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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 20 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Down under
Pullman, WA

Speaking of a bad QB situation; Let's look at the Utes. Remind me of what your record is now?
Next year looks very bright for the BYU QB situation.

I will agree that the coaching situation is not so bright. They need an overhaul, top to bottom.

St. George, UT

It will be a happy day when we no longer have to suffer with Nelson again. I don't think he's had 1 decent game against a quality opponent in his career. Start Lark!!!!!!!!!!!!

West Jordan, UT

If I had a vote it would go to Lark to start this game. I can't stand the thought of having to watch Riley Nelson two more games, and maybe I won't either way. He may be a great kid and a fiery competitor but he is not a QB and he cannot win games for us. That is a proven fact. The only bright side to this years team is that the season is almost over.

It may be time for changes at the top. This is the third year in a row BYU has not had an offense.

Salt Lake City, UT

If he was better than Riley he would have played. Sad thing is ----- he's not.

Eric P
Boise, ID

This sort of situation is often played out in the business world where a less talented, but highly charismatic, employee is given a promotion over a more talented, patient employee. I admire Lark for being steadfast. I hope he gets the start and that he proves himself to be the more talented player (the jury is still out on this one). If he is able to have a spectacular game it may provide some needed introspection of the coaching staff regarding some of the decision making thus far.

Mission Viejo, CA

Surely you jest, Bronco. This is unbelievable. Start Lark. If he fails, yank him an put in Nelson. Or better yet Munns. What the heck, this game is a throw-away, and no way NMSU can score on your defense. Let Lark have a start. You'll probably need him in the Poinsettia Bowl after Rocky Long gets through with Nelson.

Davis, UT

Lark should have been playing all year, and last. All I have heard all season, from the coaching staff, is that Nelson puts us in a position to win football games. How about closing them? Okay it might be great that someone plays with grit and toughness, but how about making good sound decisions? It's easy, throw the ball out of bounds instead of to the other opponent, or slide to avoid a broken back or dislocated rib.

"I love Riley" - Bronco Mendenhall

Does any one else out there agree with him now? I know I don't.

Davis, UT

Hey Bronco, I have Grit and Toughness put me in!!

Layton, UT

This Cougar fan is ready for the Riley Nelson era to be over. What a disaster

Alaskan Ute
Fairbanks, AK

I agree with others. If Lark starts and does well, things will look worse for the coaching staff. Lark's a good kid who should have had a better college career. Good luck to BYU and Lark.

Saint George, UT

Lark should start. Doman and Mendenhall should be benched.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

If Nelson can breathe, Bronco will start him. And for that reason, he needs to go.

Dr Rush
Saint George, UT

Lark should start for one reason and one reason only, He's the best QB on the team and gives them the best chance to win, it's been true all year. For reasons only known to the coaching staff Lark has been sitting while the worst QB in D1 has been allowed to play in spite of horrible decisions, bad passes and injury. James Lark embodies something that the coaching lacks, class.

Warren Kay
Holladay, UT

Bronco - do the right thing. Start Lark. I love Riley, but he is hurt and has had many opportunities.

Doman - do the right thing. Start Lark.

Athletic Director Hill - do the right thing. Encourage Bronco/Doman to Start Lark.

South Jordan, UT

BYU will beat NMS with a HS QB. Even Riley would be successful. So, does Bronco play the gritty tail back as the QB with risk of further injury or does he let Lark have the spotlight for all his hard work and loyalty.

Regardless, Lark should play this game and start in the bowl game!

game time

After Lark starts and has the game of his life I hope he tells the real story of why he's been benched this year. Everyone wants to know.

Idaho Falls, ID

"Coach Bronco Mendenhall said Tuesday that Nelson is "probable" for Saturday."

Bronco may be the only person on the planet who thinks an injured Nelson should get the start over Lark in a meaningless game against a weak opponent. Starting Lark will prove his contempt for a fan (and booster) base, further inciting an already angry fan base. Holmoe will get inundated with emails and letters calling for coaching changes.

"If he was better than Riley he would have played. Sad thing is ----- he's not."

That may very well be true, but you'd have to be blind, stubborn, and heartless to not start a loyal, patient Lark under the current circumstances. If the starting QB were someone like McMahon, Young, or Detmer, I could understand Bronco's position, though wouldn't agree with it. But with Nelson?.....with the performance he has had this season?...Really?....Gimme a break!

Idaho Falls, ID

@Warren Kay

Succinctly put!
Starting Lark truly is "the right thing" to do.

(By the way, Hill is that other school's AD. BYU's AD is Tom Holmoe.)


BYU needs to get someone to take some meaningful snaps as they prepare for a bowl game. If Lark doesn't start, or at least get some serious minutes and Riley get's injured and is no longer able to play, which at this point is a strong possibility, then you end up starting someone with no real game experience in the most important game of the year.

I hope Lark has worked hard in school and finished his degree. He seems like a thoughtful young man.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"If he was better than Riley he would have played. Sad thing is ----- he's not."


That is not necessarily true. I have heard from inside sources that Lark has not played much because the coaches dislike him. Also, the "if he was better, than he would play" logic doesn't seem to matter when it comes to Riley Nelson. Lark was a very good high school QB, and could be a great college QB. Unfortunately, he had to sit on the bench and watch a QB who can't throw take his place.

Anyway, can anyone seriously say that Lark is so bad that an injured Riley Nelson will be better than Lark? There is something going on that the coaches aren't telling us, because only a stupid coach would do that without a reason.

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