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Published: Sunday, Nov. 25 2012 5:45 p.m. MST

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Washington, UT

Ok, let Riley start, since he's the god of the team this year; but then put in Lark after Nelson's first play--and BYU will win the game. If Nelson plays the whole game, we'll be in a dog fight and Lark will have to rescue us; but wait, Lark can't go in because Nelson wants to keep playing.

Kaysville, UT

Bronco Mendenhall is a great Defensive Coach.
I have observed that, for the most part, those who are tasked with preserving and defending rarely have the ability to be offensive or provide the vision and direction to lead an organization to its potential. We are seeing just that with Bronco as a head Coach. His propensity to protect and defend inhibits his ability to risk, adapt and make critical changes. For several years his QB choices/lack of choice has caused apprehension and confusion for the team. This has also lead fans and media to question various decisions. Simply put, we all are struggling to make sense of many of Bronco’s offensive decisions, which only make sense if you look at them from a defensive perspective. If BYU really intends to be a well-rounded and winning football team and as much as I respect and like Bronco, it is time to make a head coach change.

Provo, UT


Don't get too hyped up about BYU's defense. Yes, they had an exceptional defensive line and linebacker core, but as SJSU and other teams aptly demonstrated, our defensive backs were as weak as ever. Shades of Brian Logan. You remember that guy? I'm sure he holds the record for PI's for never looking back. And then he would mount a guy after the pass and ride him in to the end zone. I give full props to our run defense, but it would be a travesty to lump our pass defense in with them.

Mighty Mouse
Salt Lake City, Utah

Four reasons BYU is a coaching trainwreck:

1. cupboard bare at o-line and QB
2. O-line absolutely unprepared to play at Rice-Eccles
3. 2 QBS suffer injuries from reckless play
4. Entire team allowed to suffer w/QB at helm incapable of spreading the ball

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

As anti Nelson as I have been guys that are calling for Bronco to be fired are crazy. Like it or not guys, Bronco is by far the best coach for the job. If and when Bronco leaves it will be on his own terms. Some of you might think I'm nuts for saying this but I think Brandon Doman will be a good coach as well. Some of the play calling might be within criticism, but for the most part, look who he has to call plays for. Riley Nelson isn't just part of the problem, Riley is THE problem. He's been the problem the past three years, he will be the problem until this season is over. Just wait until next year, honestly, when Brandon Doman actually has a QB that he can call actual QB plays for. It's a shame that next yer we will likely only be returning 3 starters on defense. What a complete waste. Good for Lark that there is more that's important to him in life than football. I can only imagine how miserable he would feel if that was all he had in his life.

Tooele, UT

Lark threw no picks.

Enough said.

West Jordan, Utah


I liked your comments (pretty accurate).

BYU's schedule is challenge for Holmoe. Utah's schedule isn't a world beater. I just think Utah's is barely better.

BYU's top two opponents (Notre Dame/Boise State) are better than Utah's top two (USC and UCLA). Oregon State nixed (common opponent). Notre Dame = creme brulee. Boise State? Not as good as they have been, but USC was overhyped as well.

From there, Utah beats BYU and BYU beat Utah State, who beat Utah. All three games instate could have gone either way. All three went 1-1 (could have been 2-0 or 0-2).

Moving on, both beat Washington State. Utah beat them by more, and lost to Oregon State by less.

BYU's toughest opponents were nail biters, where Utah lost more convincingly.

California vs. Georgia Tech; advantage GT.

BYU's bottom four is where we differ.

Utah: WAZU is bad (common opponent again), Colorado is awful and Utah played Northern Colorado. Those last two aren't four teams though.

Colorado is terrible but not an automatic win (kind of like WAZU beating Washington). Idaho, Weber State, Hawaii, and New Mexico State only beat each other (5-37; Big Sky/WAC combined).

