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Published: Friday, Nov. 23 2012 6:05 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

U 90

You need to take a math class, friend, because 1 - 1 is .500, winning one out of two. (It's like a batting average---never mind, too advanced math here....)

Go Red

You rag on the 4 cupcake games. How about Northern Coloradro? How about Colorado in SLC last year? How about 0 - 27 against UNLV in the MWC? Utah has their share of dissapointments, too. I never said BYU was good this year and my posts have hit hard on Nelson and Doman. So where's the arrogance? It's up on the hill (we own BYU), being members of the mighty PAC12 (we're better than anyone else in the Intermountain West because of it) and we won two BCS games. Then when the Utes can't deliver the past two seasons (even when the road to the championship game was greased for Utah last year), here come the excuses: too hard of a conference, too many games against quality opponents, no byes, etc. How'd you do against the worst road team in America at your place last November...win that cupcake?


West Jordan, UT

Hey, Ernest - The Utes have beaten the Cougs three years in a row now. According to BYU fans, their team is good, right?

So the Utes have at least 3 wins over a "good" team.

Lehi, UT

I don't understand why every Utah article is filled with BYU trolls with nothing better to do than rag on their soon-to-be former rivals. I won't miss the rivalry with BYU (other than the one guaranteed win every year that it brings) and in the long run Colorado will be a much better rival. In any case, Colorado is more relevant than BYU right now by virtue of it's PAC-12 membership and has done more in recent years (1990 championship) than BYU so I say good riddance to BYU and their trollish fans!

U 90
Corona, CA


You need to take a reading comprehension class. Read my post again. I agreed with your statement that Utah is 1-1 (.500) against our new PAC12 rival Colorado, but then added that Utah totally dominated the old rival (i.e. BYU). Let me help you with some math:

34-54 = .386
3-8 = .273
1-4 = .200
0-3 = .000

BYU's winning percentage trend vs. Utah looks like the titanic taking a nose dive

Farmington, UT

U 90

Yeah, I missread your post. Sorry about that.

As long as you're doing math, compute the number of conference wins each for Utah and BYU in football in the MWC and the WAC and then tell me which ship sunk during that period. (I know, it's ancient history, just like the two BCS wins and the National Championship.) Then add a few other sports, like Track and Field and compare the number of MWC and WAC Championships for that sport, too. If you want recent history, let's talk BBall.

Good luck to your Utes next season. Do you think they'll need it? (I won't bore you with what I think.) Thanks for posting.

Darth Vader
Ogden, UT

Since we are bringing up games from the past, does anyone remember the UTEP game played in 1985? Sure wouldn't want to bring that one up. I'm sure the "smart " folks can get it.

Rigby, ID

Is it still worth the money to be the lap dog of the PAC12? To all you Ute fans that were bragging about how now you can make it to the BCS championship and that your team will be in the Rose Bowl every year. Have a nice long enjoyable holiday season watching other teams play in Bowl games. Look on the bright side maybe next year you can schedule Weber state and end up 6-6!!

Frisco, TX

Too bad the Utes couldn't get bowl eligible. I would have loved to see them in the New Mexico bowl.


bsu bronco- We have scheduled Weber State for next year already we will enjoy our off season. Coach Whit knows there is a lot to be done. You guys from the y just keep doing what your doing you have such an elite program, wish we could be so dominat. Half of you please give me a break if you had our schedule you wouldn't be winning you are just not that could you go to bowls games because you play a very weak schedule.



The only "lame" comment (as you put it) is reaching for the game several years ago when the Utes got beat by UNLV. What does that have to do with your team? You know your argument is weak when you have to rely on OTHER teams to fight your battles. How did BYU do against the Utes THIS year? Or LAST year? Or the YEAR BEFORE? You have no leg to stand on, based on your own team's performance against their rivals, the Utes.

P.S. Yes, I'll rag on the BYU's 4 cupcakes. If Utah had played BYU's schedule, they'd be at least 8-4, most likely 9-3 preparing to go to a bowl game like your over-rated team from Provo.

