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Published: Saturday, Nov. 24 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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Juice Box
Eureka, UT

What's a New Mexico State?

Orem, Utah

Bronco needs to figure out why his teams come out flat at times. It's not that common versus lesser opponents, but BYU's done it during Bronco's tenure versus good opponents. Bronco's been a head coach long enough that he shouldn't be learning new things like this.

Nice win, and kudos to Lark for being able to live the dream so well!

Walnut Creek, Calif

Ok the opponent was weak but no one could have watched that game and not been impressed with Lark's release and skills. So much fun to watch a passing game that was vintage BYU football. Now we get one more game with "Rudy" starting at quarterback and back to an offense that Doman is more comfortable calling. I for one can't wait. :)

Nephi, UT

Well Juice Box, granted beating NMSU isn't anything to brag about but since you asked, New Mexico State is the team that beat Sacramento State 49-19. That's the same Sacramento State that beat Colorado 30-28. You know, Colorado Utah's new rival. Shouldn't you be commenting on Utah's squeaker of a victory over Colorado?



Boy are you ever reach'n. The same team that beat Sac State that beat Colorado. Typical byu fan using other teams to try and make a point about Utah. Nice try and what the heck did Utah have to do with byu beating one of the 5 worst teams in America--Nothing--

Eddie Would Go

For what it's worth, I was 36 for 52 in the annual Thanksgiving game played against the neighbor kids. 9 touchdowns, and only 1 interception. We don't keep track of yards, but I'd guess I got about 450.

New Mexico State is the 97th toughest pass defense in the nation. The neighbor kids are 87th.

My accomplishment was more impressive.


In all seriousness - congratulations, James, on a great game. I hope you get to take some snaps in the bowl game!


Great game Mr. Lark. It was fun to watch and to ponder "what could've been"? Thanks for the memory.

Salt Lake City, UT

If you are trumpeting utahs win over Colorado, don't bag on BYU for beating New Mexico St. utah was playing in the door mat bowl.


Way to go Lark! I've been pulling for you since I saw you in practice three years ago. Way to be so classy in such a difficult situation.

Eagle, I'm sure you are aware that none of your tithing dollars reach the athletic department right? Yours either YDad - BTW your username is somewhat arrogant driving home the stereotype of an obsorbed arrogant BYU fan.

You don't know what is happening behind the scenes at practice and you don't know the entire story of how Doman has treated certain players. Plus I have not been un-"Christlike" in any of my posts regarding Bronco or Doman.

Did you know a certain BYU player midseason last year packed everything into a box from Jake Heaps locker? Guess what he did with Jake's stuff...it was dropped in Bronco's office with a hand written note stating "I quite". Who do you think drove this student athlete to empty Jake's locker? Are you aware of how the situation was handled by the coaches? I'm not going to tell you.

Please get off your holier than thow pedestal.

La Grange, TN

Until the people who make the decision concerning who plays Quarterback at BYU get over this "Tough Guy" should start stuff, and start judging who is the most talented at the position (you know, throws the ball to our guys once in a while instead of the other team. Stop running all the time and start using the running people on the team). If I hear how Riley can get hammered and can still get up one more time I am going to throw-up. Getting hammered, misrepresenting your physical condition so you can play, and apologizing week after week for making poor decisions does make a great Quarterback.It makes a great guy, but not the Quarterback that the rest of the team is counting on the coaches to field on game day. Why go out there and kill yourself on defense and offense if the coaches are not using better judgement than "the toughest guy plays' at a skill position. Not the best passer, or field manager, just "the toughest". I guess skill sets don't matter anymore at BYU. Poor Lark! He could have started anywhere else.


Nice to see that BYU would finish only second to last in the WAC. This season been a wreck and a bowl game is not even remotely deserved.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

New Mexico who?

Saint George, UT

Oh Trory06, there are so many stories that could be told that would disgust even the most self righteous of these who opine, some of whom you've named.
I am such a fan of these kids. Not so much of the coaches.

Nephi, UT

I'm reaching? As opposed to Utah fans that feel the need to come on BYU articles and degrade BYU's opponents? We already know this is not a great win, we don't need "typical Utah fans" coming on here and tell us. Again, find yourself an article about your awesome win yesterday to comment on.

Roberts, ID

Oh Bronco, "What might have been", had you not been involved in a love triangle to the point that it affected your coaching. I think the fans are owed an explanation as why Lark did not get a chance to show his skills until it's too late. Methinks Lark should have started since the beginning of last year.

Danbury, CT

The Utes just can't get over that everything isn't about them and their hatred of BYU. When Utah is undefeated, come talk smack. In the meantime, keep quiet.

Ogden, UT

If James Lark doesn't start in the Poinsetta bowl, Bronco should be FIRED! He hitched his wagon to Riley Nelson and developed tunnel vision.

I consider Bronco's infatuation with Riley as a weakness in his coaching skills. Both Tayson and James would have been better choices after Riley's early season injury (perhaps before).

You can point your finger at Brandon but I think the choice of starting quarterback started and ended with Bronco.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


we have wen undefeated twice in the last 10 years; how bout you/

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Bronco should be fired anyway and Doman must go as well

Chris B's momma
Idaho Falls, ID

No one from the hill should have anything to say. Maybe basketball will treat the utes better than football did... Lol

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