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Published: Saturday, Nov. 24 2012 6:05 p.m. MST

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Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

congrats aggies

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

You guys deserve better than the Spud Bowl. Is there any way out to a better bowl? I think you can play with most other folks.

Palmer, AK

Great year and I am so glad to hear Anderson will be staying....I hope he sticks to that plan. Sad to see that you only get the Spud bowl what a slap in the face....you deserve a lot better.

Great year Congrats!


Congrats USU. I'm truly excited for all your success. You have a great coach who I hope sticks around a long time. I'm excited for the USU and BYU rivalry. And even excited to swapp some jabs with Sportsnutz.

You guys deserve a better bowl game for sure, but I think you'll be rewarded next year.

Way to Aggies!!

logan, UT

Go Aggies. Although we're going to the Potato Bowl its still postseason and thats always good especially for recruiting. All in all I'm so proud of the Aggies and the turnaround they've had #LETSGETIT!!

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

What a great year. So close to 12 and 0. Now that would be interesting in the polls.

Congrats to USU.

Salt Lake City, UT

Congrats Aggies. Bowl game with Kent State would be a challenge as they are good too. Other Bowl matchups i'd like to see but probably won't due to politics and bowl negotiations. Obviously N.D will play winner of SEC championship, but other great bowl games would be Stanford v. Kansas State, Florida v. Oregon, Texas A & M v. Loser of Georgia/Bama (rematch of Bama's only lose would be fun),

Cedar City, Utah

Be happy you are going to a bowl no matter what it is this year. And AZ Blue, clese doesn't count in football.

Enid, OK

1st - CONGRATS to the Aggies. Nice year, guys. I saw you're ranked 25th in one poll. That's better than both BYU and Utah, so nice going.

2nd, the article said this was a home game played in front of 19,350 fans. 19,350 fans??? Where's the love, Aggie fans? Your players deserve better than that.


Harwich, MA

@bleedcougarblue....the stadium was full.
Ya gotta love this team. And Coach Anderson. Aggies are the MEN this year. The BOYS (Utah & BYU can go home and lick their wounds.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

Congratulation to USU. Great season. There was a time not too long ago when USU couldn't average 15,000 fans (FBS minimum) at home games. This year, the Aggies averaged 20,054 fans at home and the lowest home attendance was for the New Mexico State game with 17,001.

Three Utah schools have their bowls set:

USU in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl probably against Ball State.

BYU in the Poinsettia Bowl probably against San Diego State.

NJCAA #4 Snow in the Syracuse Bowl against #1 ASA College.

Best of luck to all three. Too bad my Utes aren't in a bowl as well.

North Las Vegas, NV

Awesome season, glad to see our boys from Logan moving in the right direction. Just a couple Field goals short of perfection. I know the AD accepted the Potato bowl based on proximity, but it would of been nice to see something a little better. Either way, can't wait to see it! Chuckie for two more years, and hopefully Andersen for many more!

Granstville, UT


Clese doesn't count in spelling either.


Great job Aggies - congrats on a fantastic season, a good luck in the bowl game!

Cedar City, Utah

I knew one person would get on me. And I meant to say close but my finger slipped. It happens and I'm sorry I didn't catch that before. CLOSE doesn't count in football. You guys lost twice and no one excpected you to win those games. Can't wait to see you lose again to a lousy team in a lousy bowl.

The A Game
Sandy, UT


Kent State is one of the bowl opponent prospects and they're ranked 18th. I wouldn't consider them a "lousy" team. And considering USU is 20th, it isn't a "lousy" bowl either. It's close, a lot of fans will go, it will be a good game, and it's a bowl. Any bowl is better than....oh wait, your team isn't even bowl-eligible.

Logan, UT


Seeing as how our opponent will most likely be either Northern Illinois or Kent State, both of which are 11-1 on the season, it is time to start explaining how they are lousy teams. I am certain you can come up with a feasible explanation for this.

Just come clean and admit the jealousy. And if the Aggies win the bowl game, they will have officially cemented their status as a team on the rise. They will finish the season ranked, and perhaps even start pre-ranked next year.

And remember, it is possible to feign intelligence by proofreading before posting.

South Jordan, UT

Seriously couldn't sell out that tiny little stadium? There was no competition from Utah or BYU. No excuse from a bunch of lousy fans. Recruits take notice.

The A Game
Sandy, UT

It was Thanksgiving break genius. USU actually has students from OUTSIDE of Utah, if you can believe it. Recruits also take notice of who is ranked (USU is 20th)....and that doesn't include Utah or BYU.

Old Navy
Provo, UT

Great job Aggies!

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