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Published: Thursday, Nov. 22 2012 12:25 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Mildred in Fillmore

"A quarterback other than Riley this year and we are National Champs."

Despite your usual hyperbole, your statement has some elements of validity.

Where would BYU be right now if the Cougars had had an offense to match their defense, starting at QB? Instead of starting Riley Nelson, they'd had a QB like Max Hall or John Beck or *gasp* James Lark, who could stand in the pocket, read defenses, and deliver an accurate pass. Instead of Doman, they'd had an experienced OC who ran a traditional BYU-style offense and could take full advantage of Apo, Hoffman, and Williams, instead of constantly putting his QB at risk running option plays? Instead of having an offensive line plagued by false starts, BYU had had a well-coached offensive line that could pass protect and not self-destruct.

It's not a stretch to see that this team could have been undefeated IF the coaches had done a better job of utilizing the offensive talent BYU had available.

Where would an undefeated BYU be ranked today, with a road win at Top 10 Notre Dame, and home wins against Top 25 ranked Oregon State and Utah State?

Gold Canyon, az

As poor as Nelson has played, the thuoght is a painful one to imagine Heaps again. Heaps was the opposite, not gutsy, not a gamer but he had a good arm. Still, as poor as RN has been he is an improvement over Heaps. Despite it all I will cheer on the cougs at NMS and here is hoping Lark gets the start.

Federal Way, WA

Yes, we know Nelson is a "tough guy". That image, however, got kind of old. It wasnt a question of "if" he would get hurt doing his tough guy act, but "when". The coaches should have known that and been prepared. Also, they should have been smart enough to make the decision to replace Nelson when he lied to them and said that he could play and be effective. Coaches were at fault there.

IT has been a pretty bad year for coaching decisions. Especially on the offensive side. It was known that the kicking game was in trouble. Why not have a reliable option there even for point after kicks and modest field goals.

I know BYU football is not really about football, but something needs to change for things to improve. It has been quite a waste of a great defense.

Centerville, UT

Football players love the game and want to be on the field. I am not surprised that Riley would grab his helmet and head back onto the field after the successful onside kick against SJS. The coaches need better sideline control and management.

As for most of the comments here: fans want to win because they feel better about themselves, and they love being associated with a winning team/program. When things don't go well there is frustration.

Fans pay the money to attend the games, buy the food, buy the Y sweaters, hats and t-shirts. Fans watch the games on tv giving ratings that yield contracts and negotiating positions.

But fans don't usually know or understand all of the background information behind decisions and events on a team. We have to trust administrators, coaches and players.

But administrators, coaches and players should respect fans because if the fans lose interest and passion, the program will suffer.

It is a careful dance that isn't being managed well. There are many fans that are not satisfied with a 10 win season, where wins are against weak opponents. BYU needs to start winning big games.

Centerville, UT

Why isn't BYU winning big games? Are coaches not preparing and spending the time necessary to win these games? Are there coaches that are unqualified or not right for the program? Are the wrong players on the field? Who is providing subjective, honest feedback and assessment for the coaching and the team's performance? Is recruiting and player talent not up to par to win the big games? How well does the coaching staff make adjustments during the game?

If the structure isn't in place to win the big games, then change the structure.

If what we see from BYU is what the coaches and administration want, then we will continue to get more of the same. But I believe fans will stop spending as much time and money following the football team.


Well all i can say is if the o line gets tired of not having a score they most likely wont give Nelson any protection and he could get badly hurt,i've seen this happen many times in high school games and a few times in college if he continues to be a detriment to the team i can see this happening,and it will be the coaches fault,they continue this love affair with Nelson but he has single handedly lost 3 games with his crummy play and Bronco and Doman just dont get it teams get tired of losing after a while and just decide that enough is enough,time to play Lark and give Riley a rest before he gets seriously injured or killed.

Bountiful, UT

His Legacy? A selfish player who put himself ahead of his team. Even if you're twice as good as your backup, some injuries reduce your effectiveness to the point that you are hurting the team by trying to play. There is no question that was the case with the Utah and Boise St games and even the end of the SJSU game.

Who's running this team anyways? Some of the blame is Riley for lying to the coaches and his teammates about the extent of his injuries but some of the blame lies with the coaches for not taking control of the situation and saying, "Sorry pal, we want to win the game more than we care about your wanting to play."

This season will forever be known as the season of "What could have been"

Bountiful, UT

It's the coach's job to be objective and not play favorites. Why does Riley's inner need to play override the other 84 player's inner need to win the game?

The one or two brilliant plays he makes a game are far outweighed by the dozen or so missed throws to open WR's, times he takes a critical sack because he held the ball too long and killed the drive, killed the drive with a fumble or INT, or held the ball on the option and took a loss instead of pitching it, etc.

