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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2012 5:05 p.m. MST

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Down under
Pullman, WA

Hey we voted for this as a country. We will have to stew in our situation until we can get some responsible leadership in the White House and Senate.

Everett, 00

Cedar Hills, UT

The only ones dancing in the streets are the do-nothing bums who won't work and don't pay taxes (progressive democrat's) but get free Obama money every month...for them the gravy train keeps on roll'in at our expense.


Correct me if I'm wrong - um er uh, (gasp!) "patriot",

aren't you one of those retired do-nothing citizens collecting Social Security, not paying taxes, and getting free money every month -- at our expense?

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Yes; my consumer confidence tanked with an Obama win. I will spend the next few months paying off everything as fast as I can because I do not believe that Obama has any economic sense whatsoever.
Paying off debt is a good idea regardless.

Attempts to shame, blame or vilify anyone who is not trilled over an Obama victory, when it is clear that Obama and the Democrats have no plan for the economy other than class warfare and increased government dependency, merely reinforces my belief that the far left has no economic sense, no common sense and they are just plain mean.

Ogden, UT

"Maybe if the Republicans did more than try to pass hundreds of abortions bills..."

What you're saying is... join the nation's morals decline and you'll be just fine.

"The rest of the country is moving on."

True. Agreeing to dispatch (sometimes called abortion) the unborn by the millions... destroying the institution of marriage by approval of myriads of strange combinations, letting illegals flood into this country unchecked who suck up our resources and American jobs.

"Let's figure out how to pay for those Trillions of the two wars GW Bush started..."

Can't start a war without Congressional say-so... And that included Aye votes from Senate Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Carl Levin, Max Baucus, John Kerry, Charles Schumer, John Edwards, Harry Reid, Joseph Lieberman, etc.

And did you forget Obama's $5 trillion increase in the national debt, the largest in American history?

one old man
Ogden, UT

Down Under, you forgot the House of Representatives.

West Jordan, UT

These forums need a "roll my eyes" button.

Salt Lake City, UT

Cincinnatis, I too must be one of those do nothing bums, "patriot" (he really needs to quit using that moniker, because nothing could be further from the truth) sees. I sure am dancing in the street. But I pray quite a bit in federal taxes. I dare say, I pay much more then "patriot".

Lowonoil, I also know those people that hate President Obama, and receive entitlements. And yeah, the people I know that support President Obama are very successful people. Strange.

But, yeah, I'm usually not a sore winner, but the more I read the comments on these boards, and listen to some conservatives, the more I'm laughing and dancing in the street. Republicans keep saying this kinda stuff, they will never win an election again. And that makes me happy.

It blows my mind, the people that keep claiming Mitt has great character. What he portrayed indicated no character, he showed himself as a man with absolutely no core believe. And he did this again and again. The man would do and say anything- anything, to get votes. Anyone that paid attention knows this.

Joan Watson

To my kids - become financialy wise: get out of debt, stay out of debt, save and save extra by counting pennies as in negotiating for no tax added if item paid off in allowed time etc, strict budgeting, adequate term life insurance for a young family, train up kids to become responsible for life goals and choices, discern between wants and needs, Pay off home before retirement. This advice worked for us - perhaps it will for you too!

Salt Lake City, UT

Excuse me I meant I "pay" quite a bit in federal taxes. Pray federal taxes. Good heavens.

wrz, you say, "Can't start a war without Congressional say-so..."

But then you say, "And did you forget Obama's $5 trillion increase in the national debt. . . "

Don't you know, Can't spend money "without Congressional say-so..."

-"when it is clear that Obama and the Democrats have no plan for the economy other than class warfare and increased government dependency"

Well, counter, that might be true if you keep your eyes, and ears, tightly shut, or listen solely to Glenn Beck, FOX News, or Rush and Hannity.

But for those if us that actually pay attention we know that nothing could be further from the truth.

Oh well.

