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Published: Saturday, Nov. 24 2012 5:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

History and relationship got BYU to 7-5 and wasted talent on the bench that even USC wanted. It was refreshing to see a qb throw it further than 40 yards and hit a receiver in stride. To see some poise in the pocket. 8 different receivers! Not mostly Hoffman. This was a gutter opponent for sure, but with no starts and limited reps all season, he's still remarkably polished and did what a starter should do to NMSU. I sincerely hope Lark signs a free agent contract and has a starting job in the league in 3-4 years. He can be developed and with some consistency show what he's capable of. In Bronco's own words, he's not a good head coach and with some very obvious mistakes this year, has a fan base losing significant belief and trust in his decision making. He does some things well but evaluating talent based on grit has proven mediocre at best.

Saint George, UT

That's right. Get a head start on the long nap you get to take until the U plays another football game.

To all the rest: James is a beast! Always knew it. Always said it!

Saint George, UT

Hey Notre dame if you win the national championship call and thank bronco

Dr Rush
Saint George, UT

@yourmomgoestocollege, couldn't disagree with you more. It wasn't just Larks play today it was Nelsons poor play all year. We all can see that Lark is 10 times the QB as Nelson no matter what way you try to measure it, Lark gives the team a better chance to win period end of story. And we just have to move forward and forget this year? I think not, maybe you can but most won't, hard to forget how the coaching staff mismanaged the team ,the coaching has been atrocious and that's being kind. You had one thing right, this year and previous years,i.e. Heaps, Nelson etc have been a debacle.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Please, folks, don't ruin Lark's wonderful game by over-reaching your own vicious agendas.

A) If anything, this game should remind you exactly why Bronco went for two in Boise. PATs are no longer a given.

B) Lark ended up with a great game. But the start was ominous. Especially against New Mexico State.

C) He SHOULD have bad a good game against New Mexico State. Munns should have had a good game against New Mexico State. A healthy Riley would have.

Syracuse, ut

I feel great for Lark, one game and in the BYU record books.

Syracuse, ut

Y grad- I respect your opinion, but Lark threw six td passes with just one week taking the starting reps and very little game experience. Riley probably would have had a good game too, but he has been taking the starting reps for two years, big difference.

Las Vegas, NV

@Y Grad/Dad - points b & c, kind of what I was trying to say, you just said it more succictintly. I see no reason why our fan base can draw the conclusion that BYU would be 10-1 or 11-0 with Lark based on a great performance against one of the worst teams in college football.

Washington, UT

Y Grad/Dad and Yourmom

Of course no one knows what BYU's record with Lark would actually be, but you two are in some kind of denial. What we saw tonight is exactly what some of us have been talking about since watching Lark in spring and fall camp the last several years: a guy who looks comfortable in the pocket, makes a read, looks off a safety and delivers a ball on time, whether it's 10 yds or 50 yds down the field.

Lark's performance tonight should put to rest any continuing argument that Nelson was a better choice as BYU's QB.

Dr Rush
Saint George, UT

@Fender, you are absolutely positively correct sir !!!

RU Serious
Washington, UT

James did a great job. It was fun to watch.

Bronco has placed BYU in 8 or 9 consecutive bowl games, has a higher win % than any other coach at BYU, cleaned up a huge mess in the program, and continues to keep it clean. I am not a big BYU fan, but I like their ideals. I am a James fan and have been since he played at Pine View. I hope he gets to play again, but can't believe you want to get rid of a coach like Bronco. I am serious, keep Bronco and play James

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Seriously, folks, please, please, please set aside your bitterness and preconceived notions for just a moment.

We acknowledge, but nobody attacks with this kind of venom, that the offensive line is not where it needs to be. Hasn't been for two years. Hmmmm, the last two years...

So PATs get blocked, or the snap doesn't get crisply to the holder, but the kicker takes all the blame. QB has has time to throw tonight, so he looks like solid gold, but you subject him to the pass rush we've faced all season long, and it's a different story. Far different story.

