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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 20 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Jimmy James
Salt Lake City, Ut

I really hope Lark gets his chance to start. If Bronco puts in an injured Nelson for a throwaway game, I'll be deeply disappointed. After everything Lark has given to the program, he should at least be given the chance to start for his last game.

Riley Mendenhall
Provo, UT

I don't think Lark will get the start.

Baltimore, MD

Jimmy James

Couldn't agree more. There's absolutely no reason to play an injured Riley against New Mexico State. Lark has earned the right to start and play at least one entire game during his career at BYU.

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

Lark's collegiate career has been extremely sad. He was the real thing coming out of high school.He was named Deseret News 3A MVP as a senior, a Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News First-Team All-State selection, threw for 3,248 yards and 36 touchdowns, finished his career with 6,739 passing yards (third most in state history), tied state mark with 79-career touchdown passes, first-team All-State as a junior, threw for 3800 yards passing, 41 TD, 13 interceptions, 650 yards rushing and 7 TD his junior year. Furthermore, he was recruited by Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, Utah and USC. BYU didn't deserve to have him and Jake Heaps in its line up. Mendenhall's and Doman's decision making is completely illogical when it comes to starting quarterbacks. If the Cougar coaching staff is not careful, the school's quarterback pipeline is going to dry up. Hopefully, they don't mess up Taysom Hill next year and Mangum (when he gets off his mission).

Farmington, UT

In answer to the headline: Probably Not. I say that because I see Bronco as still being the head coach, along with his OC Doman, and between them they can't see anything but Riley Nelson. And, reason #2, Nelson would insist on playing if he could barely stand up.

For some reason, the "good of the team" mentality does not exist on this BYU squad.

Franklin, IN


This just in. The QB pipeline has dried up. They quit pumping...the pipes are rusty and corroded. Bone dry....have been for years...

Sorry man! When Norm Chow left it moved with him. First it went to NC State with Rivers and then on to USC for a very long time.

Provo has turned into a different type of pipeline. A pipeline of strange coaching decisions.

Sandy, UT

Give it to Lark. I don't know what kind of deal Bronco made with Nelson but Lark should have been given a chance a long time ago.

West Jordan, Utah

Lark should start. It's always tough, sad and somewhat admirable, these guys who stick around for their college careers to never see the field.

Danbury, CT

We're always wanting to try a new QB because the starter is not working out. It's NOT just the QB, it's the system and play-calling. We could have Steve Young in there and we still would not move the ball downfield. Doman is a horrible coach, and frankly the line has done a poor job protecting this year and opening up a credible running game.

We seem to have an even harder time getting good coaches than we do good players.

Salt Lake City, UT

So very glad to see the last of Nelson. Too bad Lark didn't transfer years ago. He would have been a star on another team!

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

This is a lose-lose situation for Bronco. If Riley starts, all of the fans will be mad at Bronco for starting an injured QB. If Lark starts, he most likely will succeed against a poor NMSU team. And might even look very, very good. Fans will see this and ask why hasn't he been playing all year long? Either way, I don't see Bronco coming out of this game very popular.

Alexandria, VA

Who is this Lark kid? Everyone knows that Nelson is the only QB on BYU's roster - why else would they continue to start a free safety at QB? It's the only choice they have, right? I mean, if they had another QB on the roster but kept playing someone who is a turnover machine, and add to that is injured, it would be incredibly bad coaching on their part.

Provo, UT

Lark's career is sad. I wish he could have gotten an opportunity. At the same time, he chose to stay at BYU, so in that case I don't feel so bad because he felt like it was the right place. The thing is Riley Nelson is bad. Great heart, good athlete, horrible qb. Lark should have at least been given a look. I hope he gets the start.

Bronco is probably sweating bullets cause if Lark goes in and throws for 300 yards, he and the coaching staff are going to look bad even if the opposition is New Mexico State. I mean, BYU is not exactly a powerhouse these days.


Let Lark play.
If you can't beat New Mexico with your Back Up QB, much less your JV team.
you better head for the WAC.

Orem, UT

Come on Riley and coaches. Don't be so stubborn. Have a heart. Play James.

Layton, UT

Nope. Riley would have to be in a body cast before Bronco will bench him.

Idaho Falls, ID

Nelson starts and it's time for a full fledged fan revolt. BYU needs smarter coaches!

Washington, UT

Even if healthy, Nelson should not start, he's a turnover machine and a QB who cannot hit the broadside of a barn. How he has managed to control the minds of the coaches, and play even when he should not be playing, is a mystery to me. Any coach in the country would have pulled him at Boise, at Notre Dame, at San Jose--and maybe a few other times. Ok Nelson is tough, good for him, but we need somebody who can hit a receiver, not someone Bronco is so in love with that it doesn't matter how he plays, he stays on the field anyway. I'm very disappointed in Bronco, he's paid to win games, not to be a cheerleader for the toughest guy on the team.

Boise, ID

I'm not a Riley hater but c'mon, give Lark the start. I am looking forward to the game but win or lose, nothing changes. Go Cougars!

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

I have been a Lark Fan for years. This guy will go far in life. Anyone that can continue to work hard in his situation will succeed in life. We all should be so patient and committed.

My 100% Vote is to start Lark. If nothing else to let him have his moment. If anyone deserves it it is Lark. Let Riley rest and Lark Shine. He is one good man. (And football player)

I guess the good news for not playing all these years is that he will not have head, knee and hip issues when he is my age. (Glad I did not play)

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