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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 20 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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West Jordan, Utah

It's a somewhat meaningless game but Lark should be thrown a bone and have his moment at BYU. Riley Nelson is hurt again anyway, and he will have the bowl game left.

Give Lark the ball against New Mexico State. With the opponent being who they are, it will allow Lark to put up numbers and have at least a positive memory for himself and leave an impression for the fans to remember him and wonder 'what if' relative to the hypothetical of Lark having been the starter the last two years.

West Jordan, Utah

@Riverton Cougar

I agree. Lark may not be better, but with the awful QB play on the field, why not find out what you got with lark a long time ago. Coaches do make mistakes, and sometimes bench warmers are and would have been the better player and choice.

I think the same goes for Whittingham and his loyalty to Wynn for the last three seasons, after his arm strength was obviously not the same from the first injury to the fourth. Utah had WRs who could stretch the field but never got the chance.

As for BYU, what could Cody Hoffman have done (performance wise) with a QB who could sling the rock. Mendenhall should have gone to Lark quite some time ago, and Whit should have stayed with Hays instaed of going to Wilson.

The losses that Utah had better pay off next year relative to Wilson's development. Thing is, I am not even sold he is the right guy. My Utes might have another few years of a QB wasting away the talent elsewhere on the field.

Bottom line, having a quality QB is a huge part of success in a winning team.

West Jordan, Utah

Interesting point Proud Ute. Tanner Mangum is on a mission though (I believe). But yeah, with all of this QB draw and option stuff, plus the QBs BYU has gone with who have that style about them (Nelson and Hill), it makes you wonder how they plan to use Mangum down the line. I think Mangum will need the offense to change or he might have his talent wasted like Heaps. Although I don't think Heaps had any intangibles or leadership moxy. Size and arm strength are sometimes overrated. Think Ben Olsen and what's his name Walsh (BYU QB in like 1994).

West Jordan, Utah

A part of me tends to think you will be correct about Doman when Mangum returns. But if Doman plans on restoring the old BYU offense, then why did BYU recruit Taysom Hill to be a running style QB (a la Riley Nelson). Hill looks to have some talent, to where playing time might allow him to open up the offense, but I swear the coaches were trying to get that guy imploded. And of course they did in the worst fashion, when they should have been in victory formation, not trying to get cute Crowton style. You know, trying to win by 11 not 4.

Saint George, UT

I don't necessarily believe that Hill was borught aboard to be a running style QB. Anyone who has seen his high school highlights knows that he had a big arm even back then. He just happens to be a strong, quick, fast and talented runner as well. The problem this year, or any year your #1 QB goes down, is that the backup has limited snaps in practice so the percentage of the playbook available is diminished. That was magnified with Hill having been jumped from 3 to 2 and given one week to learn to execute the huge BYU plavybook.
That was literally what led to Hills injury, a la the way too many QB draws/keeps, when you're working with an abbreviated playlist. Yet another reason to have started Lark with so many years learning the playbook under his belt. The only thing that makes sense about this entire debacle is the truth, and none of you may ever hear it in it's entirety. Too bad.

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