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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 28 2012 6:30 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

I think Jon Huntsman has realized, like a growing number of Americans have, that both major political parties in this country are evil. Both parties are filled with people who are more loyal to their party than they are to the nation or the constitution. Until the partisanship can be put aside, our country will continue its down slide.

Far East USA, SC

"poised to play a key role in No Labels, a national organization that promotes bipartisanship, a move that some see as all but ending his political career as a Republican."

My goodness. We certainly cannot have someone in the GOP who "promotes bipartisanship"

How sad is that......


As JHJ is reasonable, articulate and willing to listen to the opinions of others, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that the Republican Party would want nothing to do with him - and vice versa.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Jon Huntsman is too good a man to remain with the GOP. He needs to move on to someplace where his good sense and intellect can be used and not stifled.


I've never quite understood why there isn't a viable 3rd party.

Maybe Huntsman is the one to get it going.

No doubt in my mind that a 3rd party could pick up votes from both "R's" and "D"'s.

I doubt the mainstream media would like it much though. It would probably give them "brain freeze" trying to figure out who "fits" where!

They so much like to stereotype BOTH parties.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

According to Ghandhi one of the seven great evils are: Politics without principle.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

what future?

Beverly Hills, CA

Jon Huntsman would have beat President Obama but you Republicans insisted on a purity test and ran out the best possible and sensible candidate. Huntsman's politics are similar to what Romney's USED TO BE before he became MittChameleon.

Maybe Hunstman is't the church goer you think he should be but that is between him and The Holy One Of Israel and he employeth no servant. If you judge him spiritually, you will be judged. He would have been a great economic planner, a fiscal conservative, and NOT pushed for 2 Trillion in addition to military spending on top of DOD budget requests.

Huntsman is right, we all need to work together, even the First Presidency said so in their congratulations to President Obama in the second term. Stop with the dramatic predictions and make this country a better place instead of using reelection as an excuse to treat people poorly who don't agree with you.

Layton, UT

John Huntsman is better than the GOP and Democrat parties.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Huntsman is no better than the Democrats, or the wishy washy Republicans who have mired their party in failed campaigns for far too long.

Republicans need to get away from trying to be a pale pastel shade of liberal democrats and their Santa Claus approach, and instead be fire breathing conservatives who aggressively fight the lies of the media and the ignorance and dependency that enables Democrat victories over and over. Huntsman is NOT the man to do that.

Huntsman needs to come out of the closet to admit that he is the same as a Democrat.

Tooele, UT


You said - "I've never quite understood why there isn't a viable 3rd party."

A viable third party would not take equal votes away from both the R's and the D's. Look at Ralph Nader and the Green Party in 2000. I seriously doubt Nader got the same number of Republican votes as he did Democrat votes.

Not only that, third parties have a tendency to attract those who support loopy ideas. I've read some of the platforms of third party candidates who want to bring back prohibition, eliminate public schools, protect U.S. borders with shoot-to-kill methods, eliminating the U.S. military and many other ideas most reasonable people would object to.

Beverly Hills, CA

Huntsman has Republicans not liking him and Democrats not liking him. He was much better qualified than Romney. I would support a Huntsman 2016 run as in independent.

Columbus, OH

"A viable third party would not take equal votes away from both the R's and the D's. Look at Ralph Nader and the Green Party in 2000. I seriously doubt Nader got the same number of Republican votes as he did Democrat votes."

Can't agree with this statement. Hence the "viable" part of "viable third party." I agree that Tea Party, Libertarians, and Green Party types will never become that third party. But there is room for a third party that adopts major principles from both parties. For example, a party that is opposed to abortion but is also in favor of social programs like welfare. An offshoot of an extreme of either party doesn't stand a chance, because neither party is large enough to support that. But a party that is truly centrist stands a chance. We just have to get over the belief that a single party's platform somehow naturally goes together (what does military spending have to do with abortion, for example?).

Sandy, UT

The founding fathers liked the electoral college idea, where the states would have a voice as states--but they warned about the whole process being hijacked by political parties. So what do we have now? A "two-party system." What a disaster. Like some have pointed out, how come we have 50 choices for Miss America, but only two for president? But the way it's set up now with the power structure, anyone who doesn't play in one of those two sandboxes is pretty much doomed to just pulling votes from other candidates. Sad.

Sugar City, ID

Smart move. Talk about issues.

Salt Lake City, UT

While Jon Huntsman Jr. wasn't my first choice, he wasn't my last choice, that would be who was elected.

It isn't just some republicans attitude about party label needs to change, many democrats will not vote for an "R", no matter who it is or what they stand for.

Lucky there are between 1/2 to 60% of the population that will look at who is running, and not just the R or D.

There were about as many straight ticked D's in SLco as R's this last election.

That said, Huntsman stopped going to party conventions while he was still governor of Utah. This is nothing new.

Patchogue, NY

Matthew Wilson believes No Labels lacks relevance and that it is not in the cards for Huntsman to be President because of his association with the group. This is just another miscalculation by and about the GOP. In the wake of all of the GOP’s post-defeat reflecting, Huntsman and this organization are more relevant than ever. He remains consistent with his maverick stance during the primaries regarding excessive and extreme partisanship and as Americans of all demographics become more familiar with him they will respect these convictions and support him.

Merritt Island, Fl

Huntsman was a serious contender for my vote. He did not participate in the 'race to extremes' like all of the others in the Primary.

I hope the Administration looks at him for Secretary of State.

Palmetto Bug
Columbia, SC

I was fine with Romney but was excited about Huntsman. If he could make it through the primaries he would do very well in a general election. Unfortunately I doubt he can ever make it out of a primary run by tea-party zealots.

If Huntsman had been the nominee this year we would be celebrating the first Utah-based president elect.

Kaysville, UT

Tea Party people may have some good principles to ride on but how they ride on them is what has some people upset and bias about. Ross Perot may have had similar type principles but he split the Republican Party and gave the election to Bill Clinton whose wife is still very viable due to that process in the public's eye.

You have to work from within a Party to improve the process, whether Democrat or Republican. Those two parties would even join forces to put the other group asunder. Since Abraham Lincoln both parties have developed their inner circle type of processes. They have too much power to let it go.

Which party to choose is the for principled people is hard. Which party has values that you can support? Which party has shown that it actually believes in people?

Parties say they are for people but what does that mean? Do they want entitlements that bankrupt the country if not managed? People want entitlements once they are hooked on them due to political promises. When one part or another gives those entitlements or extends them, when they come due the people then tread backwards.

Grandchildren pay.

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