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Published: Thursday, Nov. 22 2012 12:25 p.m. MST

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Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

A quarterback other than Riley this year and we are National Champs.

UC Baller
Salt Lake City, UT

After watching Timpview HS in the State Championship game, I would take that Lloyd QB right now over Nelson. Throws it a tone better. Has way better decision making ability. And is a winner.

Of course, after this year and the way BYU treats their QB's....no way I would go there. This article is very interesting...

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Riley Nelson's legacy at BYU is that he single handedly ruined the BYU football program for 3 straight years. Maybe he provided for some good entertainment at times for the viewership on ESPN but that is about it. He didn't get us to a relevant bowl game, he's wasted the potential of a lot of really talented players on both sides of the ball merely by taking up the quarterback spot and being unable to lead the team to wins. In what could have been Jake Heaps senior season, we are left to rebuild the entire team on the cusp of the most difficult schedule in BYU history. We're losing a myriad of seniors on defense and quite possibly Kyle Van Noy because of declaring early for the NFL. The offensive line will be in shambles as well. We can only hope that Taysom Hill gets healthy as fast as possible. With the new mission rule in place which will deplete depth for the next few years, and with the possibility of super conferences looming, and "earning a seat at the table" becoming increasingly important, the future of BYU football is really uncertain right now.

Farmington, UT

A quick first read of this article gives me the impression that Doman is trying to justify playing Nelson, even when he was hurt. And for Riley to grab his helmet and go running onto the field in the middle of an injury assessment by a doctor speaks volumes about a dysfunctional sideline and coaching responsibilities. Of course that was obvious some weeks ago when Taysom Hill was injured needlessly.

I am alarmed at Doman saying Nelson is "probable" for Saturday's game. We all know Riley would never come out of the game on his own, even when he was "at 65%" of his ability so I must ask this question: "Who is running the show in Provo?" And why are these poor decisions that have resulted in a loss of at least 3 (and more like 4) games not at all consequential to those who cannot see the forrest for the trees?

Don't the fans and donors deseerve a better outcome, based upon what is best for the program and the team, than allegiance to one "gutsy" player that cannot perform due to injury? Hint: It's no shame to be benched due to an injury.....none at all.


jim l
West Jordan, UT

I dont understand all the dislike or hate directed at riley or the coach. Go eat some more turkey and calm down. It is just a game. They have shown what real men are made of.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Look, I realize none of us raised our arm to the square and sustained Riley, Brandon or Bronco, but the disloyalty shown here is nauseating. Breaks my heart a lot more than losing so many close games this season.

I am ashamed of you all.

Idaho Falls, ID

Oh the humanity! When will it end!?

Proud Ute

Damage control by Doman, nothing more.
He knows he's in trouble.

Layton, 00

Don't be ashamed Mr. Y. The BYU team gets to keep playing all the way to a bowl without any of our approval or criticism.

Since the fans aren't the ones playing, there's no reason to be ashamed of them. The questions should be put to the team.

Is the BYU team good or poor this year?

What is the root cause of that goodness or poorness?

Are you happy or ashamed of their successes and losses?

Keep that feeling to yourself, and live and let live.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


I'm proud of my team, win or lose.

Fans will do what they do, whether I'm ashamed of them or not. But if it matters, then you should know, I feel this behavior is shameful.

West Jordan, Utah

Legacy? Really? It wasn't the right move to keep nelson starting. Still, I felt sorry for Nelson, as he left it all on the field each game, and emptied his tank, only to have that painful dejected look on his face with each mounting loss in meaningful games. The team had to feel those losses as well, but Nelson will be remembered for the rest of his life as a loser to many a BYU fan. But that is life at the QB position. It's like coaches. People want to worship you or lynch you. That is sports

Charlotte, NC

It seems like the problem is that the coaches keep letting him play hurt. He doesn't play well when hurt and he shouldn't be in there. Why do they keep letting him play? I would think that a healthy Lark would be better than a banged up Nelson.

Norge Coug

I'm as diehard and at times critical as most Cougar fans but the constant complaining about Riley and Bronco get really tedious. Of course we would like to have a better record and with a little luck we could be 10-1 or even 11-0. For those of you calling for Bronco's head I would remind you that Bronco has the 10 best record of any active coach in Div.1. That means there are 114 others with worse records. Some may say it's been against inferior competition. If that was so easy there'd be a lot of non-BCS coaches with similar results. That's not the case. He has 5 10+ win seasons out of 8 which puts him in rather elite company. As a matter of comparison Lavelle only had 2 such seasons in his first 8 campaigns.

The fact of the matter is that there aren't a lot of qualified candidates out their in any event. We're lucky to have Coach Mendenhall and I'm confident he'll lead us to great heights. I'd suggest the lemmings here exhale and enjoy the ride.

Orem, UT

I have a real problem with the coaching staff at BYU. They have been responsible for playing a quarterback when visibly injured last week at San Jose State. James Lark should have played that last drive which ended when Nelson threw a wounded duck that floated in the arms of a San Jose State defender while at the same time, Nelson could hardly lift his arm after the previous series. Further, they played Taysom Hill at the end of the Utah State game and allowed him to run that cause significant injury so he was out for the season. These were the most egregious examples, but there have been other examples as well throughout the entire season, mostly calling bad calls that resulted in the loss of close games. Rather than blame players, we should be questioning the bad play-calling of the coaches at BYU. Bronco should be held accountable for this season and not be held on a pedestal because he preaches values at BYU.

Frisco, TX

I know it's not good the throw your players under the bus, but for Doman to continue to rave about Nelson is beyond me. Holmoe's comments about the offensive woes at the BB media day, put my mind at ease, knowing that at least one person gets it.

By the way, when do we talk about Doman's legacy?

Frisco, TX

@Y Grad / Y Dad - And I feel it is shameful to put make a kid play who is grimacing in pain on the sideline. Nelson should have never been in the game against Utah, BSU on SJSU in the 2nd half.

See It

The problem is what we read is how Doman will remember Nelson. The legacy that everyone will remember will be that Nelson wss the worst quarterback that BYU has had in a long time who was supported by a coaching staff who supported his mediocrity. I also believe that he puts his own personal desire to play above the good of the team. He would rather go in and play even when he isn't physically capable of performing. What's worse is the coaches have allowed him to do it. His selfishness and poor play cost us the season.

Springville, UT

The kid is surely a scrapper and has a lot of character. It's the coaching that is the problem. That seems to be the consensus.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Frisco, TX
"@Y Grad / Y Dad - And I feel it is shameful to put make a kid play..."

Fairly stated but I would believe inaccurate. Don't think anyone but Riley made Riley play, and THAT would be a fair critique.

Charlotte, NC
"It seems like the problem is that the coaches keep letting him play hurt. He doesn't play well when hurt and he shouldn't be in there. Why do they keep letting him play? I would think that a healthy Lark would be better than a banged up Nelson."

THIS is a critique that is fairly stated and very accurate.

Carthage, MO

Doman said, "I'll love him for that forever for being tenacious that way and never quitting. That's how I'll remember him." Tenacious, never quitting, gritty, or tough don't necessarily translate into a good QB. You have to possess the skill that goes with this or any other position. This goes for players and coaches. And I should add good judgment as well. As fans, we've had to endure the lack of skill & jedgment at both the QB & OC positions. For one who is true blue, one word will describe what I'll remember about this year: FRUSTRATING!

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