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Published: Sunday, Nov. 25 2012 5:45 p.m. MST

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south Jordan, UT

The only what if that I am wondering about is what if bronco was fired because of how terrible of a job he has done the past two seasons. I am sick of being an average team and its only going to get worse with this guy. Get on Facebook and check out the "dump bronco" page. Like the page to sign the petition to fire Bronco.

Somewhere, UT

No way Bronco lets Lark start in the bowl game. I don't think he would even see the field if Riley broke both his legs. Letting Lark loose again would make Bronco and Doman look bad.

Spanish Fork, UT

I'm so tired of "what if's" and second guessing the coaches, even when the fans have about 1% of the information the coaches have when they make the decisions you all complain about. Here's a what if: What Riley N had been healthy and played. What if he would have thrown 9 TDs and run for two more? Against NMSU it could have happened. We'll never know. Great game by Lark. But I'm sure he wouldn't have had that game against ND or any of the other quality teams on the schedule. It is what it is. All you arm chair coaches out there can say what you want, but unless you're actually on the sideline, I'm not giving your comments much credibility.

Kamas/United States, UT

here is what must happen:
Bronco becomes defensive coordinator.
doman is fired.
Detmer is head coach.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: Ballplayer

Obviously no one is saying Lark would have led the team to a 50-14 win over Notre Dame, but he also wouldn't have averaged 4 turnovers a game the way Nelson has. If Lark plays Notre Dame BYU likely wins 21-14 or something like that. It's impossible to know how Lark would have played over the course of the season but I'm quite sure that he wouldn't have made most of the dipstick decisions that Nelson has.

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