The Pres. couldn't care less what our Guv. says.

Kaysville, UT

If the Governor really cared about going over the cliff he would have had a statement about David Bird's proposal that the Governor should get a 36.6% salary increase, plus perks. The Governor should say that the group shold not increase the salary at all and wait a year to see what happens with the economy.

He was with all those Governors and wanted to make a statement. The most likely didn't know that the David Bird group had proposed a 36.5% salary increase for our Governor and other 3 top elected state officials. The salary is probably lower than the other Governors but Governor Herbert knew that when he was Lt. Governor and then Governor and especially when he chose to run for Governor again. The $85,000 supposedly didn't flow this time but he definitely had many times more dollars than his opponents in the race.

This is sort of like President Obama getting free campaign publicity while going around with the Governor of New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy. That Governor's tactics sure helped the President within hours of the election day with the main networks and PBS ensuring they got his name and face on.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Yeah, a good thing in the long run. But I might be coming from more of a liberal philosophy then you think. I think our military could be downsized a lot with effecting our national security. There is plenty of waste in government. It force us to look at medicare, medicaid and social security which definitely needs to be retooled. Do I doubt there will be pain? But as a former athlete, sometimes pain and sacrifice was necessary for me to grow as an athlete.

But bottom line, we don't know what will happen. You could even argue that this "debt" issue is overrated as we have had a budget debt since the early 1960's and maybe three balanced budgets for a year in that time period. I can go along with that argument.

There's a lot about the fiscal cliff NOT to life most certainly, like the tax rate increases especially. But there is probably some good aspects to it as well, like it or not.

Kaysville, UT

Civilizations come and go based on their values, value system, honesty, integrity, and fiscal responsibilities. When the king comes and takes all your wheat and gives you nothing in return, that king has all the power. He doesn't care at the time that you don't have anything but eventually, he won't either as the productivity goes down and goes down fast.

Social ills have become reality instead of GNP in the United States of America. However, the GNP was what you needed in order to take from the rich to give to the poor since Robin Hood, theoretically.

Our President wants to be the one and only, sort of like what King Tut in Egypt is doing with his current process of gutting the military and the court system. He will end up with a martial law sort of system with the power in a vacuum?

It is ironic that Egypt was one of the first places President Obama went in 2009 to show how much power he just obtained being President and then getting the coveted Nobel Peace Prize.

The President deals with people's lives by policies or lack of policies and a budget.

Happy Year

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

1. It fun to listen to Republicans complain about Republicans.

2. Gov. Herbert is worried because Utah TAKES in more from the Federal Government than it put out.
Utah is set-up for a HUGE loss if a budget isn't passed.

Springville, UT

Still Blue, you really need to stop parroting GOP talking points, the welfare party of the rich. The money from SS and Medicare is being siphoned off. You have it backwards. Funny how the GOP wants to take from the less affluent but don't want their stuff touched. How obvious can you get?

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