Provo, UT

Again, I find it curious outside of the delusional BYU bubble that opposing coaches and the national media find Nelson to be a decent QB and for Bronco to be an exceptional coach. Of course all these people are idiots and most of these BYU fans know all.

Provo, UT


BYU IS winning games. Bronco has a better record than LaVell Edwards did through his first six seasons as a coach. I think Bronco has the fourth or fifth highest winning percentage of any coach over the period he has been coaching. There's about 120 BCS football playing schools so I would say that is pretty good. Again, I think BYU supporters are a bit out of whack with their expectations of the program especially with A) the school's higher mission which I think Bronco serves the school and church well and B) the challenges BYU has in recruiting with its honor code and being a church university located in Utah.

Provo, UT


Andy Reed is spelled REID. And I think Reid needs take some time off and attend to his family. He won't ask me of course but it would be in best interest. He will be fired by the Eagles and he had expectations as great as BYU fans had with their own team. Despite playing 16 games, his win total will not equal's BYU's who will play in three less. I think Reid is a great coach but he probably deserves some time off. I'm not sure he is a savior and like I have alluded to before, I don't think BYU needs a "savior". They have a good coach. They need to tweak things of course and there were some issues this year. I don't Nelson was as good as most of the BYU QBs of the last 30 or so years but he isn't as awful as people think. Lastly, there are more important things than football and I'm glad Bronco knows this and let's all know that he knows this...

Orem, UT

Eagle, I don't think fan expectations are out of whack one bit. If you have paid attention the last few years, Bronco has mismanaged many situations. From the quarterback controversy, to hiring an inexperienced OC, to taysom hills injury, it all falls back on bronco. It is not fair to compare broncos and lavells first several seasons. Lavell took over a program in worse shape and was building it up. What marquee wins does bronco have in his career? I count one, Oklahoma. Check out his record against top 25 opponents. It is pretty dismal. Bronco needs to make significant changes to his staff this offseason. Anyone who knows the game of football can see they have not been well coached offensively this season.

Walnut Creek, Calif

I never thought I'd say this but I miss Robert Anae.

Frisco, TX

@Y Grad / Y Dad - "Fairly stated but I would believe inaccurate. Don't think anyone but Riley made Riley play, and THAT would be a fair critique."

Do you have kids? Do you let them do everything they want to do? I have no doubt that Riley wanted to play. But it's the coaches responsibility to determine that Riley would jeopardize his own health and the productivity of the team by playing. If I saw my kid grimacing in pain the way Riley was, I would be livid if the coaches allowed him to play.

Roberts, ID

Very curious to know what Riley is holding over Bronco's head. That can be the only reason that I can see that let's Riley determine if he play's or not. Riley is a very poor passer on his best day so when injured he's terrible. I've heard that Kuresa has the best arm on the team, so my question is why hasn't he been tried or utilized on an option from the slot receiver position. Also, why was Heaps on such a short leash while Riley doesn't even have a leash?

Centerville, UT

Eagle, for BYU to really be successful they must win big games. Under Bronco's tenure BYU's record against strong opponents is poor. Having a good overall record beating mediocre to poor teams will not lead to Conference invitations, good tv contracts in the future, national rankings. Fans are feeling frustrated because they see good athletes, great facilities, improved exposure, scheduling with great opponents, but a poor record against those opponents.

Where does the administration, coaches & players want to go? Do they want high rankings, big bowl invites, more regular wins against strong opponents? If so the current structure isn't working. Evaluate & change the structure.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


You said "made." That was my point.

Two pictures:

Bronco to Riley: "I don't care! We need you out there, now get out there and play! Or there's the door!"


Riley to Bronco: "Come on coach, I can do this. They NEED me! I've earned this. Let me in, coach, please! I'm begging you."

Neither extreme is likely, but one is closer to likely than then other, I'm thinking.

And yes, I do have kids...


Eagle please stop comparing LaVell's first 6 years to Bronco's. Bronco has stated himself he has more talented players than LaVell ever had. I'm not bashing on Bronco, but the comparisons are apples and Oranges


And please don't tell me my opinion is pessimistic and meaningless. I've donated thousands to this program and have years of service invested in this university and its atheletics. The way Doman and Riley run this offense is embarrassing.


The bottom line is we are entitled to provide accurate feedback positive or negative. Bronco is paid over $1M per year from private donors. Brandon receives a nice six figure income. Plus great health insurance, 401K match, and a generous pention plan.

THEY CAN handle the critics. They basically signed an employment contract saying they would and could deliver wins even amidst harsh criticism.

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