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Published: Saturday, Nov. 24 2012 5:25 p.m. MST

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Well said Jack! To Timothy -- No where does Jesus state to help those who are capable, but unwilling, to help themselves. Even the Church Welfare program has those who receive help do something to earn that help. You are not doing anybody a favor when you simply give them a handout. Mitt Romney's statements were true, just taken a bit out of context I believe, and perhaps stated a bit more bluntly than those on the receiving end could tolerate. Truth hurts at times. When Obama rewarded voters with pizza, cell phones, free health care, how can you call it anything other than what it was -- buying votes?! I for one have a clear conscience that when taxes go up, choices go down, freedoms evaporate, etc., I did not vote for the person who implemented those changes. I hope that I will be wrong in my fears. I am following the counsel of the First Presidency and the Apostles in praying for the President, and for this country. Perhaps with all of our combined prayers we can save the futures of our children, grandchildren, and this amazing country.

Nancy Smith
Delta, UT

A lady did a study on hispanics. they vote for the free stuff, not amnesty. Mitt Romney may be the most qualified person to ever run for president to get us out of this obama mess and we were too dumb to put him in. It is such a mess he may not have been able to do it. If we are just going to try to out liberal the liberals what is the point. I agree we are done. the takers have figured out they can vote for goodies with other peoples money.

Woods Cross, UT

Look Romney lost. He will not run again. He is now irrelevant. The Republican party lost the presidential election, lost ground in both houses and the future is bleak given current and future demographics. Republicans can either stop whining and begin the process of developing an ideology and party coalition that can win, or they can look forward to future losses.

Fretting about party dynamics in an environment that demands flexibility, creativity and a recongnition of reality is utterly counter-productive.

Government Man
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It appears to me that the National Republican Party has been hijacked by the extreme right wing. The Party of Ford, Reagan, and George Herbert Bush is no more. The National Republican has driven the moderate reasonable members of the party out. Just looking at how candidates like John Huntsman were treated in the Primary Election is a prime example. The Republican Party needs to move back to the center. This is the only way they will be able to win back the Presidency. Mr. Romney went to the far right to win the Primary, and then tried to move back to the middle. The American moderates and independents were not buying his changes. So goes the election.

Riverside, CA

Nancy Smith,

Even if the Heather McDonald piece you're referring to is accurate (I don't believe it for a second), the GOP CANNOT have that kind of attitude -- that Latinos only want free stuff. Those kinds caricatures are exactly why the GOP is perceived as hostile to Latinos.

I agree with you that Romney was a very good candidate and would have made a fine president. But the GOP has to lighten up on immigration. The GOP can't continue to see is as heresy to even discuss the Dream Act or other paths to legal status for decent folks who have roots here. The my way or the highway attitude has got to go.

Having said that, the only thing harder to stomach than Republicans throwing Romney under the bus is smug gratuitous advice from gloating democrats.

Idaho Falls, ID

Nobody has a greater sense of entitlement than Mitt Romney. But that's just the way spoiled rich kids think.

Beverly Hills, CA

For all my fellow LDS that bashed on Jon Huntsman Jr and President Obama. His personal religious beliefs and church attendance are his own business before God. Who are you to judge him? If you don't like his politics, don't vote for him. If you don't like his policies, disagree like an adult.

This whole self righteous "I am more Christian" and "I am more Mormon" argument is silly. I don't care what church someone attends or how much they attend. I want someone smart enough to run the country and care about the poor, the sick, not someone who says his health insurance reform that was good enough but forget everyone else is not acceptable.

Mr. Romney, what part of Obamacare don't you like? The part where it was thought up by Republicans and the Sutherland institute and pushed by Gingrich? The part that ensure sick children will not have their coverage dropped by CORPORATE DEATH PANELS? The part where we cover the poor? The part that saves money because we buy health care in bulk instead of waiting for people to get so sick they go to the ER and we pay more?

Beverly Hills, CA

I think some of my fellow LDS need to read this and adjust their hatred filled postings I have seen on Social Media about President Obama and realize the Republican Party is full of hatred. Now you get to see it turned on Mitt Romney. Open your eyes with who you keep the company of. If they hate others, they will hate you too.

3 NEPHI 13:24 No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.
3 Nephi 11:29 For verily, verily I say unto you, he that hath the spirit of contention is not of me, but is of the devil, who is the father of contention, and he stirreth up the hearts of men to contend with anger, one with another.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Over 100 posts. Notice what you DIDN'T see? The authors of dozens, if not hundreds of posts dating back to last year who predicted with complete hubris the BIG GOP victory that was surely coming. NONE of those took the time, and probably never will, to now say "I was wrong. Completely wrong, except about Hatch, and anyone who takes my word as a predictor of anything political is better off not placing any bets."

Where are they today? Mr. P? M? S? C? and probably every other letter? Unless they've packed their bags for Costa Rico or Somalia, they are stuck with four more years of the Obama administration. The rest of us should treat any forecasts they make as toxic, and that goes double for the Fox/AM radio vampires.

West Chester, OH

Mitt's strategy was to be a chameleon, to please whichever voters he was facing at the moment. If you try to stand for everything, you end up standing for nothing.

That's why he's so easy to attack now, his only constituency was voters who wanted Anybody But Obama. Now that Obama won, there's no reason to stand behind Mitt. So the mass defections are quite easy to understand.


