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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 20 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Nobody_s Fool
Colorado Springs, CO

I am impressed with how this young, student athlete has chosen to speak about his experience at BYU. It certainly hasn't been ideal, or perhaps even fair at times. I'm sure he's had his moments of frustration & discouragement, but he has continued to support the team and has stepped up when asked. It's obvious to me that this man has a lot of great qualities that will serve him well in life, as he continues to move forward. A lot of other athletes could learn alot from him.

  • 8:11 a.m. Nov. 21, 2012
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Orem, UT

I understand the loyalty thing. But why keep putting an injured player on the field? Not only is it costing BYU games, but it puts a player at risk for a more serious injury. The guy can't throw when he's healthy. He's going to be better throwing from a stretcher?

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

Andy Reid is clearly done in Philly. He was the first choice when Bronco was hired but had no interest.
I'm confident Tom Holmoe will revisit that possibility. Whether or not Coach Reid is ready to leave the NFL is another matter.
But given the success Jim Mora Jr. is having at UCLA, bringing a successful NFL coach in (especially to his alma mater) makes all the sense in the world.
Bronco is a great defensive coordinator and he will make a wonderful mission president.

Columbia, MO

Riley needs to learn how to hold himself out when he isn't up to par. BYU's already lost at least three games this year because Nelson didn't have enough sense to do what the coaches should have done and that is bench him until he's healthy. He's a good enough QB when he's healthy, but everyone has seen that he's terrible when he isn't healthy.

Heaps started last year against NMSU and BYU did just fine. Nelson came back and won for the Cougars against Tulsa. Lark is worth at least one start. Who knows? If Riley can get healthy again, BYU just might win a bowl game in San Diego.

Carthage, MO

I know Bronco and Doman are wedded to Riley.Riley will get another shot in San Diego. Go with Lark vs NMSU & allow Riley more time to get healthy. We may discover we've been missing out on a big time QB all season.

Murray, utah

Lark, Lark, Lark. When I consider the talent level of Bronco, Doman, and Riley my message to them is a resounding...Probably Not!

Ephraim, UT

Bronco and the coaches have been rewarding Nelson for his toughness by giving him playing time under less than favorable circumstances. How about rewarding Lark for his loyalty and have him start the final game - he's earned it.Continuing to play a banged up Nelson is not doing him any favors for his long term well being. Someone has got to be the adult in the room and that should be the coach.


I read these comments and I gather there is quite a level of unhappiness among Cougar faithful. I am among them...It's not the losses (though they hurt), but the management issues I struggle with. The offense appears so unprepared, and the early timeouts kill me. Don't even get me started on Hill's unnecessary injury, or the fact that Nelson (who I like) continues to play hurt. He can't throw a tight spiral to save his life, and has left open receivers wondering why he's behind center.

I don't know it all, but I've watched football for 40+ years and I believe it's time for Bronco to move on. And I'd love to see him leave on his own versus being fired. The underlying reason is that he hasn't won too many big games, which to me signifies a head coach who cannot 1) get his players prepared, and 2) make halftime adjustments.

I am one unhappy fan...

Baltimore, MD

I don't blame Riley for playing hurt, I blame Doman for either being too blind to recognize that Riley was hurt, or too incompetent to replace an obviously hurt and ineffective play with a quality backup like Hill or Lark. As Offensive Coordinator, but especially as Quarterbacks Coach, it's Doman's job to have a backup quarterball fully prepared to step in when the starter is injured, since the starter could be knocked out of any game on the next offensive play.

Regardless of whether Riley is "healthy" enough to play, or not, there's absolutely no legitimate reason not to start Lark against NMSU.

Provo, UT

The macho "I play when I'm injured even if I'm in a position where getting sacked again would make me a paraplegic" attitude may seem heroic and inspiring to some, but the results, both in terms of lost games and in terms of long-term health damage, are anything but inspiring. They should have had Nelson out and Lark in whenever Nelson was hurt. Nelson is a capable guy but he's not some kind of superhuman who's better than everyone else even when he's crippled.

Ogden, UT

Lark should have been given the oppotunity LONG before now!! Its one thing to sit when you have a healthy QB, its quite another to sit when the QB is hurt, and is unable to perform loke his should. That HURTS THE TEAM!! Bronco should have swallowed his pride long ago, and I beleive we would have had at least 3 more wins!!

Colorado Springs, CO

I wonder why BYU has stuck with Nelson for so long. Everyone knows he has heart and the will to win but he seems short on decision making and ability. He is capable but as a senior continues to make dumb choices. He should not have played against Utah or Boise St and with a healthy QB who knows. He throws errant passes and fumbles the ball every game. Any RB would have been pulled had they fumbled as many times aas him. My only conclusion is that Lark really is not that good or the coaches would have put him in.

I also wonder if Doman plays a more spread offese similiar to how Crowton used him his senior year. BYU really needs to get back to a West Coast Style of offense and a pocket QB. Doman only played 1 full game under Lavell and 12 for Crowton. Crowton's system just did not work here and I believe Doman is trying the same things.

Finally the QB situation at BYU has not yet dried up. Beck and Hall I seem to remeber were pretty dang good college QBs.

Orem, UT

If Lark doesn't get the start, I'll be even more disappointed in the Cougs...especially the coaches. They and the media are so arrogant...thinking fans are clueless and we don't know what's really going on. I'm guessing some of us could have coached the team to the record they have this year. Some may do even better. But, they earn the big bucks so they must be smarter than we are...right???

Everett, WA

Start Lark. If BYU goes ahead by 35 or 40 points, let Nelson come in sometime in the 2nd half to mop up with the run. Then start Lark for the Poinsettia bowl.

Saint George, UT

I'm curious what Lark's stats were in Practice Monday and Tuesday? Anyone know?

I hope Lark will start on Saturday just to see what he can do with Apo and Hoffman.

Snowflake, AZ

Start Lark! Rest Nelson. Let him heal. Lark deserves the opportunity! Nelson could play in the Poinsettia Bowl. Give Lark a chance to prove himself!


Bronco is lame.

But he might still start Lark. It's easy for him to state Riley could play, but is hurt, so we decided the best thing for Riley was to start Lark. This is similar to what he said when Hill was allowed to start.

Salt Lake City, UT

The title should be "As trying career winds down, why didn't BYU's Lark get his first career start a year ago?

I have a hard time understanding the praise of Riley's "character." If you can't get the job done, but put yourself in, you are letting your teammates down. If you don't have good judgement about whether or not you can get the job done, you are letting thee team down. Of course, the coach should ultimately be making those decisions, but expecting good judgement from Bronco and Doman...

SoCal Roger
Costa Mesa, CA

I think the right thing to do is to start Ryan Lark in the last game of the season. He deserves to play a whole game for all that he has done for the team. Give Riley a chance to rest for the bowl game.

I hope that Bronco will do the right thing and play Lark, let Riley rest one game and QB the bowl game in San Diego.


The more the season continues, Heaps looks less and less selfish, and smarter and smarter for transferring, even if it was to Kansas

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