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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 20 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Free James Lark.

Really, at this point, whats the point? The best thing Lark can do is live well and be successful in whatever field he is pursuing. Obviously he is not interested in trying to impress the coaches now. Hopefully someday in the future he runs into DomanHall and reeking with success he can feel pity for the sad way their lives turned out.

Murray, UT

If, for no other reason, Lark's loyalty and commitment to BYU footbal should earn him the starting role for Saturday's game. If Nelson is healthy, he can always be the starter in the Bowl Game next month.

Proud Ute

Is Tanner Mangum a dropback, pocket type QB?
Just curious because I'm not familiar with his style and wondering if he's going to struggle the same way Heaps (also an Elite 11 MVP) and Lark evidently have trying to fit in with Doman's offense.


Play Lark he deserves a chance.

Kearns, UT

If Lark doesn't play, then both Bronco and Doman's heads should roll.


Whether the start comes this week or not, I salute James Lark for his hard work, loyalty, patience and determination. I salute his football skills and his willingness to put team ahead of self. Thank you for your many very real contributions to the team over your career. I wish you joy and success in all your future endeavors. Your life is still just getting started- apply the attributes you've demonstrated so well at BYU and you'll go far. I, and many other grateful Cougar fans will be cheering for you. If I got a vote, you'd be starting the rest of the season! That's not a knock on Riley, I just think James has earned a chance to show what he can really do- and the Cougars need a QB without a back injury who can throw the ball. Go Cougars!

Rexburg, ID

Nelson was foolish to play injured, and the coaches were foolish to let him play injured. The results (lost games) speak for themselves.

Put in a healthy quarterback!

Anchorage, AK

If Mendenhall starts Nelson, he should be immediately fired!!! Bronco loves his "grit", "character", etc. but he can't throw accurately or deep. Lark should start...no ands, ifs or buts about it.

Oh, and if Andy Reed gets canned in Philadephia, the "powers that be" need to offer him the job and relegate Bronco to what he's really good at - a defensive coordinator. He has shown with his favoritism games this year that he does not have what it takes to be a head coach. Doman needs to be shown the door as soon as the final whistle blows (a bit too late, but better than nothing).

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Proud Ute,

Yes, Tanner Mangum is a pure dropback passer, pocket type QB. I hear he is much like Heaps, except that he is much more humble and much more leader-like like Nelson (I'm not saying this because of what we experienced with Heaps; this is legitimately what I heard). I hear he may not have the skill technique down as well as Heaps, he has a powerful arm, is accurate, and is very good at making decisions, making him probably better overall than Heaps.

As bad as Doman has been with that type of QB so far, I am confident that he will have a much better scheme for that type of QB (if he is still OC when Tanner comes around). I say this because he has worked with passing QBs before (Max Hall, John Beck) and will have time to practice with Hill, who happens to have a great arm as well. I expect Doman to get over having QBs different from his style, and I'm excited to see the passing BYU offense of old. Doman did promise that, and I trust he intends to keep that promise.

Bountiful, UT

"Asked Monday how close he was to turning to Lark this season, Mendenhall said, "Not really close. Not because of a lack of trust. I tried to explain why Taysom Hill was the backup in terms of continuity of system with Riley. During the last game, a couple of times it was maybe a breath or two away from putting James (Lark) in."

This is the kind of double talk from Bronco that makes me not trust anything he says. On the one hand he says no he wasn't close to putting Lark in at all, then he turns around and says he was a breath or two away. That's pretty darn close.

This mishandling of the QB situation, the games Riley has lost for the team this year and the absolute cold shoulder/stiff arm Bronco and Doman have given Lark is unbelievable and yet look what a great attitude Lark has.

It's a downright shame how Bronco has disrespected such a fine young man. This is going to be a part of the legacy that Bronco leaves behind during his time as HC at BYU.

Malad City, ID

Please give Nelson the rest he needs so much... just because he will go in with a broken back doesn't mean a good coach lets him. Resting him now will pay dividends in the bowl. Give Lark the start, plese. PlAY IT SMART.

Saint George, UT

@game time,
I know "the rest of the story", as they say. James is being politically neutral, which is wise at this point. He may never reveal everyhting that has gone on. But, believe me, there is definitely more to this story.

Salt Lake County, UT

Start James Lark! In the games he played in he put up a good amount of points. Last year, he did better than Riley in drills but Riley started instead of him. The only reason Riley is starting goes back to last year when Jake, Doman and the Offense didn't get along. Riley came back to beat a Utah State team that was nowhere NEAR as good as this year's USU team. Riley ruined Jake Heap's and James Lark's careers and worst of all, our season. Riley handed BYU ALL FIVE OF THEIR HORRIFIC LOSSES! Taysom Hill would have won ALL those games! Bronco won't give up Riley and has gone insane. Brandon Doman's play-calling is VERY obvious and poor. I hardly see any trickery in his playbook and you know EXACTLY what he's giving you before the QB snap. Our kickers are terrible as well, and if we had Mitch Payne back, we might have more wins. There's one flaw I find in Bronco's defensive coordination. No matter the opponent, he always plays zone coverage on pass defense and they get eaten up. Remember SJSU and OSU? Think!

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

BYU has lost their identity. For Lark its to little to late. A tough player goes out and plays until they can no longer walk. A team player knows when another can perform better. A friend knows when its decent to step aside.

Saint George, UT

The hardest thing for me, as a James Lark friend and neighbor, has been watching James humbly endure a bench roll when he could have been starting at any of the other schools he was recruited by. No disrespect intended to Riley at all, quite the opposite in fact. This is strictly about James and his potential.

Born in Provo
Logan, UT

The only thing that would give this game any meaning would be to start Lark. Otherwise, there is absolutely nothing riding on this game. Go James Lark!

Born in Provo
Logan, UT

It's not Nelson's turnovers that are what ultimately make him less-effective in some games; it is his passing inaccuracy. Max Hall and Ty Detmer turned it over more than Nelson, but they had better completion percentages. Nelson has given us many moments to cheer, so we should never forget those (USU 2011, high-five to ref against TCU in 2011, and more points against TCU than the previous three years combined, fake spike against Tulsa). He definitely has a few highlights he is saving for the bowl game.
Questions for thought: 1. What if Heaps had beaten Utah in 2010? 2. What if Nelson had been tackled on 4th down short of the first-down marker with only seconds remaining?
The QB position is defenitely a tough job. I am curious to see how Heaps does at lowly Kansas next year.
The difficult schedule will be a great measuring stick next year. Even this year, BYU played two top-ten teams in a row and was in every game. Still, in the regular season, Bronco has not had a losing season. He will continue to improve.

Bountiful, UT

If Riley starts vs New Mexico St, I'm not watching.

Idaho Falls, ID


This is 3rd hand but fairly reliable source, so take it for what it is worth.

The captains held a team meeting in which they voted in favor of Lark getting the start. Of course Bronco will make the ultimate decision but it would indicate even the players are supporting Lark in this.

If Nelson were really the good friend he says he is, even he would support a Lark start and step aside.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

If the rules allowed Riley to play ten more years Bronco would keep going with Nelson. Have you ever heard the coach admit to a mistake? He cannot accept his own mistakes. Riley is not a quarterback and never will be. The question now is will Bronco ever be a head coach? His ability to evaluatr talent based on field performance rather than mouth seems to be in question.

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