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Published: Friday, Nov. 23 2012 6:15 p.m. MST

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Florissant, MO

I know four people that would give their eye teeth to have those jobs at Walmart. One was homeless, she had to move away to live with a friends mother and get a job through the friend. Two of them live right up there in SLC, they are living in a van and hardly have anything. The fourth is a father of four small children who has been going to school and works ten hours a week, his wife quit work to finally be at home after her fourth baby was born. It is good that Walmart is there so that those families who are living on lower incomes have a place to get items and food at a discount price. I would suggest to those who are not happy to get more education and find a job that pays more, or that they work hard and move up. But realize that for your one job, there are probably 100 who would gladly take that job for the pay rate and hours that your getting. So instead of being selfish and protesting, do the kind thing, quit and let someone else have your job.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

If basically "shut up and be grateful" is all we can tell people who have $10 jobs then maybe capitalism is truly running its course. Or maybe we can expect a bit more from Wal-Mart?

Aurora, CO

Howard - you said it all! Thank you.


I worked for Wal-mart for almost 5 years and i never got mistreated,i had full benefits,sick leave vacation and paid bereavement leave i have no idea what these people are complaining about, if i had not gotten deathly ill i would still be working there,i enjoyed helping the customers when they came in,and they would come to me because i knew exactly where everything was in my store,and when i had to quit many of them were very upset.In my store we would have bar-b-q,s or mgt would bring in pizza or sandwiches if we had a good month,so i,m not going to support any employee or anybody else who thinks Wal-mart is unfair because i know differently.


They should be grateful that they have a job at all, $10 an hour is a far site better than $0 an hour,it might not pay all the bills but it pays a lot more than nothing would,with the unemployment rate at over 8% i,ll bet there are a number of people who would gladly take a $10 an hour job,especially at this time of year.

thunder struck
Salt Lake City, UT

considering real unemployment is more than 20% I'd say these people are lucky. Also, if Walmart raised their wages then how would they sell such cheap items to the poor. It doesn't work both ways. We have the best economic system in the world. If you don't like it then get a job somewhere else or go get more education or pull up your pants, tuck your shirt in and learn to speak good, work your butt of don't complain/be entitled and you'd be surprised maybe you could get paid more.

These are generalization, sure but my point is that these people probably voted for Obama, whose administration is only making it harder for big companies to make money, which means they will hold wages down and won't hire more people. You got what you wanted by voting for him, now live with the consequences.

Sandy, UT

You guys are missing the point. The taxpayer subidizes Walmart employees with medicare and other benefits because the company is too cheap to pay decent healthcare and wages. The heirs of Walmart net worth combined is worth over 100 billion. If smaller companies like In and Out, who operate on smaller margins can pay a higher wage and health insurance, Walmart can.

Salt Lake City, UT

No one misses the "point," Shaun. Wal*Mart isn't the sort of career people with skills should aspire to. As pointed out, Wal*Mart does offer healthcare, as well as other benefits. These strikers are just greedy. Rather than improve themselves and their skills, they want Wal*Mart to shell out more on jobs any entry level applicant could fill. If they want better benefits, it's on them to become more valuable as employees to companies offering better paying jobs.

spring street

sad to see the henry ford depression era mentality alive and well on the DN news threads.

Sandy, UT

Ett, first there isn't enough good paying skilled jobs in America for everyone to move up. Just ask any law graduate or MBA graduate. Second you did miss the point. The taxpayer shouldn't subidize Walmart. The jobs at Costco are entry level but they pay a great starting wage, bonuses, and have health insurance that their employees can actually afford.

The CEO and founder of Costco has upset investors because they want him to pay his employees less so they can make more money. He values his employees. Walmart can do the same. Costco operates on less margins than Walmart.

utah cornhusker

My husband has worked at walmart for the past several years. He has had some hospitalizations due to asthma and pneumonia. They have been very good to him. He works full time. We take the insurance at my place of work because it is cheaper and better. I cant find fault with the local walmart in our town. He was unemployment for almost 2 years because tysons closed up the plant and laid everyone off. I know people think walmart is a bad place to work but if we didn't have one here there would be a lot of unemployed people and our town us not that big.