Clearfield, UT

Give Utah credit. They almost beat 10-2 USU team that is ranked 25th and possibly higher after today. Good luck to the Utes next yeat.


That's funny. Someone whose screen name is "toosmartforyou" lecturing others about arrogance.....

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

TBass said:
Too bad the utes haven't beaten a good team in years.

No dsubt, the funny thing is though, even in there worst of worst years, that BYU lost to the UTes..What's it like Earnest? losing to the Utes? again and again and again?

I look forward to your response, but something tells me is will never come.


Spokane Ute, Earnest T Bass isn't a BYU fan, he/she typically makes comments that are combinations of the most superfluous BYU homerisms that often help BYU fans realize how ridiculous some things they say are. Typically they're pretty funny. Chill out man.

West Jordan, Utah

I wish you well at the next level Reggie Dunn. It's too bad the team wasn't better this year.

West Jordan, Utah

@too smart for you

UNLV was 2006. If you are referring to Kyle's Utes losing to subpar teams over the years, I get it. Still, Utah wasn't going to lose to Weber State, Hawaii, Idaho, and New Mexico State. Yes, Utah played Northern Colorado and beat them as soundly as BYU beat their four patsies. It's just BYU played more of them. Colorado, Washington State (also on BYU's schedule), and California are weak teams, but they aren't automatic wins. Wazu beat Washington.

Utah was awful against Northern Colorado but still won 41-0. Just like BYU beat their four patsies by 40 points or so. BYU beats the teams they should more than Utah has over the years. It's just the bottom four on the Cougars schedule are 5-37 against the Big Sky and WAC. Their lone wins came against each other. Three of the four teams had one win. Weber State had 2. But have you checked the teams they lost to. I mean, I didn't even know half those schools had a football team. It's like the YMCA.

West Jordan, Utah

As for ragging on the cupcakes, as a BYU fan, I think you should to. I would be annoyed that those teams were on my schedule. Who wants to watch that stuff? Outside the four patsies, BYU was 3-5. Those three wins were USU (good win 6-3 in the bottom of the 9th), Georgia Tech (convincing win), and Washington State (common opponent with Utah/both wins). While we are at it, Utah lost to Oregon State by less than the Cougars did (Utah played on the road and BYU at home). Also, Utah beat Washington State by more than BYU did as well. Now, the Cougars beat USU by three at home, and Utah lost in overtime on the road. Still advantage BYU there. But Utah beating BYU trumps that. Bottom line, the Utah win over BYU could have gone the other way. But so could of Utah's loss to USU, and BYU's win against USU. All thre were crazy finishes.

Both BYU and Utah were not good this year. BYU had a defense and no offense. That defense was still lit up by San Jose State though. Again BYU was 3-5 outside the four cupcakes.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

"Perhaps the Pac-12 really does know a thing or two about putting rivalries together. For the second consecutive year, the so-called “Rumble in the Rockies” lived up to its billing."

More like "RUBBLE in the Rockies" - two losers pillow-fighting to escape the PAC 12 basement.

The back-to-back kickoff returns were fun though.

Gotta wonder what the Buffs were thinking though, kicking to Reggie. Guess that's why they're 1-11.

Kamas/United States, UT

I am a Cougar fan. I hate to say it: Utes own us. But I also have to say Dunn is the best returner in the nation: that is tough to swallow. I have to say to Utah fans though (and you must admit it) that game would have been ours if it weren't for bad kicking and Riley Nelson. Those problems could be solved next year, with Nelson a senior and an Austin Rehkow who will most likely commit to BYU. Then again, Utah could have a great team too. Next year will most likely be the best duel in the rivalry's history.

Arlington, VA


"Utah was bad this year and how did BYU do against this terrible Ute team..."

The Cougars beat the Utah State team that beat U, and BYU gave Utah the game on a missed snap, scoop and score, otherwise

BYU 7-5 + bowl > Utah 5-7 + no bowl

Just like the 80's, BYU has once again become Utah's bowl game.

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