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Published: Sunday, Nov. 25 2012 5:45 p.m. MST

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Alexandria, VA

Bronco was all over Heaps for his entitlement mentality - the more that comes out from this team, the more I believe that Bronco himself, has embedded an entitlement mentality within his own football program and it's hurt his team beyond repair at this point.

Taylorsville, Utah

I wanted to write a small complain about why Lark hasn't been playing. But I haven't seen anything from him written here complaining about his lack of playing time. So I'll just keep my complain to myself.

Phoenix, AZ

I think a lot of Bronco/Doman/Nelson apologists are missing the point here. It's not a matter about the type of defense, Notre Dame vs New Mexico St. It has everything to do with the type of throws each QB has made. For example. How many times has Nelson overthrown a reciever? Lark over threw a few balls, because the guy was covered. Nelson would air it out throwing it short for an interception. And how about a wide open reciever? Nelson missed one completely in the Notre Dame game that would have went for a touchdown. Lark hit Hoffman IN STRIDE during the New Mexico St. game for a touchdown. I won't go into Nelson's one hop throws or throws so low receivers get hurt trying to catch them. The point is, Lark's throws hit a moving receiver. Nelson hopes his receivers hit his errent throw. I'm not worried anymore about what might have been as much as I'm worried about December 20th. Let's see the better Senior QB start. Let's see Lark show us what he can do against a 'good' defense.

Santaquin, UT

I am so tired about hearing how Riley battles... I don't care how hard you battle, if you are hurt you are hurt... for the very first time I am questioning the BYU coaches' choices...

Park City, UT

A dominant defense wins championships and very easily this year BYU could be playing for it's second National Championship. It's time for Alumni, Booster Club Memebers, season ticket holder and Cougar Nation to pressure Holmoe to either relegate Mendenhall to Defensive Coach or fire him along with Doman. A head coach has to be in control and play to win not keep their favorites in regardless. Every year (unrealistically) we all want our Cougars to go undefeated. This year was different and could have very easily turned out that way!

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think BYU fans got spoiled by all those years when they had one great quarterbacks after another. Now they get impatient with anyone who doesn't throw for five-hundred yards on day one. It didn't take long for Jake Heaps to go from being "the next Jimmer" to being ridden out of town on a rail. Riley has played his heart out for the fans and look how they treat him. BYU has the coaching that can get them back on top, but it will take time and patience to develop future quarterbacks. I'm not sure if the fans will permit that though.


tlaulu: You wont see Lark complain about lack of playing time. He is a team player that always did what was asked of him. Unfortunately not much was asked of him.

West Jordan, Utah

@Parkite 1

Come on. "A second national championship"? Sure, BYU had a solid defense and a weak offense. But Lark or Taysom Hill wasn't going to win you a national championship. Don't forget how San Jose lit up the Cougar defense though. What would Alabama do the Cougars on both sides of the ball? Destroy the Y.

It's not just a QB problem. BYU's offensive line was offensive this year. BYU played Notre Dame to the wire. And that was impressive in South Bend. The Irish were lucky to win that game. The Cougars outplayed Notre Dame I thought. The Irish might have taken BYU lightly by resting their starting QB one more game than they should have. The Irish won a handful of games on the last play while playing sloppy much of the time. It was their year.

BYU had some heartbreakers and it's easy to think another QB would have made all the difference. Lark finally got a chance to shine and I am happy for him. But it was New Mexico State. Riley beat Idaho just as soundly. The big games are where BYU struggles. Outside the four patsies, BYU was 3-5.


Riley Nelson has great leadership skills..


Nelson-Lark, vice-versa. Ever heard of Bledsoe-Brady,Tom Brady #199 in the draft and the rest is history. Maybe Bronco had better take a look see and realize that Neson cost the Y 4 of the 5 games. Oh and no kicking game.

Hightstown, NJ

Let's not forget that this has turned out to be one of the toughest schedules BYU has ever played. Reminder: 5 Cougar opponents will end the season in the BCS top 25, and BYU went 1-4 against those teams. Each one of those games (plus the Utah game) was in play up to the very end, other than OSU who pulled away in the 4th. This feels like a team on the verge, not a team waiting to implode.

1. Take advantage of more experience on the O-line.
2. Fix the kicking game.
3. Keep the passing game developing. I think Doman sees what we see and has no desire to lose his 1st and 2nd string QBs ever again.