Taylorsville, UT

This is what workers rights are all about and no one has the right to tell friends and neighbors how much earning they are limited to earn. Prosperity and wages have no limits and those worker have the right to expect and deserve the respect and honorable incomes creating wealthy employers.

Workers have more of an investment in their jobs and company than owners will ever match, they have invested their personal lives, fortunes, and health and their families in these companies. You can't sacrifice much more than your life to keep a job and help these company's make their millions. I think that millions of those now with out a job or allowed their companies to desert them to go seek slavery in other countries would have welcomed more government support to keep these companies from deserting their own country for greed and slave labor.

Taylorsville, UT

These kinds of labor and benefit demonstrations are the only path to economic growth and getting people off of welfare and unemployment. Workers wages are why the economy has not recovered. The lies that labor has cost america its industries is a hoax and manufactured lie. Hostess is an example of the lie, they have been failing for years by mismanagement, excessive debt, and corporate greed not willing to invest in its future and skilled employees. They took it for granted they could run their skilled workforce into the ground with half wages and no benefits.

If the majority wishes to work as slaves, they are welcome to it, and they deserve every miserable day of their life living day to day on a pittance of what Republican corporation are willing to hand them. BTW, $10/hr will not sustain poverty let alone a family so they get $60,000 welfare bonus paid by the other workers making $15-$70hr.

one old man
Ogden, UT

But cornhusker, there is one vital phrase in your post. "He works full time." The majority of Walmart employees are kept just below the threshold at which they will qualify for benefits.

Hayden, ID

If they don't like working for Walmart they should leave and let someone who WANTS to work have their job!

high school fan
Huntington, UT

There are two simple facts in this story. The first is that no one is forcing to work at Walmart. The second u is that the unions are not in this for better wages, they are in this simply for the dues that would have to be . There is a reason why unions are just about finished in this country.

Franklin, IN

Quit pulling facts out of the air...

Wal Marts employees are subsidized by Medicare? Medicare is for th elderly. I tied to insert Medicaid but that didn't work either??

I read on, only to see that you referred to the founder and CEO of Costco....but they are two separate people??? Do you mean the founder! Who is now retired? Or the CEO who doesn't support your position.

Next you may tell us that Superman could beat Might Mouse in a race...

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm sure there are plenty of people who will willingly take those 'terrible jobs'. Perhaps they are not aware that many people are being laid off because of our current President's policies.
Many others are being moved to part time work so businesses can stay in business. If they think they can start a business, pay the kind of wages they demand, go to it. It's still a free country for now.

Taylorsville, 00

"It's still a free country". Only if you don't mind starving to death in many cases. Otherwise you have to take the one job that 10 people are after and do what you're told and say what you're told to say, or you're finished. Economics is a tool that can be used to shut the majority of the opposition up as effectively as any police state.

The reason unions are on the decline is because their leadership hasn't been doing their job. The unions that brought about the minimum wage and OSHA don't seem to be today's unions. I'm not in favor of making the majority of the country exist on $1 an hour and dead within 10 years because of no safety in the workplace.

Lehi, UT

Love that people are basically saying, "take the low wages and be greatful." This is the mentality that is killing our economy. While profits for these large companies are the highest in the history of our country, the middle class is dying. Why? Because blue collar workers are treated like peons that "are just lucky to have a job".

When unions started dying, so did the quality of life for most Americans. Yeah, some union leaders are just looking out for their bottom line and not their members. But unions also give power to the workers. With those going away, workers have no voice in their wages, and either have to take pay cut while board members get 300% raises, or deal with food stamps and Medicaid while working more hours for less pay.

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