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Published: Friday, Nov. 23 2012 5:40 p.m. MST

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Centerville, UT

It is laughable that Democrats are encouraging Republicans to "get over it and that the Dem state chair compares Love/Matheson to the Hatch race. Hatch won by a huge majority. Go ahead and recount the Hatch contest.

But with Matheson/Love it is very close. Every vote should be looked at closely to ensure an accurate representation of the overall vote.

Democrats struggle in this state because of the national Democratic party. Utah Democrats are much more moderate and are good representatives. Utah will be well represented by Matheson in Congress as long as he doesn't vote for extremist like Pelosi to be House Speaker (the day will come when Democrats control the House again...but I hope it isn't during Obama's presidency).

Kaysville, UT

It is worth the review since that was such a small win for Matheson, this time. The County Clerk is in a Democrat county and Utah County is very Republican. Both should appreciate the recount to make sure it was fair. If that happened nationally, it might make a difference too.

Ogden, UT

To JayTee 6:11 a.m. Nov. 24, 2012

A real conservative like Love who wants to get government out of our hair and our pockets is painted as an extremist, and not fitting for our carefully guarded status quo politics.


Love is not a "real conservative". She's a far right fringe-dweller. She is a extremist and, because of her unwillingness to disclose on her website the specifics of ANYTHING she would want to do, showed that she was not fit to be elected to the House of Representatives. Matheson is the real conservative, and someone who speaks for ALL the people of Utah, not just those on the far right fringes like Love would do.

The people of Utah are far better served by Love's creating havoc in Saratoga Springs and not the US House of Reresentaties. They are far better off by having Jim Matheson repreenting them in the House of Representatives.

Orem, Utah

This was a very close race. You had 951 provisional and 640 absentee ballots that were discarded, and only 768 votes separated the two candidates. It is not about sour grapes, it is making sure everything was done fairly. I don't believe that anything was done on purpose here that would be raise questions. Utah runs a very good election process. I do know that there were reports in some of the swing states of voters casting votes for Romney and the machine cast the vote for Obama. Also, Democrats in Ohio bused in Somali's and gave them Democratic slates and told them to vote for Democrats. I am glad I live in a state that lets the process work and makes sure everything is done correctly.

SLC Grandma
Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with all those who argue that it's the fairness and honesty in the voting process that counts - it's not sour grapes to want to make sure that all who voted, regardless of for whom they voted, have their vote counted correctly. That's the American way and those Utahns who want to verify election results are certainly owed "due process", not being put-down as poor losers.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

I live in a Blue State (Washington). We saw the governors race stolen in 2008. Democrats "discovered" new ballots nine time in unsecured locations. We say Al Franken steel a US Senate seat in 2008. We have seen other, lower profile races, stolen in Washington State.

We have all mail in balloting here in Washington. Any (union) postal employee could sneak ballots into the system days after the dead line.

We need secure elections:

We need election day, not election month.
We need proof of citizenship in order to register to vote.
We need photo ID at polling places.
We need purple fingers after we voted so people cannot go from polling place to polling place to polling place.

Democrats require these things when they observe elections in 3rd world countries. They just will not do it here.

I wonder why.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Didn't we learn anything from Florida? Reviewing things often opens things up to even more partisan games and chances for fraud?

It's over and if somehow, some way this election gets overturned, it won't look good for the R's who again are complete control of the political apparatus. Any decision in this regard would have to be looked at skeptically...

Ogden, UT

Regarding nrajr's comment:
If we wait until the vote-counting to try to "assure fair play" and "the protection of our freedoms" then the battle is already lost.

I don't think that we can just leave it to the politicians to figure it out; in too many cases they are the very ones who initiate and propagate the problems that exist. Too many of them get elected and then promptly forget who they are working for in favor of advancing their agendas and those of the power brokers who constantly pull their strings.

"We the people" must make choices about what it is that we demand of our representatives and our government, and then make our voices plainly heard. This can only happen as we hold our government accountable for their actions and policies.

One huge problem is that the majority of those who vote do it without giving it much thought. In my county (Weber) 97.23 percent of those who voted in the November General election cast straight party votes. I wager that it is about the same statewide. In my mind, this is a very alarming trend of blindly and thoughtlessly following along.

Provo, UT

"Lose gracefully" - "show a touch of class"

Republicans are so determined not to be labeled a bad loser that we make it very, very easy for the Democrats to use voter fraud. This is a subject I have pursued and proven with hard facts many times. The massive voter fraud that stole the presidential election is founded with more proof than necessary to prove in court.

We as Americans have now become disenfranchised because we are trained to be polite, good sports and to just SHUT OUR MOUTHS rather than stop voter fraud.

I watched a computer expert give expert testimony about being hired to steal elections and testify that it was common. But voter fraud are dirty words so there is nothing to stop it now. We will pay a steep price in the future.


"it is very, very easy for the Democrats to use voter fraud"...

Re-written: "it was very, very easy for Utah Republican politicians to gerrymmander boundaries so that many of us (who are Republican) voted for Jim Matheson".

And the same applied in states where the Democrats had a big majority.

South Salt Lake, UT

Salt Lake County has had several problems with doing unfair or illegal things with elections, so it is appropriate to verify that votes are counted honestly. As a table judge at the poles, I have some concerns about this election and when an election is that close, the truth does matter. It is not sour grapes, but the responsibility of the county to be completely transparent and truthful about the election. After all we the voters are the bosses, not the Democratic or Republican party.

Layton, UT

In Washington State, Christine Gregoire lost the election, the first recount, but because she did a hand recount the second time and "discovered" ballots that weren't included elsewhere, she managed to pull a win, and won.

Voter fraud works best in elections where the election comes down to just a few hundred vote difference. You can't defraud an election that isn't close.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Those cases were the Democrats won (in Minnesota, Washington), I agree that was problematic. And the party in control of that state made sure their candidate won. It smelled like a rotten fish. Maybe the R's in Utah want payback or something but it still would smell like a rotten fish. Whether it is a Red wrapper or a Blue wrapper matters not, a stinky fish is a stinky finish.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"It very, very easy for the Democrats to use voter fraud". I am curious why it isn't easy for republicans to use voter fraud. I am going to guess it is because the republicans are so morally pure that they would never do such a thing.

For all of you who believe that I have this great deal on some bridge in Brooklyn that Santa Claus and I own together.

Brigham City, UT

It's not who votes that counts...It's who counts the votes...

salt lake, UT

The election is verified. Mia Love lost if she and the Republican's want to pay the cost to review so be it. They can pay for a court order and pay reasonable costs to search. The people of Salt Lake County should not pay for any of this nonsense.

Brigham City, UT

In all fairness, can any of the "get over it crowd" honstly say that, if Mr Matheson had lost by 800 votes, they would just roll over and get over it?

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