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Published: Saturday, Nov. 24 2012 5:25 p.m. MST

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Sugar City, ID

I love Joseph Smith's attitude on criticism. Examine it honestly. If there is any merit at all then change for the better. If there is no merit then consider the source and move on. How many Utah Republicans were counting on gifts from a Romney administration?

mountain man
Salt Lake City, UT

I don't think we should whine at all about Romneys popularity suddenly turning south in the GOP. He was out of touch with enough voters that he didn't get elected. Its not a matter of repackaging him....I think the GOP realizes that the only chance it has is to have a new person who resonates better with the majority of voters.
I don't think Mitt would change his position on anything so that he would win the presidency...
It was a good match. a hard fought battle. mitt lost. it's over. lets move on.


The GOP is dying a slow death. They really have no substantive plans to cut the deficit and much like the Democratic Party are also married to and place the interests of Israel in front of those of the United States. They also breed like rabbits.

The only concrete difference between the two parties is the Democrats want to protect those who don't want to work and the Republicans want to protect tax loopholes which benefit seven figure incomes.

Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder if people would have loved him so much if he were non Mormon? it was amazing how many things the people seemed to overlook. His degrading comments about the poor, none of which he proved. They over looked such facts as Romney sending jobs to China's sweatshops. Do people here even know how bad those sweat shops are. I'm sorry, a good guy would not do that just because he can. I know people who worked around him during the Olympics. he wasn't so nice. If he felt like you made him look bad, He had no problem swearing at people, and then deny it! He lied so many times that he would forget and say the opposite. I seem to recall Romney , in one of the debates, stating that Obama didn't care what happened to those who died in Lybia. It really bothered me how many Utah people talked bad about the poor just to support Romney. They put blame on people who may be perfectly innocent. In my opinion, Obama has ten times the integrity that Romney has. Romney cared very little about Americans, only the rich.



"I wonder if people would have loved him so much if he were non Mormon? it was amazing how many things the people seemed to overlook."

Overlooking what you don't like to support Mormonism no matter what is not amazing. It's just the reality of what a lot of people do in the faith. Think of how much they've overcome? You think they could have without overlooking things? Much is overlooked.

Cedar Hills, UT

Mitt ran a campaign which was clean ,truthful and principled. Obama ran on lies and dirt and Obama won. This speaks to the fallen state of the American people more than anything. More than 50% of America has fallen into a shameful entitlement state and abandon the principles which made America exceptional. The majority of America is not even a shadow of what it once was and that is why Mitt lost. Reagan wouldn't have won today. JFK wouldn't have won today. America no longer believes in "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country" but instead follows the Obama banner of "ask not what you can do for your country but what your government can give you for free". The GOP needs to "see" the real America for what it is now and not what it once was. Pandering to lazy socialist want - to - be types isn't a plan for the future. It is disaster. America in its current state is lost - completely lost. China will soon pass us by both economically and militarily and then what??? Dark days ahead I'm afraid folks.

Cedar Hills, UT

maybe Mitt should have promised more union "free-bees" along with amnesty for illegals and perhaps supported "Planned Parenthood" and finally threw in about 2 trillion of new stimulus money to be sent to the residents of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and any other swing state he needed.

America is toast!!

salt lake city, UT

Sounds like communist china is where Worf wants to be.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hahaha. Wheee! America is toast! You tell 'em "patriot"! Hehehe. Keep it up! The Republicans take up your thinking, they will never win an election again. Keep it up. Beautiful.


Patriot why don't you just leave America? Romney lost because people didn't think he was "clean, truthful, and principled". You just give him the benefit of the doubt because he's Mormon. Admit it.

Nancy Smith
Delta, UT

If we make it so latinos can vote, the large majority of them will vote democrat. The main part we dont like about obamacare is it is going to bankrupt the country. We cant even pay for medicare and medicaid. this will cost 100 times more plus your health care quality will go down. Mitt Romney and Mccain were both moderates. Where did that get them. Its the democrats who are plundering other peoples money, mostly middle class, to give to the poor.
it keeps them in power. Wake up. What Mitt said was true. And no one including mitt brought up obamas statement about people clinging to their guns, god, and bible. No one brought up obamas speech about making health care single payer which is how the bill was wrote. The media helped obama all the way. If they would have done their job he would have lost by 30 points both times. I cant believe all you people blinded by this socialist president

Clarksville, TN

People, we have to move on from this! The election is over, let's get to work not time for crying, hating, and being just simply stupid! President Obama won the election, pray for him and move on! Jeez!!!!!!

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