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Published: Monday, Dec. 3 2012 9:05 p.m. MST

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Ivins, UT

I too appreciate what the Govenor has done for the state of Utah. However, he should not get a pay raise that exceeds that of teachers! Fix education first.

Sandy, UT

I may have missed something, but when he was running for office, I didn't see anyone holding a gun to his head. If he didn't like the pay, he should have opted out and let someone else take the job. I agree there are a myriad of people out there who would do the job for a fraction of the pay, and I dare say do a better job as well. We seem to think that anyone who holds a high position got there because of their own skill and ability--and often, nothing could be further from the truth. People who run public monopolies (government agencies, school districts, utilities, UTA, etc.) can do a horrible job, and because they're the only game in town, it goes largely unnoticed and unchallenged. Many would run for that office just for the networking, prestige, title, benefits, etc. I don't think Herbert will quit just because we fail to give him what some of his associates think is required.

lehi, ut

Before we all go raid the Governors home lets slow down and think for a minute. Gov. Herbert isn't the one saying he wants the raise. According to this article he had nothing to do with the decision, it was an INDEPENDENT PANEL. If you want to rant and rave, rant and rave at the panel not the Governor!

Casa Grande, AZ

haha. That was a good chuckle. We got punked right?

#1 Champ
Salt Lake City, UT

HAHA!! So predictable. I just knew the comment world (the peanut gallery) would just hash this report.

Manti, UT

Let me see. You take away or reduce all the other public employees retirement and health benefits. You freeze other state workers salaries. And when you do give them a salary bump it is below the rate of inflation. This would be a travesty!

Central, Utah

It looks like most agree that it should be no raise or even a cut.

The last figures I seem to remember is that the present salary is well above the average for the State, certainly well above mine.

It is no secret that I have not given Herber high marks on certain things during his administration. When I sat down at a yearly review with each of my employees, our conversation revolved on how merit (how well they met my expectations) some were above average and were rewarded, most were average, and some were warned that they had to improve. If I had sat down with Herbert there would certainly been some areas where I felt he needed improvement (and no raise.)

If the 36% were implemented, it would mean the full salary for say a State Parks worker that was dismissed because of budget limitations or a welcome raise to many *workers* who receive much lower pay.

I don't think I would give the others that kind of raise either.

Farr West, Utah

This year, as in many recent years, there was no salary increase for teachers and state employees, and we actually LOST money because the employees have to cover a much higher percentage of our insurance costs.

Mcallen, TX


California is a bigger state, so the demands are higher. In that light, the Utah governor is grossly over paid. Should the Rhode Island governor get the same pay as New York? In my opinion, any state with deficit spending should vote them out, but that just doesn't happen.

"One Young/Old Man"--try reading USA today.

Sixty percent of our national debt has come within the passed three and a half years. Obama wants to add another 1.6 trillion dollars for just nest year. Why do you defend that? Please explain yourself.

David G Woolley
Bountiful, UT

Paul Scholes:

I stand by my comment. We can cut salaries in government and higher education in half and still
maintain the same level of competency. From the freedom of information pages, all of which you can view here:

Utahsright dot com slash salaries

I present only a few of the public salary listings at the University of Utah. This is ridiculous if not obscene. And the listings go on for thousands of employees.

Kyle D Whittingham Coach, Major Sport/press, $1,949,790
John T Smith, Professor (clinical), ACADEMIC, $1,317,090
Larry B. Krystkowiak, Coach, Major Sport/press, SUPPORT, $1,087,430
Clough Shelton, Professor, ACADEMIC, $1,085,830
Faizi A Siddiqi, Assistant Professor (clinical), ACADEMIC, $1,083,460
Peter John Gruber, Associate Professor, ACADEMIC, $1,046,190
William T Couldwell, Professor, ACADEMIC, $979,457
Vivian S Lee, Senior Vice President, SUPPORT, $922,620
Stephen Kenji Aoki, Assistant Professor, ACADEMIC, $897,437
Charles L Saltzman, Professor, ACADEMIC, $878,237
Darrel S Brodke, Professor, ACADEMIC, $867,053
Jayant Agarwal, Assistant Professor, ACADEMIC, $859,165
Douglas Clyde Barnhart, Associate Professor, ACADEMIC, $858,834
Eric R. Scaife, Associate Professor, ACADEMIC, $842,268

Everett, 00

all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others....

Murray, UT

In this economy? The State panel needs to re-sign, give back their pay, and let the citizens find someone living in the real world.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Say what? Is he a hedge fund manager?

Kaysville, UT

As a real estate developer and had been a county commissioner, those offered him more of an opportunity for money. With the $85,000.00 bonus he got as Governor was scrutinized and even though he said he was authorized that, individuals or corporations didn't want to have that happen to them this election. So even though the David Bird group is not from the Governor's office, the group was authorized to make this potential decision and recommendation. All 4 of the top elected top State of Utah officials were recommended for a salary increase. That happened and whether it is the legislature or an executive decision, the Governor and Frugal Dougall would have known about that recommendation before the Press. The Auditor who is not an auditor would probably know the process to do anything about that as he is not in office, technically. He ran on conservative values and fiscal responsibility. A 36.5 percent increase would be a very good amount of money. This is not a one-time bonus of $85,000.00 but is a significant amount when compared to the economy. Utah is a conservative and fiscally responsible state except for some executive officers.

Mcallen, TX


We agree on something. In my opinion---Any state that doesn't balance their budget,--should fire their governor.

Same for our country. Just think of how good our economy would be today.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Red - I live on 1300 a month. Wow that's living large - well it would be if I didn't have the bills that I have but they get paid. Rent gets paid after tything, food is bought without foodstamps. We don't go out to eat. Don't even talk about Christmas as it's not happening at my house this year as household expenses come first then the other bills like student loans

the Breast cancer is hereditary in my family so yep good chance I could develop it and not get it from having a mammo. The two family members who died of breast cancer never had a mammogram.


If the governor was just getting his salary, I might be in favor of a slight pay raise, but it is my understanding that we also supply him and his wife with a car, a home, groceries, staff, and not sure what all else. So to have over $100,000 and basically no monthly bills doesn't seem too shabby to me.

Centerville, UT

I was a state employee for 25 years and recently was laid off due to budget cuts. State employees have gone for years with minimal or no pay rasies at all and losing their jobs. To give the governer this type of pay raise is ludicrous!!!! Especially when state employees are getting laid off due to budget cuts. It was brought out in the article that the higher ups need to pay their bills and have enough to live off. The governor can't live off over $100,000/year salary when the average state employee is living off of $25,000/year? He shouldn't be in charge of state budgets if this is the case. This really makes me mad!!!!!

Centerville, UT

JDL--Sorry to burst your bubble but the state wage is substantially less than in the private sector. The reason people stay with the state is for job security and the benefits, certainly not the salary. Just ask any state employee and they will varify this.

Park City, UT

This WILL NOT happen. Who appoints these foolish commissions? Time to CUT way back and lets start in Utah and show the country...especially our re-elected spender in chief.

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