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Published: Monday, Dec. 3 2012 9:05 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

The workman is worthy of his hire. Utah is very well run and the responsible officials (the governor) should be compensated. The personal expenses of a governor are high. Public service is not a religious vocation. If we pay them "the average" we will have average people in office.

Magna, UT

This is not the time to be suggesting elected office holders get large increases in pay. I'm not sure it's even appropriate to suggest modest increases of 1%. We have been fed the line and for the most part have embraced the sentiment that we are entitled to things we have not earned or because we are employed by government we're essential to human survival.

Alternate suggests Gov Herbert find money for his legions of workers before they flee to the private sector and state services suffer. The reason government workers stay put is because the private sector cannot pay the same salaries they enjoy in government employ. I know many more people vying for the coveted government job compared to getting out of government.

leqele is crying the blues because privately (tax) funded workers have not seen large enough increases for several years. Oh cry me a river.

These are tough times and soon to get tougher. State services need to suffer and be streamlined or eliminated altogether. Just because it's a government job doesn't mean it's mission critical.

Tax based feeding at the public trough is not (as the progressives say) sustainable.

Bill McGee
Alpine, UT

I will support a pay raise for Herbert when our teachers aren't ranked 48th in terms of salary, and we aren't dead last in per-pupil spending. And not just a little bit last - we spend over $700 LESS per student than the next lowest state, resulting in an abysmal rate of only 74% of students graduating from high school (we are ranked a disappointing 33rd place in the US.)

Sandy, UT

Or better, no pay raise and fund it to students. "Never Leave Child Behind". Teacher do spend their own money for students needs and knowing teachers won't get anything in return (or pat in the back). The district cut back many things and some days teachers work with no earning when kids have a day off.

Really 36% raise? Is Hubert related to John English (former uta) with some over $200,000 annual pension pay?

Burlington, WY

@ Owl

"If we pay them the "average" we will have average people in office.

Everything does not relate to money - particularly competency. We have excellent teachers who are paid less than "average." We have lackluster professionals (and politicians) that are paid more than "average."

Governor Herbert is much better than average. But, as an elected official, he represents the average voter that elected him. With all due respect, his personal expenses should be no higher than the average person since the state pays much of what would be considered "personal expenses."

When I travel, I pay for it. When he travels, the state pays for it. When I entertain, I pay for it. When he does, the state does. Nearly every meal I eat, I pay for. A lot of his meals, you and I pay for. When I buy a new pair of shoes, I pay for them and so does he, so we are on common ground here (pun intended.)

If "average" pay attracted "average" competency, then most of Congress would be on welfare!

Idaho Falls, ID

I see they've done in Utah what they did in Idaho...let an appointed panel decide whether elected officials should get a pay raise, thus taking the heat off of themselves for recommended pay increases or simply just raising their own pay outright. I have NEVER seen one of these panels recommend no pay raise. I guess it's still not as bad as DC where they get a 4% increase every year unless they vote not to. And of course that 4% amount gets bigger every year because it's always 4% of number that keeps getting bigger. Don't we all wish we could get that kind of deal? How about the voters get to vote every 2 years on pay raises for elected officials. After all, aren't WE the boss?


"'Our concern was that the salaries ought to be at a level where you didn't have to be independently wealthy to seek the jobs,' said Roger Tew, commission chairman."
How out of touch can you possibly be? How many citizens could do this job for $50,00 - $60,000 a year and live comfortably? How many citizens who are paying these outrageous salaries earn far, far less than what they currently make right now? I think that these arrogant, self-serving politicians should have a salary and benefits package that is 10% less than what teachers make. Even that would be a gross overpayment according to their worth.

Provo, UT

So, the governor is earning around $110,000 currently. I'm not sure raising his salary to $150,000 would be more of an incentive for those not independently wealthy to run for governor. If anything, the lower salary might give the independently wealthy pause when thinking about running for office. That said, $110,000 isn't a ton of money for one with so much responsibility, despite what many on here believe. However, you do have to take into account all the other benefits when looking at the job, which are myriad in this case. A pay raise is likely justified, but it's unlikely to be as extreme as the panel recommends.

I wonder how much money was wasted on this panel. That in itself was probably more than the recommended pay raise.

