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Published: Monday, Dec. 3 2012 9:05 p.m. MST

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Woods Cross, UT

I think he should get the same pay raise he got for teachers and state employees over the last few years. 1%. They deserve it just as much as he does. But, as everyone has been told its not in the budget. So it is not in the budget to give the state leaders a raise until their bring compensation of the state employees to pre-2007 levels.

Ronald Mortensen
Bountiful, Utah

Elected officials are public servants, not CEOs or career employees of a for profit organization.

As public servants, they should serve for several years and then return to their chosen professions.

Compensation should only cover their living expenses and health insurance while they are in office. They should not receive taxpayer funded retirement benefits with the possible exception of contributions to a portable 401(k) type program while they are in office nor should they receive any other benefits such as lifetime health insurance once they leave office.

Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with Leqele. Teachers and State employees received a 1% pay raise last year. That was sandwiched between several years of no pay raises.

That combined with severe benefit cuts, the State will continue to lose good workers. Many are already gone because of forced cutbacks and or finding better jobs in the private sector. Anymores more losses and State services will suffer.

I believe Gov Herbert now must give a show of support by finding money for his legions of workers. Even before himself and his agency directors.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Seriously? A 36%(!) pay raise? In our current economy? At any time? You have GOT to be kidding me. We're talking about a looming 'fiscal cliff', employers cutting back hours because they say they won't be able to afford healthcare, record unemployment, etc.

Yeah, this is going to sit will with the general public--you know, us common folk that struggle to take care of our own families while also providing the salaries of our 'public' servants. Good grief.

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

They should donate back toward education.....good thing Obama will take a cut!

David G Woolley
Bountiful, UT

As much as I like the Governor, he is not the CEO of a private company where, should he make a decision that comprises the fiscal health of the enterprize, he also risks losing his own job. With all due respect, if our elected officials make horrible decisions, they get to keep their job until, at least another four years. And more if they manage to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. In the private sector, the CEO would be terminated before the next working day ended. The job of governor is so far on the other extreme from the daily risk-taking of leaders in the private sector as to make the suggestion to raise the salary laughable. The same SHOULD be said for university presidents and a slew of other over-compensated employees of local, state, and federal government entities. No Salary Increase. Not this year. Next year. Or in the coming decade. There are thousands of Utahns who could fill those positions with as much competency, if not more, and take half the pay. This is the insanity of the modern, debt-driven, fiat currency society we live in.

Salt Lake City, UT

No pay raise period. they just made another cut to medicaid-pcn program - it will no longer cover mammograms. Mammos are seen as preventative care in at least that if caught early can save thousands of dollars in healthcare costs. They should also stop provided pragnancy insurance while they're at it for pregnancy. If you have the money to have a child then you have the money and the means to pay for the medical bill that comes with it. Pregnancy is preventable - cancer is not and when cancer is caught early it can be cured for a lot less money than it will cost to care for the person who ends up in the hospital bedridden because of it.

Tooele, UT

That is crazy! We are barely making ends meet so why should the govorner's and other state officials pockets become so full! That is so wrong and very selfish! They should think about who they really work for..it's us the regular hard working people who are lucky to even get a 1% raise a year!

Bountiful, UT

I'd rather see teacher and police pay raised.

Bountiful, UT

Are the people who recommended this the same people who recommend that CEO's get 400+ times what their workers get paid?

cambodia girl
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I agree, that no one in an elected position, "A Servant of the People," should be getting a pay raise during this time in our economy. If there are funds available they should be donated to the National Debt. Does anyone have a total figure of how much that would be?

Will any of our comments matter? What do we need to do to stop this madness?

Springville, UT

Absolutely ludicrous.

How much did this (insert appropriate adjective) panel get paid for the study?

Clearfield, UT

Agree with the first comment. This proposal is going to be very unpopular.

Hyrum, Ut

Amen to all of your posts! So they don't need to be independently wealthy to run for office. How is raising the pay going to help them run for office? Can they borrow against what the will make "if" they are elected. This is something that needs to be on a ballot so that all the people can be represented, not just a few wealthy people who want to make others in their influential cirle more of the same. And really! 36.5%! when was the last time anybody was given a raise like that from an employer? They must be trippin'.

Burlington, WY

Salary of elected officials should be the average income of those represented.

Current benefits, like health insurance, travel, etc., should match the private sector.

Retirement benefits, including Medicare and Social Security, should be the same as those voted on for retirees.

Here, UT

If they can't "get by" on the salaries that they currently have, perhaps they should find other work. I agree with others here, as long as the state continues denying other state employees raises and cutting the jobs of state employees, they have absolutely no business giving themselves a raise.

Paul Scholes
Provo, UT

David, do you really think that if you cut the pay of say the dean of business school at Weber State to less than $80k per year we would have an equal if not greater degree of competency? Many of your arguments are logical but I fear you go too far.

Is there no end to Greed?
Bountiful, UT

Perhaps if we cut state worker pay, we can accommodate this higher pay for the higher ups.

I respect governor Herbert. I imagine he embarrassed by this pay raise proposal.

Redding, CA

What a travesty of judgement! But on to a constructive comment. The gov and his leader buddies need to first give pay raises to teaching teachers (not researchers, not admin's) and to the rank and file workers in state and local organizations. After teachers become paid fairly when compared with other nearby states, then the gov and his leader buddies can begin to consider a slight pay increase for themselves.
Teachers first, if there's going to be any pay raise at all! ! !
Upper echelons later ! ! !

C'mon people, govern, don't grab.

Sanpete, UT

After working my rear off for my company--cleaning private areas, taking care of old people, doing everything imaginable to help an older person in a care home--after one year I got a 1% increase. Woopdy do.

How about giving this pay raise to the people who actually make the economy function gov--the regular citizens.

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