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Published: Sunday, Dec. 2 2012 6:40 p.m. MST

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Mesa, Az

If someone committs suicide as a direct result of bullying, could those responsible for the bullying be charged with manslaughter?

Orem, UT

As a father of a bullied child, I feel saddened by this tragedy and my prayers go out to the family.

What makes this more sad is that this happens in LDS neighborhoods. You might ask why this matters at all. If people want to see change, children need to be taught that not participating in the bullying is not good enough, the bullied child needs a place of refuge. All of our children, but especially LDS children who have been taught these principles need to step up and create that refuge. Will they have to sacrifice some of their own social equity, maybe; but isn't that what following Christ and starting your mission prep even earlier is all about-- do unto others as I have done unto you -- love one another as I have loved you. I wish some of the other youth in my sons ward would have done that for him. I loved that story about the football player in Arizona helping the bullied special needs girl. If that spirit really caught on here we would see great change. It wouldn't all go away, but what a difference it would make.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

Schools should and are doing more to stop bullying. There was an article just last week in the trib about a nationally recognized program that shows great results being implemented in Utahs schools. With that said, schools only show us a reflection of our society as a whole. Families must be willing to accept their fair share of the responsibility. How many parents really have a relationship with their child where they really know their child. What's his/her fears, thoughts, dreams, etc are?. Most parents are so busy providing the ever growing list of materials needs and wants they forget about the emotional. The consequence is a school full of frustrated young people looking for acceptance and intimacy. Those striking out physically are as troubled as those receiving the bullying. Many Youth today lack the seciurity of a solid emotional foundation that is required for healthy coping skills. In addition, bullying is now defined as everything from Billy didn't want to play with me today to Billy hit me again today. It's time parents refocused their priorities. Be the change in your child's life your hoping for!

Tooele, UT


You asked - "If someone committs suicide as a direct result of bullying, could those responsible for the bullying be charged with manslaughter?"

Depends on the background of the kid who committed suicide is gay. Remember Tyler Clementi, the gay student at Rutgers who committed suicide about two years ago? Several students were charged with a wide variety of crimes, including hate crimes, due to his suicide.

But trust me, if Clementi had been a straight student and the exact same thing happened, no one would have been charged and no one would have even known his name.

The fact of the matter is, schools, universities, the press and Hollywood have made it more than quite clear that certain kids are not to ever, ever be bullied, while others kids deserve to be bullied.

City, Ut

@ jeffallen786
"Everyone keeps saying it was bullying. I wonder if it wasn't sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a federal crime and if it was harassment then the student perpetrators, the school, and the school district are going to have a lot more questions to answer than if it was merely "bullying."

I know of a young sexual predator who is suspected by her three therapists and adoptive parent of being a sociopath,who has no fear of punishment and no feeling of right and wrong, and yet nothing can be done about her until she is "caught again" by someone other than family members. Why is this?? It is feared that her sexual assaults continue on those within her influence, as she cannot be monitored 24 hours a day. If this kind of extreme social illness is known by adults and DHS and yet those vulnerable to her are not able to be protected, how can we expect "bullying" to be dealt with??

Poway, CA

The children who bullied this young man are not better than vicious, predatory animals.

And for the gentleman who said the rules are different when the victim is gay, you have no idea what you are talking about. It is NEVER okay.

Sandy, UT

I am a retired high school teacher. Most of my students were great, but with the minority of kids, I saw backtalk, lying, cheating, etc. Bullying upset me the most of the negative behaviors with which I dealt. Unfortunately, my meager attempts to "talk" to the bully-er resulted in him/her turning his bullying to me. I could handle that, but weaker students cannot. I hope that theGraniteSchool District implements some serious strategies to let students know bullying is not ok and that the consequences will be severe and swift. We cannot afford to lose one more student to suicide.

West Jordan, Utah


The bully factor is not an issue for kids relative to being LDS or not. It happens everywhere and it is as disgusting rather one is LSD or not. If you suggest talking about it in church then that is a discussion in your circle I guess, but acting like bullying that exists in LDS neighborhoods is anymore of an issue within one faith or another is a slippery slope. Tread lightly.

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