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Published: Friday, Nov. 23 2012 5:40 p.m. MST

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Howard Beal
Provo, UT

If we lived in a Blue State and the Republican was perhaps being messed over, I would have more sympathy. But in reality, we live in the REDDEST state in the country. The R's control the state, they gerrymandered the districts etc. I can't imagine there was a conspiracy to throw away ballots of those who voted for Love. This is beginning to sound like sour grapes. And if this election is somehow overturned, how is this going to look?

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

There were observers at all the counts, right? The GOP had their own watchers.
So, where's the beef?
If only Mia had sorted out the story with Lee Benson she'd have had those extra 800 votes. All she had to do was explain her backstory.

Sugar City, ID

With the race that close, I would think the democrats would not want there to be a cloud of suspicion about uncounted ballots. If all of the discarded ballots were rechecked, Matheson will probably win anyway, why not check them out and remove all doubt. Then no one could claim there was any cheating. If the outcome was the other way, the Democrats would have a perfect right to recheck these ballots.

Well Read

Sour grapes!!The republicans have shown this election that they are sore losers! It is time to man/woman (if there are any women republicans?) (-:

one old man
Ogden, UT

Hanging chads?

South Jordan, UT

Oh my goodness. Let it go. You lost. Take your loss like a grown up.

Ogden, UT

I find myself wondering, "Who is paying for this long, drawn-out fiasco?" I doubt that is those who are raising the ruckus.

It must be really frustrating for the Republican-controlled legislative committee who expended so much time and effort, and so very many of our tax dollars, in the process of gerrymandering the voting districts realignment in order to quash the possibility that any of the Democrats might beat the odds and win an elected office.

After all, it's not like Utah politics is not already so dangerously lopsided that this needed to happen. It is never a healthy situation, either in business or politics, when any one group achieves, and then exerts, monopolistic control for its own benefit. It almost always turns out badly, and we in this state are perilously out-of-balance.

So here we are, watching the monopolists throwing their tantrum, hoping it will end soon so we can move on. By the way, don't assume that I'm a ranting-raving Democrat- I'm not. I'm just a guy who pays scant attention to party affiliation who studies issues and candidates, then votes his conscience.

Saint George, UT

My Republican Party did all it could to unseat a good man, Jim Matheson. I came from Republican stock and vote Republican except when Matheson is on the ballot. People like me will vote for him no matter how the lines are drawn.

Being newer to the area you might not know that Mrs. Love.


I feel that this might have been the last time that I will ever vote again. I have lost all trust in the system this time around. No I do not have sour grapes because we lost I have sour grapes because I think that there is so much voter fraud out there and so why bother to vote next time. What has happened people to this great Nation of ours so many people do not even care anymore to be honest, They are so messed up in their thinking. I really wished that we had term limits and think that this would change things some.I also feel that those who are serving us back there in Washington should do it for only cost of living this would change things for the better I think this way we would get those who really do want to do the right thing for us and this Nation not because it is for their gain.


I strongly disagree with most of the sentiments expressed. Who won and who lost is not the issue of the article. The right of citizens to review and assure fair play is the point. Even if you or I are ready to "move on", the protection of our freedoms and our way of government require that the process always be open to review to those who are not prepared accept the reported results. Don't take honesty for granted! It is important that we are ever vigilant in scrutinizing our election process. Lack of transparency is an open door to the unscrupulous and dishonest to rob us of our rights as citizens to elect our representation.

Sandy, UT

The citizens of Utah SAY they don't believe in career politicians, but there's plenty of evidence to the contrary. Many of them also say they want less government and more transparency in government, yet they vote for someone who's too often an Obama-Pelosi-Reid supporter and never saw a government program he didn't want to fund or save. Jim has done some good things, but he's clearly pulled the wool over the eyes of the majority. A real conservative like Love who wants to get government out of our hair and our pockets is painted as an extremist, and not fitting for our carefully guarded status quo politics.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

Why do they need a court order to look at discarded ballots?


Apparently having only 75 % of the Congressional Representation is not adequate for the Utah Republican Party when it has ALL statewide offices and over 80 % control of the state Senate and Representatives.


It's in the interest of both parties to count the votes, and account for any questionable ballots. This is definitely a "squeaker" with two capable people in the running. It will come down to a few votes..... The old adage "..every vote counts" is true. I wonder how many registered voters of each party were "too busy to vote", and have now come to regret their sloth...... Being a citizen, a registered voter, and a contributing member of society is a responsibility and too often, the numbers have shown, people do not take it seriously....

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

What's this world coming to when, despite the best efforts of the political hacks, people persist in thinking for themselves?
Every year party numbers shrink and the group that self-identifies as independent grows among those of all political beliefs.
Instead of spending more tax money on ridiculous efforts to overturn the voters' wishes, perhaps the pols could just hold their breath until they turn blue like the petulant children they are.

Provo, UT

Each time a close election is reviewed we learn how to make elections more honest and how to advise voters. So let's study the the ballots to see why they were discarded.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

If there is anything we learned from Florida 2000, its that all the votes need to be authenticated and counted. Let the voters determine who won not the courts or politicians. I am no fan of Mia Love but this is about democracy.

Springville, UT

Dems have plenty of problems with their outlook. We all do. However, one of the things said about the Republicans in a recent article is absolutely correct:

Republicans will go to any lengths to find something on which to blame their loss so they can avoid doing the one thing which they fear most---change.

The Republican party, even in the state of Utah, needs to change if it is going to remain a viable political party.

West Jordan, UT

Two words: You lost

Three more words: Get over it

Taylorsville, Utah

If the verdict was on the oth hand, I am sure the demonauts woould be sreemig bloody murder. I have never witnessed anything so rediculous as the demonauts diry poliitcal tricks. I believe there should be a full accounting.

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