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Published: Saturday, Nov. 24 2012 9:05 p.m. MST

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Way to go Utah. Nice job ending the season on a win. Hopefully next season all the teams will rise to their potential.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

good way to finish, looking forward to nest year


IRS Agent

Congrats Utes on a decisive victory over your new rival. What a perfect pairing of powerhouses to cap off an awesome season. I cant wait for next years version of the rumble in the rockies. I'm giddy with anticipation.

Chris B. - I am picking Colorado in a wild finish in next years game. Clorado 38 Utah 35. Mark it down. You must be proud of your PAC12 power conference.

Holladay, UT

@IRS Agent
A rivalry needs three ingredients. First, geographic proximity. BYU yes, Colorado yes. Second, close, hard fough games. BYU yes, Colorado yes. Third, both teams winning roughly an equal number of recent games. Colorado yes, BYU not even close, losing 8 of 11 to Utah!!! Utah knows who it's new rivalry is!!!!

Springville, UT


Does this mean the Ute fanbase is moving on and will now start following and comparing everything to Colorado now? I seriously doubt it.

9th place, no bowl game and trending lower since last year is not the direction I would suspect reasonable Ute fans were hoping for.

While BYU continues to trend upward in improving its schedule as an independent I will enjoy seeing the Utes struggle as the proverbial PAC12 bottom dweller as BYU continues to get more exposure and respect as the new independent willing to play anyone. 2013 and beyond is shaping up quite nicely. I hope the team rises to the schedule.

It might take a few more years for success but I'm willing to enjoy the ride as most loyal Byu fans are. Another couple of losing seasons in Uteville and we will see empty seats at RES.

The majority of the fanbase in Utah is BYU's, even you closet followers.

I seriously doubt that you Ute fans are following Colorado... except to the basement of the PAC12

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


You don't get respect for scheduling good teams. You get respect for beating good teams. Something BYU is incapable of doing, especially on a consistent basis. If you think we are following CU to the basement than must also think BYU is following Army into irrelevance....

Also your empty seat jab is completely hallow. Most teams see more empty seats during down years. In fact, we're already seeing a ton of empty seats in LES. What is it, three sellouts in your last 13 home games? Meanwhile Utah has sold out 18 straight. If BYU was trending up and Utah was on the decline wouldn't those numbers be reversed?

Highland, UT

@two for flinching

utah's "sellouts" are fine but they do not equate to actual attendence which is substantially less than capacity for the last few games. You see BYU can average 60,000 in actual attendance and still be 15,000 higher than utah has in a sellout. Meanwhile if anything less than 45,000 attend a utah game they are exposed, and they have been exposed. That means utah has less, far less, than even 45,000 actual "fans".

In otherwords utah is absolutely trending down. We have seen the loyalty of the utah "fan"base at the hc, we are starting to see it trend that way at res. So much for expanding that crackerbox, you guys need to start worrying about even filling it with your fall into the bottom of the pac12.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

You think BYU announces actual attendance? BYU says that 61,000 people attended the BYU-Idaho game. Judging by the pictures is it fair to say that BYU only has 40,000 actual fans as well?

I've been to every Utah home game this season and the stadium was full for all six games. The only empty part is the upper Southeast corner in the MUSS. That is because everyone moves a section over to stand with friends or to "share" closer seats.

Palmer, AK

Nice win Utes way to finish strong....lets improve this off season and have a great year next season.

Springville, UT


You don't get respect for scheduling good teams. You get respect for beating good teams. Something Utah is incapable of doing, especially on a consistent basis these first two years in 'big boy' football.

It is obvious that the Utes have followed CU to the basement as several us knew would happen. Your new rivalry is a keeper and the Utes for the second time had great difficulty in playing a 10 loss team.

Know one knows what will happen with BYU's tougher schedule but I'm happy for it but we know these teams are looking for something other than the Northern Colorado's for their schedules and not running away from BYU scheduling.

I'm sure you're very happy for some well deserved Ute r&r. We all are. LOL

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

That was a great game to watch and I was happy to see Utah finally get a road win this year.

