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Published: Sunday, Dec. 2 2012 6:50 p.m. MST

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Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Karl is absolutely correct on this - La Tech's AD is solely responsible for costing his team a bowl bid and should be fired.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@CWEB...why in the world should some other team bow out just because LaTech dragged its feet and missed out on a bowl game?

AD should be at least reprimanded by the University for costing it $$$. This is a shame for the team that had a good season. But then all of College Football is messed up. Bowl season is a chance for schools that had good years to play one more game. Bowls get to pick who plays in them. If the only bowl that wanted LaTech was this one then it's LaTech's fault for not taking it. Messier still is the fact that GaTech, had they won the other night, would have played in a BCS game with a 7-6 record. Instead they 'can't' be excluded from the bowl picture. NCAA should be reprimanded as well for giving GaTech a waiver to play despite a losing record. It's all messed up...and LaTech should have accepted a good bid that would have created a fun, competitive, rivalry game. Shame on all involved and condolences to the LaTech players.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Hall of Famer and astute businessman has every right to comment this time (he always has a right even when he's wrong) but is actually qualified and distinguished alum. I would've watched the two Louisiana schools shoot it out, that could have been one of the more entertaining games. Not giving an answer is the same as declining the AD dropped this one. La Tech should listen they could use some donations.
K. Malone can come teach AJ anytime not sure why he would want to coach full time though it interferes with huntin.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Any AD who is so incompetent as to cost his team a bowl has no business being an AD.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

You gotta know when to hold, and know when to fold 'em.

Too bad there isn't malpractice insurance for coaches and ADs. Then all the malcontents could have their day in court. Only, I'd make sure there was a stipulation of "loser pays."

That MIGHT, just might, quiet the arm-chair quarterbacks who are positive they know how to do it right. After someone else did it wrong that is.

Sandy, UT

After all that Karl Malone have did for them, they do a 360 on him?

Saint Louis, MO

@BigAlvin of Colorado Springs: the AD admitted that he missed a deadline and should have responded. He waited too long. I really like Karl Malone for sticking up for Coach Sloan even if the coach didn't want him to. I also do not understand why Karl is treated so badly.

Cache county, USA

A real mans man doesn't tweet....

Mesa, AZ

Karl has the pull, he should immediately organize a January 1st bowl game for the Bulldogs! But who could he invite to play against them? The Utes would be available with an NCAA waiver as well.

Tokyo, Japan

it would be nice if Karl was the strength and conditioning coach for the Jazz...

Draper, UT

Bruce Van De Velde is a fool.

West Jordan, Utah

@Howard Beal

Stockton wasn't the attention getter. He had his flaws but wanted privacy. Some respect that and find it refreshing. I have heard the surly stories, but Karl Malone has displayed his with brashness. Stockton is faithful to his wife unlike you know who.

When Stockton announced his playing days were done, instead of letting John have his moment, Karl made a circus about himself, and how John should have told him first. Karl is the one with endless opinions that are nothing more than illusions of grandeur. He wants to be everybody's hero all the time. He bad mouths people who don't worship him and is a narcissist.

Karl flopped and chocked in the clutch. John did not. In fact even though Malone was the scorer, John made all the biggest shots in Jazz history. Think about it. He staved off elimination in Sacramento with a buzzer beater down one to win. The Jazz won the series the next game. Of course we have 'THE SHOT' in Houston sending the Jazz to the finals. Stock scored 13 points in the last 3 minutes of that game. Malone chocked 3 Finals games vs. Chicago. Think missed free throws.

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