West Jordan, Utah


I understand your frustration with BYU's tough losses and yes I am a Ute fan (no secret). I DON'T hate BYU or anything, I just think your comments about a national championship if Hill or Lark played makes you sound delusional. Ask your fellow Cougar fans on this one. Being a Ute doesn't make me irrational. Claiming a national championship from a would coulda shoulda thing where the stars are aligned is grasping at straws to say the least. Forget just the QB issue, BYU had holes despite the strong defense they had in most games. Their kicking game was as bad as can be. The QBs lavked the talent. Yes, Taysom Hill is an athletic youngster, but he has along ways to go to run an offense against solid opponents. Wait and see next year. BYU's offensive line is very average ans their defensive line lacks depth. I think you found something in your freshman RB though.

Anyway, there is no need to send me bowling at the local bowling alley.

West Jordan, Utah

@Y grad Y Dad

I think you will do better than your gloomy 5-7 take next year. Yes the schedule is better, but it's not like BYU doesn't have a chance in the majority of those games. I like your 2013 schedule if it holds up (teams not backing out). It looks as if you will avoid playing four gimmes, but afew of your bigger school opponents like Virginia, Georgia Tech, and Houston are all very beatable. Hawaii will be a win, as will Middle Tennessee State in Provo. You have Boist State at home as well (good chance at a win and revenge). Wisconsin are big boys, but they are usually up and down. Notre dame is a huge challenge, but ya'll are thrilled with that game if the Irish don't back out. From there you have Utah, Utah State, and Texas. Those are tough games but winnable. it will be interesting to see how Texas does at LES. They are a huge name like Notre Dame, but like USC, Texas is often overhyped. I think BYU goes 7-5, but maybe better if Taysom Hill gets healthy, matures, and is used right within the offense.

Down under
Pullman, WA

I for one am glad the season is over and Riley will be gone. He has great potential but does not get the team concept and thinks he needs to win every game by himself, even injured. He make terrible decisions when pressured which is why his TD and interception numbers are about the same. This isn NOT BYU football. I wondet when Bronco will wake up and smell the roses.

Provo, UT


Call me naive or whatever but show me that Mendenhall doesn't win games. Since his tenure only five other coaches in the country have a higher winning percentage.

That is called winning. By any sane standards, not that many BYU fans are sane these days...

Mission Viejo, CA

I was a furious as any of you when I saw a crippled Nelson losing games that Lark might have been able to win. For me, it makes no sense to play an injured guy when he simply can't do what is required of the position. That was the case with Nelson from game 2. He played hurt in every game.

Bronco has to take the blame for this. Shame on him. Bad coach, bad coach. Don't do it again.

That being said, BYU can't and won't fire Bronco. He's too good. His record is better than LaVell's. His bowl record is much better. And his defense is as good as any in BYU history, and probably better. And he is recruiting real athletes. These teams will get better. And so will Bronco.

I was very down on Doman, but he called a great game with Lark. Gosh, a QB who can make the passes kind of helps.

So my expectation that Bronco has learned a lesson from this season. Both coaches will get another year. And they should.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@WON84, @Truth Machine, @sammyg

You guys need some lessons in reading comprehension ... go back and read the original comments to which I was responding to and you should all be able to better understand why I listed the SOS rankings and added up how many 'ranked at one point or another' teams BYU and Utah played. Simply responding with factual information that the original poster was pretending was in BYU's favor.

Now if you really want to get into which team is actually better, blah, blah, blah ... I really don't care ... neither Utah or BYU were impressive this year. I do know Utah won head to head though, and it's laughable how many of you on these threads think BYU "should have won" when Utah had the game in control and made several mistakes in the fourth that even made a close game possible. But whatever, you guys will always think you should've won. I'm just glad I can say Utah actually DID win the game. No ifs. No buts.

Enid, OK

Fact: Lark completed 34 of 50 passes for 384 yards and SIX touchdowns, with ZERO turnovers.

Are you kidding me???

This is a no-brainer: start Lark.


Okay, now that we know BD is out of the picture next year and Riley...let's have a more meaningful speculation about who will replace Doman?