As far as the usual byu "fans" on here talking about Utah comparing ourselves to them or our program declining etc, I find it so ironic after the lousy season your team just finished up with. Yes byu had a few more wins but they also played Idaho and New Mexico State to get those wins. Never mind how quickly you all forget that the two teams played head to head. Lets just do everyone a favor and not use the "if we had started" or "we gave you the game by turning it over" and so on and so on. It gets old. Your mighty team had one good win all season against Utah State so yeah I guess the y is really "trending upwards" as you say.

Utah will be just fine as they continue to get better and better recruiting classes, finish their football facility and expand their stadium all while the big money starts coming in from being a member of a real conference.

Go Utes!

Highland, UT

@two for

False. The papers reported it is far less, the utah fans I know told me it was far less, and I saw it on tv and it was obviously far less. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Your attempt to claim otherwise is funny though, shows the insecurity inherent in the tenuous "fan" base up there.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Troll harder, Sammy

Utah earned respect by beating good teams. While in the MWC Utah had more wins over BCS opponents than any other mid-major. An accomplishment highlighted by the BCS bowl wins. We know it pains you but that is part of the reason Utah is in the position they are in today and why BYU is on the outside looking in.

Admittedly, Utah is going through some growing pains in their new conference right now, but most Ute fans are supportive of the program and still believe Utah can be a winner in the PAC-12. You clearly think so as well, otherwise you wouldn't feel the need to troll Utah articles.

Utah's SOS is 26 and BYU's is 57th. But you're right, Utah plays a weak schedule and don't let facts tell you otherwise.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


Go find the article titled, "Utah Utes football: Utes fall to Arizona, won't go bowling for first time in 10 years" By Dirk Facer. It was published on Saturday, 11/17/12. Look at pictures 36-39. You will clearly see RES is packed despite the 8 p.m. kickoff and rain earlier that afternoon. Sorry to call out your sources, but it's not easy to argue with a picture....

A Man's Perspective
Salt Lake City, UT


"Your attempt to claim otherwise is funny though, shows the insecurity inherent in the tenuous "fan" base up there."

What I would call "insecure" are BYU fans putting down a program that BYU has lost to 4 out of the last 5 times - the one lone victory being a squeaker in overtime 3 years ago. This has been pointed out to you at least 100 times but you ignore it. If you are concerned about the anthill while Mt. Everest is staring you down, then your ability to understand facts and logic is sorely lacking. Which makes your points about Utah completely irrelevant and absurd.


The fans you talked to we're "fans". I was there as well - Looked full to me. So after we play in provostan next year, do think Samantha will stop trolling? Hope so.....it's tiresome.

Frisco, TX

I have to admit, I didn't expect Utah to finish in the bottom of the PAC. I also didn't think they would challenge USC for the Southern Crown like some were saying. I figured U would finish in the middle of the PAC (5-8). But then again, I didn't expect to see the USC Trojans as a possible invitee for the New Mexico Bowl.

I think the big concern for the Utes is the PAC itself. The conference really struggled for almost a decade. I still remember the Saturday when 5 MWC teams beat 5 PAC10 teams several years ago. But the conference seems to be getting stronger now.

Washington, UCLA, Arizona are all significantly improved. ASU and WSU even seem to be getting better. Oregon, USC and Stanford will continue to be strong.

Not a shot at the two schools, but Utah and Colorado really could anchor the bottom of the PAC for quite a while unless the two schools make some changes.

PS - This is not a comparison of BYU vs Utah, just an observation of the PAC12. I realize BYU needs plenty of improvements to match their new BCS-like schedule in 2013.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


I think your take is fairly accurate. The PAC 12 had a great year, and Utah had a down year. That's the way it goes. Hopefully the Utes will be on the upswing next year. I also wanted to thank you for your constructive comments. The usual Utah haters just come on here to take pointed shots at the program. I don't think Utah will anchor the bottom of the PAC 12 either; but we shall see. Take Care Guy

Springville, UT

Spokane Ute :(

I'm traveling to SLC today, will I see 9th place pennants anywhere? LOL

Down under
Pullman, WA

Nice work Utes. Way to finish strong. Enjoy watching the big brothers down south in their bowl game. You can thank the WSU Ciuges and the mighty Buffs for allowing you to finish in 9th place. Where may I see the trophy??

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