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Published: Saturday, Nov. 24 2012 5:25 p.m. MST

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Clearfield, UT

Romney lost because he lost the hispanic vote. End of discussion. Blaming Romney's loss on voter fraud or free gifts is dissapointing to me. I expected better from someone the caliber of Mitt Romney. As long as the Republican party continues to assign character flaws and demonize democrats and minorities they will continue to lose political influence.


Is it "Utah" supporters or is that just code for mormon supporters... Why would Utah standout otherwise? What a sad little clinging culture.

Well Read

"I'm not going to judge someone over one bad statement over a six-year run for president." If it was only one bad statement - I could agree with you,but he made many bad statements. For a while before the first debate - almost everything he said same out bad. He just couldn't seem to get anything right until the first debate. Then things went a bit better for him. I agree with NeilT, but would also add the Asian and Black voter as well as the female voter



Did you listen to the whole comment by Romeny or just a sound bite? Agreed, he lost the hispanic vote, but why did he lose the hispanic vote? That is where the comment about free health care and and other entitlements came into play.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

Mitt was a flawed candidate from day one. However, he was the best person the GOP had to offer. As the campaign progress, his continual missteps and gaffes became more evident. Once you removed religion from his persona, he would not have gotten that many votes in the state.
Utah needs to realize there are two major parties in America and that both offer good ideas for our nation.

Idaho Falls, ID

I am not certain how the GOP has thrown Romney under the bus. Not since Adlai Steveson has anyone been nominated to run as President after loosing a campaign for President. Through this campaign Romney made multiple horrible statements and mis-ques, including his rationale on why he lost. Frankly I voted for Obama and not for free medical insurance, I voted for Obama for one of the many issues that Republicans brought to the national consciousness and then jettisoned.

It seems that the Republican Party is the no tax party and that is it, it stands for nothing. As Clint Eastwood stated in the National Republican Convention there are 20,000,000 unemployed in the US. The problem is don't look to the Republicans to do anything about that, as they are are Party that is against the Government doing. I just wonder if the Republican Party can find an issue to stand for between now and 2016.

not here

@ Well Read:

You stated that things went a bit better for him after the first debate. I think that sir you are saddly mistaken and as far as the last two debates he looked like lost child. He had no talking points he would not talk to media for fear of sticking his foot in his mouth. So how do you think he got better?

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

When the repubs ask me for money, I tell them that while I will probably vote for their candidate, I will not give them a nickel until they learn how to get behind their candidates and take advantage of the dems weaknesses. Why should an undecided voter support a candidate that their own party won't openly and fully support?

Salem, UT

Utah was an ATM for the Romney campaign and so having lost the Utah GOP is disappointed that their investment failed- Romney is being treated no different than anyone else that looses but this was Utah's moment on the stage and it hurts- easy to understand and will fade quickly

Benton City, WA

It is going to be pretty bad when Mitt gets judged and Jesus reminds him that his(the Lord,s) whole life and philosophy revolved around helping the weak and poor,healing the sick and afflicted,and forgiving sinners;entirely different from right-wing philosophy...No one should feel bad for Mitt,he is back in La Jolla with the people he adores and admires,the decadent rich that will never know what it is like to struggle for a living...I have to give him this,he does pump his own gas;at least in California...

Oh, please!
Saint George, UT

The truth hurts, doesn't it. We are in trouble as a nation when, "those who vote for a living outnumber those who work for a living." (I can't remember who stated that.)

Mr. Romney was willing to say it out loud, for everyone to hear. It's true. We have too many on entitlements and those folks know if they don't vote Democratic, they might have to be productive and take care of themselves.

Romney was a great candidate who would have lead this country in the right direction as president.

We are in deep trouble, my fellow Americans...

Sugar City, ID

It's easy for Saturday morning quarterbacks to speculate on why Romney didn't win. He was by far the most qualified to get our country back on track. But, too many people like the nanny state, high unemployment, Obamacare abortions, huge deficits and lies about Benghazi. I think that before long we will hear more and more people say they are glad they don't have voting for Obama on their conscience. As far as influential Republicans badmouthing him,they show no class. If a badmouther got the nomination next time, I wouldn't vote for him. Romney and his wife have class. I'm proud of him. It's the first time since Reagan that there was someone well-qualified on either ticket.

Provo, UT

Romney could not keep a consistent campaign line. He thought that the voters would not notice that he said one thing in one part of the country and said another thing in another part of the country. He made it obvious that he not like the voters much, whether of the 47 percent or the other percent. Therefore --- What exactly do the Utah Romney supporters expect?? He lost the election, so he is a loser; and in the Republican Party if you are a loser, you are loser. He cannot get away from the lack of a win.

Orem, UT

Utah Republicans don't get it. That's because they all mainly white. They can't understand it . They're blind. Romney showed his real feelings and prejudices many times. The gifts comments alone insulted many people almost half the country. It also confirmed his comments about the 47% is what he truly believes. His view of the world is not real, it reflects his generation, background and social class prejudices and arrogance. We are all givers and takers. The rich like Romney get lots of gifts from the government starting with corporate welfare, tax breaks, etc.

one old man
Ogden, UT

I simply could not vote for a man who changed his story multiple times.

But when I heard the clip of his closed door meeting with his wealthy supporters in which he demeaned me along with thousands of other HARD WORKING Americans, there was simply no way I could offer any support.

Now, in the Hostess debacle, we have a glimpse of the Republican Party's vision for America. A vision that was shared and supported by Mr. Romney.

I voted for the best man for the job even though I have been quite disappointed with his past performance.


Why is this a big surprise? Republicans treated Romney like dirt during the primaries. They stood by him when he won the nomination & pretended all the things they said about him didn't matter. Romney flipped on just about every issue. Now his people are upset when his GOP buddies flip on him? Waaaaaaa!

West Jordan, UT

"Quin Monson, head of BYU's Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy, suggested it's irrelevant whether Utahns continue to support Romney even as the national party leaves him behind.

'I don't know that it matters. I'm not sure it matters either way. He's not running again. He's not running for anything in Utah," Monson said. "He's not on the stage anymore. The election's over.'"

Is there any way to forward this message to Chairman Wright? And, perhaps, to the rest of the Utahans who are still holding out hope for Romney?

Carlsbad, CA

Get over the whole thing, folks! Remember, you could all be the victims of reintarnation one day. You could come back to life as hillbillies, then being repubs or dems wouldn't matter at all.

Salt Lake City, UT

George Romney said he was brain washed on Viet Nam - impolitic but rue. Mitt's statement was also impolitic but also true.

Aurora, CO

I don't believe you are qualified to judge Mitt Romney on anything, or to say how he will be judged. You assert that the Republican Party's philosophy is not to help the sick or afflicted, or the poor or the jobless. Helping them is not giving them handouts or making them dependent on the dole, but rather to get the jobless employed, the sick and afflicted care that is affordable and not government controlled, caring about people isn't addicting them to the dole, but helping them up and out.

Yes, the election is over, but the misinformation lives on. If you want to know Republican philosophy ask a Republican, not someone who proffers campaign slogans.

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