Now if you want to get down to debating whether we really need to run as much as we thought we needed to the last two years, that is an educated debate that just about everybody else disagreed with Lavel, but I remember him saying at the time all he had for linemen was fat, slow returned missionaries and pass blocking was the only thing he thought they could do reasonably consistently.

If you don't have consistent, good blocking, you don't have consistent success. That's where the discussion needs to start.


Lark was successful because he has good fundamentals (footwork), a strong arm and he threw on time. These are things that escape Nelson. While he performance was against a weak NMS team, his throws were accurate and on time and would have been completed against any NCAA team. Lark's performance proves what a horrible OC Doman is and how poorly BYU is at evaluating QB's. I think we just witnessed the final nail in Doman's BYU coaching coffin. It proved how incompetant he is as a QB coach and OC. Holmoe...the handwriting is on the wall, do the thing!


Y Grad / Y Dad...what you fail to see or mention is that while the competition was not 1st rate, the reason why Lark seemed to have more time than Nelson is that he was throwing on-time with good footwork, and looking off the defense, something Nelson rarely does. That's why Nelson gets picked and sacked so much. A QB can really help his line & receivers look good by getting rid of the ball on time.

Las Vegas, NV

Denial no. Rational, yes. Not arguing who is the better "pure" QB, just making the point that Nelson had some great games against really bad teams. Now Lark has had one, yet fans want to anoint him as the one that coulda, shoulda, and woulda led us to a perfect season and BCS bowl. It's too bad he didn't get the chance to prove himself over an extended period of time, but to speculate based on what ifs and hypotheticals and make rash judgements regarding "what could have been" proves fruitless.

Nephi, UT

Lark showed that he was fundamentally (footwork, velocity, accuracy on both long and short throws) 10x the QB "gritty" Nelson has ever been. Lark showed basic QB abilities that would have translated into success against any of the other opponents this season. I've no doubt had he started and gotten the reps this year, we'd have at least three more wins. It was just so awesome and refreshing to see crisp throws that hit receivers in the chest pass after pass, and tight accurate spirals on the deep balls that have been lacking this year vis a vis Nelson's wobbly ducks begging to be pick-6's time after time. Lark is all class in the patience and maturity department for putting up with the short, undeserved end of the stick he received this year. Bronco, with his post-game remarks, and actions and demeanor all year, I think showed a basic disrespect for the the program & game of football this year. I simply don't understand this unhealthy unnatural bromance with Nelson, at the expense of BYU's success. That isn't being loyal--its shirking your duties to the program's health.

River Falls, WI

RE: yourmomgoestocollege

You get a "like" simply for having the best moniker of all-time.

South Jordan, UT

The goal at BYU is the same as the church. Preach the gospel. Bronco is doing that and the huge exposure this year cannot be underestimated.

Washington, UT


Rational? No. If I have a sprinter who runs a 10 flat hundred and I choose to enter him in the competition instead of a guy who runs a 9.6, then I should anticipate that my odds of winning the competition(s) will drop. Lark demonstrated QB skills that are clearly lacking in Nelson's game. You yourself admit that. Ergo, it's fair to assume that over the course of a season, all else being equal, that BYU's record would be better.

Idaho Falls, ID

This game against a weak opponent showed us a few things:
1. Lark is not as bad as the coaches (Bronco) seem to think he is (as evidenced by their reluctance to let him play).
2. Lark is a better passer. However, I don't think you can draw the conclusion that he is a better overall QB or better at leading the team to victory than a healthy Nelson without seeing how Lark does against equally tough opponents that Nelson has faced. Sorry. The coaches have not given Lark that opportunity so you really can't make that conclusion.
3. The O-line is still pretty weak.
4. The weakest link of the defense all year has been the secondary, especially against the deep ball.

I would like to see Lark start against SDSU to see how he fares against a much tougher opponent. But sadly, it ain't gonna happen.

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