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Published: Sunday, Nov. 25 2012 5:10 p.m. MST

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las vegas, NV

i suppose that in the rural there really arent any other obtion. But if you look at some of the 5A teams like bingham, Davis, Alta and Jordan for example, these school have several good players playing the same position. The easy answer is to say tough luck Bud. AFIl Is basically saying the same BORING answer to a complex problem.

In the article, Amy is trying to give some suggestions to this open enrollment issue that has led to many hearings and now a trial. If You all would just think outside the box a little and ASK YOURself how does allowing kids to move and get an opportunity to play football at another school hurt a student's experience in high school. And who gave the UHSAA the right to make RANDOM or as the past articles said, Arbitrary decisions wether you can play or not.
I just recently found out that CALIFORNIA, a state with as many high schools as they have, they now have simplified there transfer Rule and make it a 30 DAY RULE. I think IN the end this will save us all alot of money and time wasted on fighting parents.

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