Republicans romped with so many candidates and faithful suitor Mitt stood in the parlor, hat in hand as one bad boy (and one bad girl) after another floated in and out of the picture. Eventually Mitt got the most marriageable award by default and a desperate Miss Republican walked down the aisle with him, one hand on her nose. She was always "just not that into him," and, as everyone knew, this was essentially a shotgun marriage for her, so when he couldn't bring home the bacon, the relationship crashed quickly. Apparently that was not utterly predictable for some people, a fact I find quite mysterious.

Layton, UT

Ultimately I believe the republicans were very slow to get behind Mitt. They wanted anyone but him up til the day when they realized all their other candidates had SEVERE flaws of character. And unfortunately Mitt had to comit to the The Tea Party/Punditry crowd that has always taken an extreme stance on immigration, which lost the hispanic vote.

It's no surprise now, however, that the party who never really wanted him in the first place, should be acting this way now. The alternative to blaming Mitt is taking a long look in the mirror and actually rethinking some of their positions. Heaven forbid that happen.

Sugar City, ID

Canada and South Korea seem to be doing fine. Why don't we take a good look at their health care system? I mean an objective real good look.

Bakersfield, CA

There were many solid positions and programs that I agreed with on the Romney side. I ended up supporting him over the irresponsible Dem positions, but it was with trepidation due to Mitt's stiffness and inability to appeal to/relate with the lower income and minorities...

The lesser of two evils kinda thing. He is an honorable man, but not chosing Rubio (R-FL) was the final big indicator of his doom for me. The groups he needed to reach don't watch debates, and simply walking on a campus or in the bario would have told Repub pollsters that. Sometimes the glitter of the lights blind us to the common man's true needs and concerns. Dems simply did their demographic homework better. Period. That Electoral College will bite you every time!

Any student of Mormonism knows the definition of truth can change with each new regime. Time for the GOP to reinvent itself, fast...

Provo, UT

I am just so, so glad it is over and that Mitt-the-Flip Romney did not win.


Eugene, OR

Romney lost for at least a hundred reasons - any one of which could be used to explain the difference in the popular vote - where a switch of about 1 1/2 per cent would have made the difference.
But he lost decisively in most of the swing states by a much larger margin. Most of those margins are best ascribed to not one but a combination of factors - depending on the state.
The real lesson of the Romney loss is that he would have had to do many things differently to have won in 2012.
Many of the factors can be blamed on the Republican Party as a whole. Some reveal deep inadequacies in his campaign staff. And some appear to be simply the fault of the candidate himself.
Success in business proves one thing - that you know how to succeed in business. But it does not necessarily mean that you know how to pick a campaign staff. Could Axelrod, Plouffe, and Messina have elected Romney? In a heart beat. Was their candidate perfect?
Far from it.
But if Obama had lost, no one would have blamed his staff.
For lost campaigns the buck stops with the candidate.

Eugene, OR

Let's just take the Hispanic vote/immigration issue as one of a hundred things that might have been done differently.
Was the GOP grass roots (including many in Utah) to blame for the GOP loss of the Hispanic vote? Absolutely. Are they going to have to change if the GOP is ever going to win the White House again? Without question.
Karl Rove and many others within the party, including myself, have been warning Republicans about this for over a decade - back when it was completely clear that without his 44% of the (then-smaller) Hispanic vote, George W. Bush could not have won the Presidency.
Was Romney's staff at fault when they went along with his self-deportation tack - moving him to the extreme side of his GOP opponents? Rove would not have let him do that He would have squarely pointed out that a nomination obtained in that manner would not have been worth having.
Should Mitt, himself - as the candidate and a representative of the LDS Church - have known better? Just on a personal level? A Latter Day Saint level? A Book of Mormon level?
When he took that debate position, the election was already over.

Eugene, OR

Another key to the Romney loss was tax policy.
Was the "no tax increase" approach a wise one? No. Was the obvious outcome of a loss going to be a tax increase? Clearly. Did solving the budget deficit demand a tax increase? Definitely. Those would have been reason enough for a different stand by Romney on taxes.
In one debate, when the GOP candidates were asked if they would accept a tax increase to get a budget deal including serious cuts to spending and entitlement reform, all the candidates said "no". Like sheep. Not a leader in the bunch. Mitt should have been that leader - because the budget numbers were clear.
Mitt should have differentiated himself by standing on the truth. His staff should have advised him that a nomination without such truth telling would have meant an administration without options.
If Romney had taken that stance the cries of "rich man" would have fallen flat. Obama would have been deprived of his only real economic strategies: let's tax the rich.
Mitt Romney should have known better. So should his staff. And the GOP should have known better.
We should all be able to see that reality now.

salt lake city, UT

So if Romney would have won, could Obama said "he offered gifts to the rich and corporations and we could not compete with that"? Using the same line of thinking so many right wing people posted here would that not be true? As my Dad always said, winners have reasons and losers have excuses.

Mesa, AZ

I was always and will always be a Romney supporter. His comments about ONE of the reasons he lost is true and needed to be said. Republicans, like lawyers have always eaten their young (and not so young), and this is no surprise. Democrats win because they refuse to tell the truth, compromise, or act like adults. Not one thing the Democrat candidate said about Mitt Romney was true - not one. The MAIN reason that Mitt Romney lost this election was that 14 million voters stayed home and didn't vote. They didn't really like Obama enough to give him their vote, but they would not and could not bring themselves to vote for a "Mormon." More than a million "voters" pledged to write in "Jesus" on their ballot. Stupid idea and a waste of a vote that should have gone to Romney, but didn't offset a single Obama vote. A vote for Romney was always more of a vote for Jesus than a vote for Obama. "Uncommitted" in this election was just code for either "too stupid to deserve the right to vote," or "I will not ever vote for a Mormon."

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