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Published: Monday, Nov. 26 2012 3:55 p.m. MST

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This whole thing is ridiculous. The only arguments I've heard for CKap are:
1) He's tall (so is travis wilson)
2) He has a big arm (so does Uncle Rico)
3) He has potential (as if that wins super bowls now)

Everyone knows SF's best chance at a Super Bowl is this year. CKap people somehow think that he will be ready to lead a team through the playoffs with only a few starts under his belt, this is nonsense. CKap IS the Future of the Niners, but not this year or the next one. Bring the Kid along the way Green Bay did with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

Provo, UT

Kap is not a better QB than Smith. Smith has been the most efficient quarterback in the NFL this season, please explain to me why Kap is better. His stats have been worse. If it weren't for those 2 pick 6's the 9ers would have likely lost that game. The 9ers will not win the super bowl behind Kap. There is absolutely zero evidence that suggests Kap gives them a better chance to win. Finally, anyone who blames Smith for their loss to the Giants last year is absolutely crazy. Williams muffed 2 punts, without those 2 muffed punts, 9ers go to the super bowl.

Saint George, UT

Alex has made more money and will continue to make more money than all the ute haters from highland could ever dream of making.

Highland, UT


If I've beaten it to death then so have the utah "fans" like uteology. Just because they say over and over again that alex smith is better and that he is some great qb doesn't make it so. Great qb's don't get benched for 2nd round picks. Like I said I am not the one saying this, Harbaugh is the one saying it and his opinion is the one that really matters. I have nothing against smith and think he has done a decent job but in professional sports "decent", like 13 tds and 5 ints, is not "great" and teams are looking for "great". Obviously Harbaugh and the 49ers do not consider smith capable of reaching that level. To bad for him but that is the nature of sports.

Highland, UT

Also utah "fans" I actually agree that smith might give the 49ers a better chance to win this year, but my guess is that Harbaugh and the 49ers that matter don't think that chance is very good anyway or else they wouldn't be doing this.

Regardless smith is not a great talent and he has pretty much reached his potential and that is just not good enough. Harbaugh has decided it and utah "fan" angst isn't going to change things.

@sunny all day

I do not care how much money smith has made, good for him, but that has little to do with the caliber of qb that he is at this point. It seems that no one but utah "fans" see him as anything more than ok.


There is no freshman quarterback that would have survived under Mike Singletary. The niner line didn't protect their quarterbacks under the horrible coaches.

Smith had to wait for his turn, just like Steve Young. Harbaugh and Smith are in now. Smith will take the niners to the playoffs again and Kaepernick will find a way to get out of his contract. I wish him luck in Arizona.

u mad bro?


Kap, is not better than Smith this year, but he does have a higher ceiling. Thats what Harbaugh is going with. Smith is a game manager.

West Jordan, Utah


You're right, Smith doesn't have great arm strength. He lost some of that with shoulder surgery years back. But his arm isn't weak and there are plenty of big name stars who don't have great arm strength. Joe Montana never had a big arm. Peyton Manning has never had a cannon. Smith doesn't have the raw talent of Kaepernick, but who does? It's not like Smith is not talented. He was picked #1 overall for a reason. And despite the world being against him, he did not lose confidence in himself.

Again as for talent. Smith is athletic (shifty, good speed for a QB, throws an accurate ball, makes good decisions, and takes hits). Now, I see the hype for Kaepernick. He is a physical beast. I just don't see Smith as below average. The Niners run a conservative offense because of the their defense and running game. Smith hasn't had the chance to open it up.

If you can't give Alex credit for winning with a solid team around him, then how is it fair to find fault with him when he was losing with no supporting cast?

West Jordan, Utah

What I am saying is that many in the clueless Bay area ripped Alex for not winning when the coaches and supporting cast were weak, but on the flipside, they can't give him credit when the team finally got the right pieces in place for a QB (Alex) to succeed, and Alex won.

Highland, UT


I'll give Smith credit for winning but it is provisional because he is not the one winning the games, he is simply not losing them in my opinion. He is a good qb but he is not a star and I do not think he ever will be a star. I do give him credit for the comeback he has made these last 2 years because he was pretty much DOA before that, but I still don't think he is any more than a journeyman with a limited upside. It is to bad this is happening in SF because they are actually a team set up to make a qb like him successful. He doesn't have to try to be more than he is because of the great defense and the running game. But I won't lie, I thought it was just a matter of time before this occured. Not that I was thinking kaeprnick was going to be great just that I didn't think Harbaugh would be content long term with a game manager type qb, he wants a star that can win games when everything else isn't working. That isn't Smith.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Don't put words in my mouth, I never said Alex was great. I even said Alex was at best a backup QB 3 years ago. You however said CK is "vastly superior".

Alex is a good QB who should get a chance somewhere next year.

This is CK's team now. I just don't think he's ready to lead us to the super bowl, I think Alex could. Apparently you and Harbaugh disagree, only time will tell.

u mad bro?

Alex Smith is a game manager. Kap, has the higher ceiling.

Palmdale, CA

While I don't like how Alex Smith's whole career has played out in San Francisco, Harbaugh is going to play the person and people that give his team the best opportunity to win. And I don't blame him. I would go with the hot hand too that is hotter than the recent hot hand. While Kaepernick showed he can definitely play, he looked like a football player who has been playing in the NFL for awhile now. Would Kaepernick have been as successful having gone through the troubles Alex Smith went through when he became a 49er? No one knows for sure. The verdict is still out once teams adjust to his style of play. Will he still be the effective quarterback that earned him the starting job and last two 49er victories? Kaepernick has a good coach and coaching staff that has turned the 49ers back to the glory days. Smith didn't have that when he got drafted. Provided he probably made mistakes of his own during his career. I love the 49ers! They have been my team since childhood. As much crap as Alex Smith has gone through. That is one tough Hombre!

Highland, UT


Kaepernick is a "vastly superior" talent, vastly. I explained what I meant by that but you obviously want to keep pretending it was otherwise even after I clarified it. As far as smith goes, well it is good to know you aren't as delusional as 99% of the utah "fans" around here when it comes to smith. Congratulations on that.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

I can't get my head around this controversy, CK had a good game, AS is hurt and with the care given slobberknockers, there isn't any way to know when he can pass the neurological tests to be cleared to play. Could it be that sports writers have a hot button making them crazed with any hint of a "Two QB dilemma". I thought the headline after the BYU-NMSt game hinting of a QB battle silly, given there is a meaningless bowl game left, neither player coming back. I do think that Smith has developed a moody, difficult reputation among NFL fans, that might explain the idea that he's out if a back-up shows himself to have a pulse. AS apologists don't jump on me, I'm just reporting what I'm hearing. He had battles with Nolan and the SJ Mercury made him out to be a jerk, who was or maybe "wasn't" as injured as he made himself out to be. And with 4 head coaches and maybe 10 OC's he hasn't exactly had it easy. I think he'll start for a few more years, that this is a manufactured controversy.

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