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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2012 5:05 p.m. MST

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Ogden, UT

Keeping in mind, of course, that as in anything, perception can have little bearing on reality.

South Jordan, UT

Stop pouting, Utah. It's going to be ok.

Beverly Hills, CA

I see my neighbors and friends saying they lost confidence while spending up a storm this past week. They are all two faced. The numbers already show this is one of the biggest Black Friday and Cyber Mondays ever.

Maybe if the Republicans did more than try to pass hundreds of abortions bills and helped get the economy going again from the economy they crashed, they could have won the presidency.

The rest of the country is moving on. Let's figure out how to pay for those Trillions of the two wars GW Bush started, the 2 stimulus packages, 700 billion bank bailout, 8 trillion Medicaid Part D and the tax cuts that didn't pay for any of that spending. Where were you fiscal hawks during the GW Bush Era?

Springville, UT

Get over it, Utah. Emajor has it right.

Layton, UT

what this means is that Utahns are withdrawing their income from society, the way they did before the last two recessions. They've managed to weather most of the financial crashes because of this tendency, but it also probably indicates that the rest of the country will ride a bubble off a financial cliff... that no one cares about enough to actually rectify.

Casa Grande, AZ

Chicken littles. The economy was showing signs of improvement and now conservatives are doing their best to fulfill their own prophecies of doom. It's sad really that they can be deceived so easily by Glen Beck.

South Jordan, UT

I still feel the personal loss of such an outstanding man as Mitt Romney to lead our nation. He is a man of great character and wisdom in not only economic issues, but many other issues as well. We now have to face obamacare and a host of other things bent to destroy this country as we know it. God bless the United States of America.

salt lake city, UT

Our reaction is a natural part of the grieving process. We'll survive and Mitt and Ann will make fantastic Mission Presidents.

Kaysville, UT

I am not sure it is as much the Mitt Romney loss or the President Obama for sure doesn't have a plan as he hasn't had one for the past 4 years, either. The Governor brags about Utah's economy and he is a part of that. For 2011, Utah was the only state that saw an increase in bankruptcy filings, climbing a modest 1 percent. Utahns may be filing for bankruptcy in fewer numbers these days, with the state on track to see the first annual decline in insolvencies since Congress revamped the law in 2005 to make it tougher to file. Utah’s numbers remain comparatively high nationally with the state claiming the fourth-highest filing rate per capita during the first nine months of 2012 — 5.99 petitions for every 1,000 people, the American Bankruptcy Institute reports.

In 2005-2006, Congress made it harder to file bankruptcies at the same time making it easier to get mortgages that would cause the market to fall and put people into bankruptcy. They designed it for the people to fail.

Our Governor brags about the economy and the Church says not to get into more financial trouble still.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Utah is one of few places in the world where paranoia is contagious.

Brigham City, UT

FT: Perhaps they'll have the opportunity to take a struggling mission and help it grow and thrive, split it into three, and move on to another in three years.

Cedar Hills, UT

This loss in consumer confidence wasn't just Utah. I have family in Nevada, Washington, and the mid-West and they are saying the same exact thing - people are really worried about the economy and for obvious reasons...Barack Obama is still president. For all the Obama hype during the election what it really boils down to is working / tax paying folks are much less confident and are worried looking ahead. The only ones dancing in the streets are the do-nothing bums who won't work and don't pay taxes (progressive democrat's) but get free Obama money every month...for them the gravy train keeps on roll'in at our expense.
** there are legitimate folks who can't work due to disability and they should be helped but that is a VERY small fraction of the total who live off the government. Welcome to the new socialist America!!

Makes you feel good about your country doesn't it. Makes you want to pay your "fair share" so the occupy Wallstreet rabble and the rest can continue to get their "entitlements". Where are MY entitlements??????

Roosevelt, UT

I don't get it.

Even the GOP faithful have come out and said their economic plan (which they foisted upon Mitt to promote during the campaign) would not have worked. Mitt was forced to run to and fro trying to gather and mend the GOP which cou;dn't agree on anytning if they were all in a single room anyway.

He did not have a chance to try for the undecided voter with the mish mash he was expected to promote.

He had to deal with fellow GOP coming out of the woods with wacko comments and Donald Trump who only wants attention and attempting to keep the fat wallets who bankrolled his campaign happy, he was doomed from the start.

Now Utah has unhappy sentiment and that should be a result of being in the lowest third of the nation for high school graduates, it should be that Utah receives more federal tax dollars than it pays in, it should be that bankruptcies continue to rise in this state.

Utah, worry about what you can fix and spend less time fretting about things you can't.

Kaysville, UT

Statistics and facts are not paranoia. When a bankrupcty happens it is a life changing event for people, no matter what their economic status. We are a people in Utah and in our country that cares about what happens to people, whether in Nevada or Washington, etc.

We allowed a system that was to protect people to be changed by a Congress and a President that helped people worsen their status and ability to live. People got loans that didn't deserve a loan. They could have lived in apartments and not had the bankruptcy part kick in. Then when it kicked in, they were unable to file. Banks and loan companies, title companies, real estate agents and related fields benefitted.

The Tea Party people kicked in and the Evangelicals kept Romney from running his own campaign with their inside comments detracting from the issues with President Obama.

We have such a great country and Mitt Romney got sacrificed with so much bad publicity from within and without his own party. Obama's campaign used all those comments against Mitt.

Utah Mormons could listen to the Prophet since 2002 about Bankruptcy but some don't take the advice. Spend too much?

Brigham City, UT

"Is it more childish and foolish to insist that there is a conspiracy or that there is not?" ~ China Mieville

Is it more foolish to attempt to fix the things that you honestly think can be fixed, or to convince yourself that nothing can be fixed and quit trying?

Kearns, UT

Gee, thanks Patriot. I'm apparently one of your do-nothing bums dancing in the street because I don't pay federal income taxes? My wife and I both work full time jobs. We each pick up some extra money with some side jobs from time to time. Yet, because my deductions outweigh my AGI, I'm living off of others? The last time I checked, I pay payroll taxes, sales taxes, state taxes, gasoline taxes, property taxes, etc. Your comments reflect the "47%" comments Mitt Romney made- and why I didn't vote for him. We work hard and pay no federal income tax- that doesn't mean we're automatically lazy bums living off everyone else.

JWB- while poor loans have been foreclosed on, most bankruptcy's, even recently, are driven by medical bills. Reports going back a number of years show that bankruptcy's due to medical bills are hovering right around 60% of all bankruptcy's.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

It sounds as though JWB wants a do-over on the election. This time around they could send the Mormon Helping Hands to Florida to help shorten the lines at the polls. But then on the other hand, maybe JWB would want FL polls closed as early as possible to go along with their governor's plans.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The effect of the Romney loss would not be unexpected in Utah, where the people seem to put more importance on business than people.

Clearfield, UT

patriot:"The only ones dancing in the streets are the do-nothing bums who won't work and don't pay taxes (progressive democrat's) but get free Obama money every month...for them the gravy train keeps on roll'in at our expense."

ALL of the Obama supporting Utah democrats I know are well educated, well paid, have long uninterupted employment histories and have been paying 5 figure Federal income taxes for most of their working lives. EVERYONE I personally know who collects social security or a disability check shares your passionate hatred of Barack Obama.


salt lake city, UT

We can always count on Patriot and Worf to give us the Glen Beck perspective. America is still the greatest country in the world with the highest atandard of living and personal freedoms only matched by a few. Since this country's founding there have always been critics and there always will be. God Bless America and all our warts!!

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