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Published: Friday, Nov. 30 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

Glad to see that somebody is sticking up Chad Bunn for baseless attacks on an honorable man. Chad did absolutely NOTHING wrong or against protocol that day in the video replay booth.

Herriman, UT

We might note that DiLuigi was having his head ripped off by a facemask on that exact play, which you clearly see in the video - the facemask largely caused the fumble to occur. So why did some SDSU fans whine about officials missing a fumble when they clearly missed a 15-yard + BYU possession penalty on the same play? Sour grapes. BYU is having a down year, this is SDSU's chance to get revenge, I would avoid focusing on this, and it sounds like coach Long is being wise in doing so, media obsession aside.

Orem, UT

Coach Long is a personal friend and former mentor to Coach Mendenhall. He's not going to take the bait and get caught up in the San Diego media hatefest. BYU fans would be wise to simply ignore the baiting as well. The Aztecs are beating a dead horse by trying to reopen an old wound.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Here we go again going back in time. Is December 20 here yet. GO COUGARS!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Turn it around and byu fans would have freaked out even worse than the media in San Diego did. The email campaign against that player from Nevada a few years ago was simply a total embarrassment. That guy will never look at the church in a positive light.

Orem, UT

Ernest T. Bass

Whatever "email campaign" you're talking about must have been sooo insignificant that no one here even knows what you're talking about.

BYU was robbed far worse by replay officials in SLC that same season, without near the hysteria coming from BYU fans that we heard from SDSU fans.

If called correctly according to the replay, the blown fumble call in the SDSU game would have given the Aztecs the ball deep in their own territory with BYU still leading. Since BYU's defense had been shutting down SDSU's offense all game, it's very likely that SDSU would have been forced into a quick 3-and-out, and BYU would have gotten the ball right back, to burn even more time on a scoring drive and give SDSU even less time to mount a comeback.

If called correctly on the field, SDSU would have been flagged for a 15-yard facemasking penalty, shortening BYU's scoring drive even more.

As the article stated: neither Chad Bunn nor BYU had anything to do with decision by the head replay official. The MWC, not BYU, was solely responsible for the fiasco.

dana point , CA

Let's go back and look at the pass interception by buy against Utah that ended in a non fumble as clearly shown on the replay. That ended up in a 17-16 win for Utah. When does it stop?

Salt Lake City, UT

So, let me see if I have this straight.

Mr. Bunn volunteered to be suspended over the indcident, because he is just that kind of guy.

But, his lawyer threatens lawsuits regarding radio talk show blather?

Wow, good luck with that.

Should be an interesting couple or three weeks until the ball game.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

As a Ute fan, I agree with the sentiment here. Give the guy a break. He did his job well and continues to.

I wonder who the radio guy was.........im guessing it was kyle gunther or kevin graham on kfan.

Salt Lake City, UT

The brew ha ha was not over him having the ability to overturn on the field calls as Harmon suggests. The entire controversey was over whether or not Mr. Bunn had access to the crucial angle in the replay booth that was being televised for everyone to see. Did He fail to provide the crucial angle to the replay official? Did he provide it but it was disgarded by the replay official? Did he ever have the angle to provide to the replay official and if not, why?
I think what is agravating for SDSU fans is that there was only partial disclosure of what happened given to the public which is a diservice to Mr. Bunn and SDSU.

Cedar Hills, UT

To gonefishn -

If you read again the part of this article where Harmon quote MWC official replay guidelines, you will find that its clearly up to the replay official to request the replay he chooses to look at. That's why it was him that was suspended. If Chad "failed to give the crucial angle" as you suggested, it's because he wasn't asked for it. Case closed. The MWC closed that case two years ago, so it's exactly as Harmon has written it - the point is that Chad Bunn will not have his name drug through the mud anymore on this issue. I happen to know him pretty well. He's exactly as Harmon has held him out to be - one of the most hard-working honest people you could meet. Once again, people have a right to their opinions, but please - base those opinions on fact. It's too easy in this world to base opinion on emotion, only. Based on the facts of this case - Chad Bunn is innocent. Good for him to stop the nonesense.


"It’s only a matter of time until somebody brings up Bunn and the video replay in San Diego and begins a drum beat". Ah Dick, ..............didn't you just start it?
Aside from that I hope it is a non issue.

Long Beach, CA

So Bunn is all lawyered up now? Too bad - it is a public news statement that he was suspended for blowing the call, and now he is a public figure. Different slander rules apply - Bunn is fair game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks for your misinformed insights into BYU sports. Talk about embarrassing.

Bountiful, UT

I know Alan Mortensen very well. It would be wise to avoid crossing him client via attacking Chad Bunn. I am sure Alan knows the laws better than any of the people posting here. Trust me, let it go people.

Cedar Hills, UT

I remember when the Y played SDSU every year. The game when played in San Deigo usually drew about 25000 fans. Big deal. Now this is the biggest game of the year. Sad decline in BYU football.

West Jordan, Utah

If you watch and listen closely, you will hear an inadvertant whistle, by the side judge, blowing the play dead, just prior to the fumble occurring. The offical had ruled his forward progress had stopped by blowing the play dead. No one has ever brought up this theory, but once the whistle's blown the play becomes offically over.

Side Judge blew this one, literally, but never had the fortitude to admit it.

Goooooo Cooooogars!!!

Solomon the Wise
Alpine, UT


"Mr. Bunn volunteered to be suspended over the indcident, because he is just that kind of guy.

But, his lawyer threatens lawsuits regarding radio talk show blather?

Wow, good luck with that."

It's called slander when you publicly defame a private citizen's character without factual proof - look it up. And the media that are spreading the false accusations had better take the threat of a lawsuit seriously, because cases like this can and do lead to serious monetary awards.

Aztec Faithful
San Diego, CA

BYU had two affiliated people out of the three total people in the replay booth, a post which could and did influence the outcome of the game on behalf of BYU. Chad Bunn was responsible for providing the available angles to the replay official, of which one key angle was not provided.

So congratulations! Stuffing the replay booth wasnt against the rules at the time, and you found a guideline that says Chad Bunn didnt have to show the best angle to the replay official if the official didnt specifically ask for it. BYU is all lawyered up and ready to sue, while the BYU faithful pat each other on the back over how above reproach they all are.

The part that truly saddens me is that SDSU accepted the invite to play in this game at all. It may be a good financial decision, but in my heart it just isn’t worth it. We should have never, ever have stooped to playing BYU again after that, and I don’t care how many lawyers they have.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"I remember when the Y played SDSU every year. The game when played in San Deigo usually drew about 25000 fans. Big deal. Now this is the biggest game of the year. Sad decline in BYU football."

Have you gone completely delusional in your frenzy to hate on all things BYU?

You're actually claiming that playing San Diego in the Poinsettia Bowl is BIGGER than playing #1-ranked Notre Dame in South Bend???

Get real!

It'll be an interesting matchup between a couple of long-time former conference opponents, but nothing more.

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