Lake Worth, FL

Another sure sign of the bad coaching this year at BYU. We really do need to dump Doman and it looks like Coach Reid may be leaving the Eagles; if Coach Mindenhall wants to be a Defense Coordinator, then hire coach Andy Reid as the head coach and let Bronco work the best Defence in the country. .

Park City, UT

gdog3finallyCome on. "A second national championship"?

First I suspect you are a Ute fan if so go bowling with your team at the local alley!

Now without doubt had Mendenhall/Doman prepared the team for the noisy environment at Rice-Eccles the miscues would not have happened Cougars would have easily won, against Bosie State tie it and let the defense continue to dominant and in the final minutes or overtime Cougars would have won. Then instead of letting your inexperienced back-up QB incorrectly get in the QB draw formation call the time-out, result no injury to Taysom Hill. BYU probably would have won the Oregon State game had Hill been healthy and maybe if Lark had come in, same with Notre Dame. The Cougars woudl have beat San Jose St. had Mendehall pulled Nelson. So yes undefeated and playing Alabama or Georgia for the Championship but due to poor decision making and terrible head coaching a very disappointing year for fans and a stellar defense!


Most teams run balanced attacks. The great teams set the offense with a good running game, Williams is the answer to the(at 17 years old)run. Bronco is just fine as a head coach. Steve Young once said he became a real good quarterback once he learned to think pass first. I'm no coach, but it seems Nelson had problems reading defences. Think the Y is great, glad when I came here my wife was from Orem-Provo area instead of SLC.

Provo, UT

@ BYU alum

I am a BYU fan, but let's not laugh at Utah for sitting home. BYU is playing in a meaningless bowl game and the Utes played a much tougher schedule than BYU. Put this year's BYU team in the PAC-12, and BYU would be sitting at home too. Don't act like playing in the Poinsettia Bowl is some big accomplishment.

The Utes and Cougars have the same issue right now, QB. They are pretty equal, Utah probably being the better team right now. I wish Lark would have been given a shot. I wonder why he never did anything about it though. If he can really play, I wonder why he did not transfer. Maybe getting his education at BYU and such was what was most important to him.

I am happy for Lark for having a start and a good game. I would like to see him get the nod for the bowl game too.

Saint George, UT

Of course Bronco likes Riley and we all do because he's gutsy! And that's what I'd expect from a defensive minded coach like Bronco. But, the head coach needs to be more offensive minded and pick the quarterback based on how well he can move the ball--in BYU's case that means through the air consistently. Unfortunately, Riley can't throw the ball consistently well! He overthrows open receivers on critical plays and can't throw a long pass without arcing it like a rainbow that can easily be picked off. What's more, after last week's play, James Lark has earned the right to start the bowl game--just like Riley earned his right to start early in his career.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Spirals, no pick 6's, 3rd down conversions, passes where receivers have a good chance to catch them. hmmm. didn't know BYU had that.

Everett, WA


No experience necessary ... a little facetious. However, a head coach should be looking at driving a consistent & strong overall vision and direction for the team. LaVell drove that amazing aerial vision with many different OC's, even though LaVell's own background was defense. I think BYU would be years ahead and better off to hire a head coach like Ty Detmer, Steve Young, or even a relative unknown, as long as they have an unshakably strong passing based vision they can drive to any OC that spends some time at BYU. Get QBs and receivers that will hitch their wagon to that vision and start having some memorable seasons once again. Head coach doesn't have to call all the plays or know every nuance of the game ... just drive the right vision consistently and recruit and bring in assistant coaches that can further that vision, not detract from it. Unfortunately, our current coaches don't even have the right vision. They are like the wind. Better off with someone that has less experience, but has the right vision and commitment to make it succeed.

Surfers Paradise, AU

@jazzdazzle "...the utes played a much tougher schedule?" Are you kidding me? Did the U play the current #1 team in the nation to a 3 pt loss? BYU also played BSU, OSU and USU who were all ranked when we played them, or are ranked at some point. I'm not a stat guru, but I think BYU has played more ranked teams that the U so your comment has no merit.

Salem, UT

Bronco has the long term picture in mind- as an organizational genius (just ask him) he knows that by beating sub .500 teams each year he can achieve 7 or so wins- and then occasionally he can win 10- of course in all of this he will only beat decent to good teams about 2 out of 10 times- just look at the last 4 years if you do not think this- but with no name teams on the schedule just enough weeks each year- he has a winning record and all is well (well next year might be a problem)- perhaps he is a genius after all

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