Taylorsville, 00

While on one hand, we do want the available pool of people seeking office to be wider than the independently wealthy, on the other hand, the budget for raises needs to be considered against what other changes ought to be in our state government in order to keep it from collapsing due to a lack of skilled personnel.

American Fork, UT


Believe it or not, and contrary to popular GOP mythology, money is not the sole motivating factor behind human ambition. Many people, myself included, are motivated by a variety of factors besides just money. Public offices should be held by people who's motivation is public service, not monetary gain.

Raises for politicians should always be on the ballot, the voters are the boss and we should decide what they get. I would gladly vote them a 1-2% raise, 36.5% is ridiculous.

Salt Lake City, UT


Mammograms are the causing cancer. They should absolutely be eliminated.

As for pay raises? That seems like a pretty big leap. Kind of thumbs the nose of all of us who are working just as hard and happy to just have a job.

It is not your right to live so large. You will survive just like the rest of us.

Mcallen, TX

With everything factored in, it costs tax payers one and a half billion dollars a year to keep Obama going. He is by far the the most costly president ever.

So why not give big chunks of raises for all our political leaders? Under the guise of infrastructure, education, and helping the poor, they're so good with balancing budgets.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

My wife is recommending that I get a 36% pay raise, too.
And that would still not put my salary at what I was making five years ago.
Times are tough. Why should the elites get cushy raises?
If they want to feel our pain they need to live in the real world.

Kaysville, UT

This Governor didn't even know or realize our graduation rate was low but just as President Obama on Benghazi said, "We will get to the bottom of this" and find out what happened.

Our state has listened to him campaiging for 3 years about how great the state is doing. We have had very fiscally minded governors in the past. He knew what the salary was before he ran for office and could have handed it over to the Cooke-Rampton team and I would picture David Bird's group would not have recommended 36+% to a Democrat.

What happened to frugal Dougall? Would he get in there with his high salary and recommend that there be an audit and take away the increase?

Teachers and other state of Utah based employees deserve some of the piece of the pie. Public school teachers and school administrators get blamed for the low graduation rate but the Governor gets a 36+% salary increase and doesn't know. $85,000 bonus for his campaign was fair?

He isn't starting next term with a positive note. All 4 State elected officials knew what they were getting into and now a bonus for 4-years for winning?

one old man
Ogden, UT

worf writes: "With everything factored in, it costs tax payers one and a half billion dollars a year to keep Obama going. He is by far the the most costly president ever."

Is it asking too much to request that he provide us with some reliable documentation of that claim?

Everett, 00

1. Assure my re-election.
2. AFTER the election, announce a proposed whopping 36% pay increase, but humbly settle for 1/2 that of ONLY 18%
3. Laugh at the lemming sheeple of this State who fell for it so easily -- AGAIN!

Yep, Do as I say - not as I do.
Amazing the kinds of crooked things you can get away with when you have a ONE-Party political system!

South Jordan, Utah

This is what happens when a compensation committee is appointed with governmental lobbysts as members. The back scratching continues.

not here

You people have no room to complain you are the ones that voted for the big red R. Now don't you wish that you would have not voted strait ticket? Think about that before you vote again.

Everett, 00

Quoting from the book Animal Farm --

The Pigs are in the Farmhouse.

As I recall -- Republican darling Mitt Romney skipped his pay as Governor.
And I never heard Jon Huntsman Jr. compaining.

I guess some see being a Govenor as being an honor, a privledge, a chance to SERVE.

If you want CEO pay, go be a CEO.

And I second the motion someone mentioned of putting it up to a public vote!

Fern RL

As long as there are more than two or three people running for public office, we must be paying them enough to make it worth it--or, they are altruistic, independently wealthy folks, which is also good.

What we should have is a system whereby the computer can spit out the wage our public servants deserve based on factors such as average wages of constituents minus an unemployment rate factor--things that really make a difference to the people our officials supposedly represent.

Cut out the commissions that make these wage recommendations and let the incentive for making good government hit the governor and others in their own pocketbooks. When the economy improves, they get their raise along with everyone else.

Last I heard, it makes no difference, Red or Blue, local or national, all politicians want their wages guaranteed.

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