Cedar Hills, UT


you and your wife actually work - right?? Then you aren't part of the do-nothing bums I was referring to. I have kids who are married and going to school and guess what - they make so little they don't pay income taxes either however they work HARD as I'm sure you and your wife do. They also benefit from health care plans tailored for their circumstances. The 47% that Mitt was talking about weren't just non-tax payers but also NON WORKERS. It is the NON WORKERS I call bums and rightly so. The growing democrat base of voters happens to consist of those who would rather collect their "Obama check" as one NY City guy put it and then set on their behind. This crowd don't think they should work because they get more from their free-bee Obama check than they would working a night shift security guard job. Great culture we are fostering here huh?? Sounds just like socialist Europe - the ones burning cars in the streets demanding their "fair share" of entitlements that don't exist because countries like Greece are BROKE!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

"The 47% that Mitt was talking about weren't just non-tax payers but also NON WORKERS. It is the NON WORKERS I call bums and rightly so. "

So check this out, "patriot" (please) believes, no, he really does, he believes that there 47% of the people in this country do not work. No, really, I'm serious, that is really what he believes. HaHa, yeah I know. What can I say, some people will believe anything.

one old man
Ogden, UT

No, Joey -- even God couldn't overcome the blatant gerrymandering by Republicans in so many states. If He had been able to do that, the House would be firmly in Democratic hands now.

San Diego, CA


So, you think that the "growing democrat base of voters happens to consist of those who would rather collect their 'Obama check', do you? Let me give you a reality check with a list of states that CONSISTENTLY falls above the national average in welfare and food stamp participation rates: Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, West Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, and Arkansas. Now want to take a guess on how many of those states were blue this last election? I'll help you out.....it would be a big fat ZERO. In fact, almost all red states receive more in federal money than they pay in federal taxes. You would be wise to flip off that Faux News channel I'm sure you watch religiously.

Orem, UT

The economy is lousy right now! It hasn't changed nor will it with Obama in the White House. All you who support Obama are living a fantasy. You can feel good that you stuck it to the GOP for all of their conservative views, but the nation is weaker now. It's less free and will continue to follow down this road.

I'm not a conspirator or a doomsayer, but a realist. We missed a golden opportunity to help the country get back on track economically by voting in Romney. Instead we chose a White House who is bent on distribution of wealth and punishing the rich, whether or not it does any good. He's amassed 4 trillion in debt in his first term! We have a right to be incredibly discouraged.

Obama will not bring America back to prominence. This is against his mandate. He, and his ilk, believe that America's colonialism is evil and has resulted in much of the world's suffering. He will not compromise, but will blame the Republicans. Falling off the fiscal cliff is a necessary step in his world view. The reality is ugly...

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

Kind of funny when Utahns start hacking on Utahns. Essentially hacking on themselves. Makes me chuckle, and I like a good chuckle. Apparently Schwa is pouting and Esquire is telling himself to get over it. It's ok Uthans the rest of the country is just a little behind us. I assure you the consumer confidence will start going down in other parts of the country soon.

Anchorage, AK

This helps explain why Alaska's share Campaign is seeing a drop in contributions to 2/3 that of the prior year. Alaska leans heavy towards republican/conservative. Whether it's for real or imagined reasons, we are tightening our belts.


Is it really 'Utah consumer' sentiment or is that really code for 'mormon consumer' sentiment? What makes Utah so different then any other state other then they share the same religion as Romney? This is just a case of mormons being sore losers and just pouting. What a sad little culture. Mitt lost by popular vote, get over it and support your Commander in Chief and Country.

Payson, UT

So, what's up with all these Utahns baggin on Utah? Take off if you hate so much! Certainly won't be any worse for the rest of us who love it here.
And by the way DOUG10, Utah has the HIGHEST college grad per capita in the US.

Maricopa, AZ

Good to see all the Obama supporters on hear telling us that all is well. Don't worry little children.
Telling us to go spend our money, buy stuff and don't worry about the past 4 years.
I'll continue to pay my taxes, spend carefully so democrats will be sure to blame me in 4 more years that it's my fault for saving my money and not helping to boost Obama's blind economic plan.
Let's check back in 6-8 months and see how many Obama-ites are still on here beating on their chests about how great things are looking.
Anyone wanna bet on the unemployment rate a year from now?
How about the true costs of Obamacare?
Any takers?

salt lake city, utah

jasonlivy..the economy is weaker now..weaker than when? The end of 2008, the beginning of 2009, compared to whom the rest of the world. The answer is a resounding NO. The economy is not weaker it is stronger. Obama is bent on the redistribution of wealth..did he start, unemployment insurance or did he just respond to Bushs massive financial collapse, did he start the stimulus programs or did he just continue what Bush started? Pretend all you want that the world economy didn't just about completely collapsed and that credit in America wasn't completely frozen and needed thawing out but it doesn't change the facts. The point isn't it was Bushs fault because that's not true the point is Obama saved us from a catostrophic financial collapse and things are better..much better..and yes Romney would have taken us back to collapse.

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