Comments about ‘Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says her priorities are 'God, family and Yahoo, in that order'’

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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 28 2012 5:50 p.m. MST

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frankie boy
Dove Canyon, CA

she's a big-time Obama bundler...

Everett, 00

"God, Family and Yahoo - in that order."

Isn't it suppose dto be God, Family and Country?
God, Family and Business - not Country, eh?

She gotta be a Republican.

Durham, NC

SInce when is God and Family mutually exclusive of each other? Really... where is this coming from.

If "Church" is taking over your life and time - that is completely different than having your faith or God as your center. Your Church and Faith are not necessarily the same thing. One is an organizational structure, the other is your moral compass. Yes, often, as they should be, they are linked. But being busy at church and callings does not make you a "God" centered person. That makes you a Church centered person.

Often - being God centered - means putting family above all else, including callings.

Lindon, UT

And the personal attacks continue...precisely what happened during the election. I would have to argue that both candidates were out of touch with regular citizens, simply because of their circumstances. Btw, Romney was criticized, and vilified for being rich. That was the excuse given for why his tax rate was lower than the average person, and why he was out of touch with voters. It's convenient to cherry-pick the talking points to make your own argument, but not any more correct than what the next guy is doing.

The sad fact is, politicians have been out of touch with regular people for a long, long time. They are no longer 'public servants.' Only the rich (or very well-backed) can afford to play. They are forced to play games with our heads in an effort to try to convince us they care. Whether they do or not, we may never know. The only real measure we have are the results of their previous work. That was the basis of my vote this year.

Durham, NC


"Btw, Romney was criticized, and vilified for being rich"

No...Romeny was criticized for the type of business he was in... one that earns money by breaking up companies, selling off the parts, often resulting in the loss of jobs. I am not saying this is what he did - he wouldn't ever detail what he did so we just don't know. But the business of "leveraged buyouts" usually is a dirty business... and one that is often not well respected.

But what in the heck does that have to do with this lady? Does she have anything to do with Romney? How did Romney jump into this discussion? Is he secretly a woman trying to obtain the balance between motherhood and career?

There are plenty of people who have become rich via honest and respectable means - probably including Romney. There are equally many who have become rich by taking advantage of others and moral busting greed. I don't think there is anything to indicate this lady falls into this camp.

It blows me away how "politics" seems to jump every discussion..... let me guess - Less filling = conservative, taste great = socialist liberal?

South Jordan, UT

Family should always be at the top of your list. Sorry, God.

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