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Published: Thursday, Nov. 22 2012 12:25 p.m. MST

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Washington, UT

Wow! Doman's statements here say it all. He just doesn't get it. There are plenty of tough guys in the game of football, but being tough by itself doesn't qualify anybody as a QB. Doman may love Nelson's attitude, but it's his job to identify the guy who can make all the throws and get him on the field...this is just sad. I've seen this kind of thing happen at the high school level, but you certainly wouldn't expect this at the upper D1 level.


Why do Bronco and Brandon baby and make excuses for the Nelson. This little love triangle shows failing not only in Nelson lack of talent but also the coaching staffs lack of assessing talent and overall decision making. The plan fact of the matter is Nelson does not have the quarterback talent nor game savvy in order to play on the college level.

Orem, UT

Riley legacy = possibly the worst BYU QB ever. If not the worst that the second worse BYU QB ever. Lesson learned!

Bakersfield, CA

4-5 as a starter this season and they are bragging!
13 TD, 12 Pics and 21 sacks! No wonder Bronco said he was thankful for a job on True Blue monday night!


You have to be kidding me. Nelson is the worst QB in modern times at BYU. How many pick 6s does he have? I think 4. And for Bronco and Doman to say Nelson is tough. What makes a good QB is knowing when he can help the team, not be in the game knowing he is not up to making the plays need to win. In fact, I have competed against Bronco in cutting. He would stick with a horse that really was not going to win for him. Bronco is still going with someone that has grit but knows he will not win with him. Life is to short not to have a QB that will give you the best chance to win. Nelson has proven he is not that QB. Nelson stay hurt and let Lark start for BYU Sat.

American Fork, UT

Is Lark just not very good? I've never seen him play so I can't judge his ability as a quarterback. Has he made Mendenhall and Doman mad? I just don't understand why he hasn't been given a chance. If Riley really does give the cougars the best chance to win, that's a sad commentary on BYU football this year.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

Could this have been the year heaps matured into his potential? This team would be possibly undeafted with just a little improvement in the QB play. I'm glad I'm not the guy who has to live with losing the number one ranked QB in college football only to have to rely on Nelson.

Shreveport, LA

It seems to me there is a difference between determination, tenacity, and grit on the one hand and foolhardiness on the other. While I don't have any experience with football, I do have experience with running. If I injure my hamstring during the middle of the running season, I have two choices. I can continue to show grit by hobbling along and probably aggravating the injury even more, making the recovery even longer and more difficult. Second, I could bite the bullet and sit out and allow my body to heal fully so that I can return to running at full strength and sooner rather than later. In my example of running, I am the only one affected if I continue to race while injured. In Riley Nelson's case he has hurt himself as well as the entire team. C'mon, Riley, show that you're a sportsman instead of a selfish glory hog by trying to show you can play while hurt. Do the right thing and sit out this next game. Let a fully healthy James Lark start. Or are you and the coaches afraid that Lark might show you up?

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

It is tough rising to the expectations the BYU community has of its quarterbacks. Last season people wanted Jake Heaps to lead them back to the Glory Years. It did not take long for fans to become disenchanted with him. They booed him off the field and wanted somebody else. Its not surprising they have run out of quarterbacks. It will take patience to build a winning program. Do BYU fans have that patience?


Wow Bishop, if the kid is hurt you have the responsiblity to protect him from himself. How do you simply let him run back on the field after the onside kick knowing he's hurt, but not knowing how badly? If you have a timeout you use it. If you don't have a timeout put in the backup QB until you know what is physically wrong with your Starter. Especially if your QB is Riley, who would play on just one healthy lung. I'd hate to work for you on Sundays.


Henry - to answer your question...no. No way! Look at how talented this team is.

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

Since Bronco and Doman feel such a connection to Riley, wouldn't it be nice for the trio to all leave BYU together at the end of this season?
There is no reason to believe things will get better next year with a rougher schedule and an inexperienced quarterback coming off a serious injury that happened due to boneheaded coaching.
If changes aren't made in this off season it will be more of the same next year as a once proud and prolific offense swirls around the drain under an unqualified OC.

Spanish Fork, UT

Good comments, patronizing article. Cheerleading Jeff Call! As Greg Wrubel pointed out, of all the BYU
QBs who have thrown for 2000+ yards in one season, the worst is... Jake Heaps. Second worst... Riley Nelson.

Bronco recruited 3 QBs: Heaps, Nelson and Lark (who was never given a chance to start). Enough said on Bronco's ability to evaluate and/or develop talent.

South Jordan, UT

While Riley has unfortunately, no "legacy" at BYU, let's quit harping against Bronco. He's BYU's coach and will continue to be until he decided to leave. It will be a sad day when that happens.

(For those critics who have the same appetite for dishing it out as Riley has for absorbing it, name five current college coaches who could have even the remotest chance of being BYU's head coach next season. Don't even think of Detmer. He would be a great QB coach, not a head coach.)

Gilmer, TX

Admiration is nice, but that's about as dumb as anything I've ever heard. When you don't even know what the injury is you wait until the doctor has made a determination if the injured player can safely go back into the game. Since Nelson cannot pass why hasn't he been utilized in another position where he doesn't have to pass? Doman and Bronco should have made that decision last year.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Riley? Legacy? He will be remembered as the most unqualified person to ever play the position in the last 50 years...but he is Bronco's friend.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

To wer: Charley Strong @ Louisville.

Provo, UT

Brandon Doman is the most unprepared Offensive coordinator in BYU history , its time for him to move on and take Bronco with him.

Murray, UT

Bronco and Brandon are in denial. Will be so "thankful" for the season to be over and the Bronco / Riley lovefest is history.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

I don't blame Riley, I don't even care anymore.

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