Ty Detmer isn't coming back. And Steve Young won't either.

Do you think BYU will try to bring in a big name OC? If so, who?
Do you think Bronco will promote from within? Ben Cahoon is the Jerry Rice of the CFL. Could he be moved from coaching the receivers to OC?

Weigh in, what is your speculation? Or do you already know and your staying quiet?

Let's have some fun with this and stop killing the coaches and players.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Bronco is a great coach. Just look at the difference in the team last year after taking over the job of defensive coordinator. His winning percentage speaks for itself.

Brandon Doman is an excellent QB coach but he is learning the job of Offensive Coordinator. He made a major mistake last year by changing everything all at one, and Bronco let him do it. Bad decision. Coach Doman should have phased in his offensive system. Too many changes too quickly.

BYU attracts many top QB's, and too many of them sit on the bench and never get to play and develop their skills. If you play any other position and you are #2 or #3 on the depth chart you get regular playing time. Not at QB. Not other position needs more reps to develop and no other players, other than the top dog, gets less playing time.

Several of BYU's QBs over the years could have played in the NFL if they only had the opportunity to play in college. I would not go directly to BYU right out of HighSchool. Go to a school where you are guaranteed to play, then go to BYU and play there.


Motorbikemike – I see, you were responding to a BYU fan who had indicated a No. of teams ranked when BYU played them. Faulty given currently ranked or ranked at the end of the season is a far better measurement regarding quality of opponent.

Utah won the game so head to head they were better. No problem with that. Was only pointing out that Utah played 3 ranked opponents and BYU played 5 including the potential NC. Also enjoyed that 2 of the WAC teams Ute fans love to give BYU trouble for playing are ranked when a grand total of 3 PAC opponents Utah faced are...


gdog3finally - Oh so close to agreeing with 100% of your post but, have to clarify on CU not being an automatic win. Are you stating this head-to-head for Utah as it's a rivalry game so of course it's going to be close? I'll agree with that but, a (1-11) CU is not much better than a (1-11) NMSU leaving the rivalry out of the discussion...

Gilbert, AZ


Utah fans are only fooling themselves when they try to pretend that Colorado is Utah's "new" rival. Signs that Colorado has replaced BYU as Utah's rival.

Utah fans will stop comparing EVERYTHING Utah does with BYU.
Utah fans will stop trolling EVERY BYU article.
Utah fans will stop showing ANY interest in BYU except during the week BYU and Utah play.
BYU blogs will become devoid of Utah fan comments.

Utah fans will start comparing EVERYTHING Utah does with Colorado.
Utah fans will constantly troll EVERY Colorado article.
Utah fans will become obsessed with Colorado.
Colorado blogs will be constantly spammed with Utah fan comments.

The truth is, Utah fans are and always will be obsessed with BYU, and couldn't care less about Colorado.

Proud Ute

Utah fans are only fooling themselves when they try to pretend that Colorado is Utah's "new" rival. Signs that Colorado has replaced BYU as Utah's rival.

Utah fans will stop comparing EVERYTHING Utah does with BYU.
Utah fans will stop trolling EVERY BYU article.
Utah fans will stop showing ANY interest in BYU except during the week BYU and Utah play.
BYU blogs will become devoid of Utah fan comments.

Now look below, seem familar? It should, it's one of your many posts from the same Ute article where you once again posted the same U vs BYU comparison you've been posting on Ute articles for months.

You just can't get us out of your head can you? That little losing streak you've got going there must really smart.

Even with Utah's "dominance" in recent head-to-head matchups, the Utes still fall short of BYU's overall success.

Top 25 Finishes
Bronco 5
Kyle 3

Top 15 Finishes
Bronco 3
Kyle 1

Conference Championships
Bronco 2
Kyle 1

Bowl Games
Bronco 8
Kyle 7

8:21 a.m. Nov. 27, 2012

Just another happy valley hypocrite.

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