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Published: Saturday, Nov. 24 2012 5:00 p.m. MST

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Saint George, UT

This season is what happens when you are blindly committed to one guy all season and he gets hurt it shows everybody what a bad coach you are

newhall, CA

I think they have found their QB. Too bad it's for only 2 games. This is what happens when you have an inexperienced QB coach and offensive coordinator. Too bad. Good for Lark.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Sure, it was against NM State but Lark consistently hit receivers in stride, in the hands and in the end zone. He is a real quarterback, not somebody's man crush.



Syracuse, ut

Ok I know this was only NMST, but still, Lark actually looked like a starting BYU QB. Accurate passes, some nice deep balls to stretch the defense, he really should have been starting these last two years. With the majority of the practice reps and more game experience, makes me wonder what could have been. The thing I like the most- zero turnovers!


If Bronco starts Nelson in the bowl game, Bronco will show he is not fit to be a coach. How about the going for two against BSU when one point would put them in overtime. I do not want to start but Bronco you failed as a coach to stay with Grit and no Pick-6 Nelson. Lark is Pro materail and you lost that for him going with Nelson. We can only imagine what if with Lark as the starting QB. He makes you think of the BYU QB's of the past even playing against one of the worst 1A teams. Lark showed grit and guts with a good pass rush by NMS. How about that Bronco/ Doman finish the season with a real winner in Lark not Pick-6 Nelson.

Baton Rouge, LA

Yep, Lark should have been the starter this year and probably last year. For all Nelson's grit, determination, and loyalty, he should have been rewarded with situational plays, i.e. inserted for certain wildcat run plays, fake field goals, etc.

Coaching judgement needs to be a factor in determining changes. Hope they can somehow land Andy Reid.

Orem, Utah

... and Utah State gets the last laugh.

Everett, WA

Glad that Lark was able to play well. Congrats. For BYU overall, beating the worst teams in the nation mean next to nothing.


C'mon people, this was against a team that hasn't beaten a FBS school this year (their only win was against Sacramento State... even Idaho beat New Mexico State). Sure, Lark looked good today (expect for almost every pass thrown down field), but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

Even Jordan Wynn could have looked like Joe Montana against that Aggie team.

Everett, WA

How about that huge crowd? ... must have been over a thousand people in the stadium! Well ... maybe not that many ... however, if you include the players ... maybe close to a thousand.

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

Heading into this game every analyst said the same thing: BYU can open up its play book because Lark has the arm strength to make all the throws. That's as opposed to Riley who cannot make those throws.
Then remember that Lark was relegated to third string because Taysom's style of play was closer to Riley's. Talk about adding insult to injury!
The most gifted athlete rode the bench all year, even as the offense floundered.
Now it's up to Tom Holmoe to decide whether this madness will continue next season.

Dr Rush
Saint George, UT

James Lark proved what all of us who were objective about the OB play knew, Lark should have been the starter all along. He's definitely is pro material and of course should be starting in the bowl game although the way he's been treated during his time at BYU who can be sure. I hope you true BYU fans take a long look are your coaching staff and ask, why in the world would you let a talent like James Lark sit on the bench and put on the field the QB you did? Are you not qualified to evaluate football talent or is it something personal? Oh what might have been.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Lark starts every game this year and we're in a BCS bowl.

Maybe the BCS championship game.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I never had a doubt.

Salt Lake City, UT

I listened to the post game show. Mendenhall's comments showed nothing but arrogance and a severe lack of reason. He has already stated that Nelson will be the starter if he's healthy. I have lost all respect and confidence in Bronco Mendenhall as a head coach. I think the rest of the nation would feel the same. It's safe to say, no team will be knocking at his door this off season.

Spanish Fork, UT

Great job Lark. Spaseba bolshoi!! Atleechna! Notre Dame, Utah, Boise State, Oregon State and SJSU are giving thanks you were planted on the bench instead of hitting wide open receivers in stride where only they could have caught the ball.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


Las Vegas, NV

Please people. Just simmer down. We all saw what Riley Nelson did against Idaho. Surely a healthy Nelson has a similar performance against one of the 5 worst teams in college football. I'm not debating that Lark has the better arm, better accuracy, etc, but you can't use NMST as the barometer. Nothing against Lark - really happy he had a good game - but this game and this team can not be used to evaluate and draw conclusions about Lark and whether or not he would have had more success against some of the better teams BYU played this year. The bowl game will be a better test (yes, I want Lark to start in the bowl game), but only slightly. And if he has another good game, it will just be an off-season of what-ifs and what could-have-beens, and we will never know the answers to those questions. It's all a moot point now. We just have to move forward, and forget this year's debacle.

Orem, UT

Would Nelson have been more successful if would have had a better offensive line? Probably. Would he have been able to throw a spiral, a long ball, an accurate pass, make good decisions? Nope. BYU is no longer Quarback U. but Quarterback Who.

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