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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 20 2012 6:15 p.m. MST

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Sugar City, ID

Don't blame me. I voted for Romney!

Mint Julip

Thank me. I voted for Obama!

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Hobby Lobby has another possible course of action if the court rules against them. They can make all their employees part-time and not have to violate their beliefs to run their business because then they won't have to buy Obamacare for them.

Actually BO is a genius with this plan (or whoever it was that drafted it). Retailers and restaurants and other low-wage employers will all have to cut ALL their employees to part time so they won't have to buy Obamacare, thereby creating more part-time job openings and reducing the apparent unemployment rate. Of course, all those people will be even poorer and MORE dependent on big brother and therefore more likely to vote for the dependency party - uh, the dem party - and BO therefor even more solidifies his party's base. So what if the people are poor just so long as the dems maintain power?

Brigham City, UT

So it's all about keeping the poor people poor...? Brilliant!

Sugar City, ID

r.e. NedGrimley. That's the way that Obama designed the program. Actually, in his book, The Audacity of Hope, Obama said that he would organize a committee or group of health care professionals, insurance people, and other specialists who would design a good health care program. I thought this was a good idea. But, like so many of his promises, once he was elected, this group never materialized. He lied and just turned it over to congress and we ended up with a 2600 page monstrosity. Obama bragged in the debates that he knows how to work in a bipartisan way, but Obamacare was passed without even one Republican vote! Like Benghazi, just another Obama deception to add to the long, and growing list. I am amazed that so many people can't see how non transparent he is. Or maybe they just don't care.

Steve C. Warren

Do you think Hobby Lobby is aware that their so-called "Christian beliefs" are not in harmony with the Bible? On multiple occasions, biblical passages give divine approval to the termination of unborn human life.

I'm glad that my own church does not condemn contraceptive use but allows members to decide for themselves about using them.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Those who claim to be pro-choice - but refuse to allow anyone the choice to say NO to participating in an abortion (or providing abortifacient drugs); are merely faux-choice hypocrites

They personify everything they claim to despise.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Steve C. Warren - "On multiple occasions, biblical passages give divine approval to the termination of unborn human life."....

Uhhhh... Not in the bible the rest of us read.

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

@Mint Julip
You admit to that? LOL!

Hobby Lobby should not be forced to provide health coverage for things they feel are immoral. What a nightmare.

Columbus, OH


Did he really renege on that promise? The law was endorsed by the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Mayo Clinic, and the Cleveland Clinic.

Millcreek, UT

Ok, So I don't get how birth control is the same as an abortion. It stops the process before it ever starts. Men have nocturnal emissions if they don't have sex. Using the hobby lobby logic that's the same as an abortion as well.

Mint Julip

@Belching Cow,

Would you feel the same way if you were employed by someone who is religiously opposed to scientific medicine, believing only in faith healing via their God? Would you feel the same way if you were a female employed by someone that believes it is immoral for women to work or to show their faces? These beliefs exist and fortunately so do laws that require employers to follow certain rules despite their religious beliefs.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia


I agree with your view of birth control. But, it is against his religion and because of the 1st amendment he should not be forced to violate his religious beliefs. The government is getting involved in a lot of things that are not its business and it is limiting people's rights.

People have argued here that Democrats are socialists. I disagree, if anything they are on the other side of the political spectrum and they seem to be moving us towards a "kinder, gentler" fascism.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


"So I don't get how birth control is the same as an abortion."
Therein lies the Obama obfuscation: Although the law is billed as a contraception mandate, the offending portion of the mandate includes abortofacient drugs, commonly known as abortion pills, that cause miscarriage AFTER pregnancy occurs

Hobby Lobby is not suing over birth control, they are suing over abortion pills

Even if they were suing over contraception - there are religious denominations (Catholics) that prohibit contraception and their tenets are supposed to be protected by the First Amendment guarantees of religious freedom.

Those who myopically argue that everyone should obey the law continue the obfuscation; there is a vast difference between telling a religious person they CANNOT do something that is OK with their religion and telling them they MUST do something that violates their religion ( i.e telling someone they CANNOT have a polygamous marriage is vastly different than telling them they MUST have one).

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Why should a company be allowed to impose their religious beliefs on their employees?

Sandy, UT


If this business owner was Jehovah's Witness, would you deem it acceptable for him to refuse blood transfusions as part of his employees health care, since it would mean forcing him to 'violate his religious beliefs'?

At what point does a business owners religious belief system supersede the religious rights of his employees? In my opinion, they are completely separate. My religious beliefs are between me and my church, not me and my employer. If I am a devout follower, it doesn't matter if my company insurance provides contraception...it's up to me to choose not to use it if it violates my belief system.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

@Mint Julip
"Would you feel the same way if you were employed by someone who is religiously opposed to scientific medicine, believing only in faith healing via their God?"

That is a false narrative. Just because the employer does not pay for your "scientific medicine" does not deny you the right to get it on your own; either by paying for it directly or getting supplemental insurance yourself.

Your argument is a rather passive/aggressive backward way of saying that simply because YOU want something means that someone else must provide and pay for it. When the real question is; why don't YOU do it yourself and leave them out of it.

YOU are making the argument of the perpetrator, imposing YOUR values onto others - you are not the victim because you have not been harmed - you merely weren't successful in manipulating someone else to do what you want (and they don't want) rather than do it yourself

So how would I feel if I were employed by someone who is religiously opposed to scientific medicine (or anything else)?
I would respect their opinion, live with it, get my own insurance or find another job

Maricopa, AZ

mintjulip, you raise an interesting comparision, though you may not be aware of some of the exceptions given to Muslims for their religious beliefs.
The other point is the fact that the government is using our taxes to pay for abortions that most Americans don't approve of or believe in.
It's outragious to think that someone can get pregnant, not have the money to pay to have the living infant aborted, but they can ask the government to pay to have it done and they can use my taxes to pay for it.
And they can force medical personnel to perform the abortion against their beliefs if the hospital performs abortions.
Now tell me that is a fair and just way of running the government.

Hyrum, Ut

"The government is getting involved in a lot of things that are not its business and it is limiting people's rights."

How right you are! But that is where BO wants to be. He wants to be the king of America. He is a power grabbing narcicist and wants to control everyone; under the guise of helping. He claims to be a constitutional attorney - and yet he violates it every chance he gets. During and before the debates, he claim to support the 2nd amendment and now is pushing for the UN resolution to turn gun control over to them. Everything he has done and is doing is in violation of his sworn oath as POTUS. I can't blame the secessionists. It's 1776 all over again.

Mint Julip

Women have the right to good and proper health care with decisions made between them and their medical providers. Hobby Lobby does not have the right to interject their morality into that decision making process.

IUD's that inhibit the implantation process of a fertilized egg are used for far more than birth control. Just ask my sister who nearly died from a rare blood disorder that causes life threatening bleeding. Her IUD saves her life every month. As if that's not enough, just this week a women in Ireland lost her baby and her own life because religious influence stopped doctor's from giving her what would have been a life saving abortion.

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