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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 20 2012 5:40 p.m. MST

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Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

Andersen has said many times that he isn't going anywhere. He loves Cache Valley and he is turning USU into a great program.

Provo, UT

Hope he stays at USU....he has done a great job. Good luck Aggies.

Salt Lake City, UT

The USU football job is not the stepping stone it used to be. A lot has changed in Logan. 1. Administration that supports football. 2.Upgrade in facilities. 3. Competitive coaches salaries (still need to bring up assistant salaries) 4. Conference Stability ( MT West) 5. Winning Program!! 6. Top 25 ranking 7. Chuckie is only a sophomore! Depth and talent on the o and d line!, young and talented Linebacker core. As good as we are this year, we have a chance to be even better the next couple of years. A player like Chuckie Keeton doesn't come a long every year (decade). The next couple years are set up to be special. Coach A has said from the day he got this job that Logan and USU has every thing he needs to be successful. He says he loves it in Logan and I believe him.

Bristow, United States

He's staying in Logan. His sons are going to USU, and he has a chance to make something amazing happen here, and he know's it.

Idaho Falls, ID

BYU can only hope he goes away since Gary will be taking many of the players BYU use to get. DN can hope he goes away because if he doesn't people will want to start reading articles about the nationally ranked team up north. Little brothers grow up and older brothers, well, get old.

springville, UT

I can name about 4 million reason why he wont be there next year, wanna hear them?

Ogden, Utah

It will be interesting....do you stay and try to build a legacy of teams over the years or do you take the money and run.
Several years ago USU coach John L Smith jumped ship and took the money at Louisville,then again at Michigan State a few years later. In September 2012 he declared bankruptcy.

Sometimes the grass is not that much greenier on the other side of the fence....

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

Although John L. WAS a very good coach, he is nowhere near the man Andersen is, and GA will keep his word. As for the 4 million reasons to leave, he has a much better reason to stay and be able to coach 3 of his sons at the college level and build his legacy (as Ironmono said). John L. was/is always looking to make a buck and will leave at the drop of a hat like he did at USU and Weber. The Aggies will continue to roll and Andersen will be the engineer. GO AGGIES.......

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

You USU fans remind me of what we (Utah fans) were saying right before Urban Meyer left. And frankly, what Gary Anderson is saying sounds just like what Urban was saying. You can deny it all you want, but trust me: I've been in your shoes.

All the reasons you gave for Gary to stay (loyalty, family, locale, etc.) were all the same reasons Urban had to stay....but he didn't.

What do you expect Gary to tell the press? "Yep, you nailed it...I'm out of here"? No, he'll be saying how he's USU's coach and he's not going anywhere else, blah blah blah....right up until the moment he gives his office keys back to HR.

Such is the nature of the working world - when you can get tons more money at a higher-profile job, that is hard for a competitive person to turn down. And Gary Anderson is a very competitive person.

Nice job at USU, Gary, and good luck at your next endeavor.

Farmington, UT

Andersen is gone. His sons can transfer. Everything he has at Logan is avialble somewhere with the addition of more money and a BCS conference. He most likely already said yes and the annoucment will come after the Idaho game. The real question is will I want to renew my season tickets next year?

Cedar City, Utah

He's leaving in a few years. He's a good coach and a better team will most definetly get him out of Logan and in their town soon. Before Sambone and others say anything, no I'm not refering to my team. He already coached my team and didn't do a good job. That's why he's in Logan until a big school get's him.

Logan, UT


"He already coached my team and didn't do a good job."

Weak argument. He was at SUU for only one season. Then he got promoted to U of U defensive coordinator.

And the rest is history.

Cedar City, Utah

Here comes Sambone right on cue. Yes he was and he didn't do well. I wa sure you didn't know SUU existed then. But this proves you are a closet fan. I'm not a closet aggie I was just telling it like it is. Anderson will be going to a bigger and better school soon.

Madison, AL

Gary Anderson's success at Utah State is a perfect blending of his coaching abilities and Utah States hunger to exit the 50 year football wilderness, this is not something you would want to try and duplicate elsewhere. His many future years at USU will prove what a great match this is. Go Aggies!

Logan, UT


"But this proves you are a closet fan."

Of the Thunderchickens? Ha! I literally had no negative feelings towards them until you started showing up on everything Aggie related all of the time. For claiming to not be a closet fan, you sure like to show up everywhere that has to do with the Aggies.

Besides, I liked the Aggies even when they weren't good, so that finishes off the not a true fan argument you repeatedly keep trying to use on me.

I bet you were not even a fan of the Thunderchickens until you attended SUU. And I doubt you were there when Andersen was coach for one season.

And by the way, the Big Sky record against FBS schools last year was 6-87. Great conference there, Stain.

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

For what it's worth, if Coach Anderson leaves, it will be back to third place in the State of Utah for USU. I think he is a good fit but I really know nothing about his character except what I here from friends in Utah, which hasn't always been favorable. Hoping for the best for USU.

Logan, UT

I doubt Andersen will go anywhere at least for a few more years. He has three sons, one of which is currently in the program, and possibly two more coming in next season. He also consistently talks about how much he loves Logan and (fulfilling a bet made last season) got a Utah State logo tattoo on his shoulder.

Even if he does leave, he will have left the program in better shape than how he found it.

Cedar City, Utah

But you think he WILL leave right Sambone? Of course he said he loves Logan. I love Logan too but if you are as good as him you want to be at the helm of a better team. And for whoever said the thing about the BigSky, it's better than the WAC.

Logan, UT


Your point about a coach wanting to be at the helm of a better team would be a valid point only if Andersen was given the reins to a better team right off the bat. If he gets poached by another school, chances are that school fired their coach because of poor performance and Andersen would have to re-build the team at that school.

He has already poured his heart and soul into USU football (he cried at the end of the LA Tech game), so why start over when he can accomplish even more with his pet project? And he gets annual salary increases, so that doesn't hurt either.

And no, the Big Sky is most definitely not better than the WAC. The WAC's top three teams in just football have gone a combined 27-6 this year to date, and The Big Sky went 6-87 last year against FBS competition in all sports. How many of those victories were in football? Like two or three at most.

I doubt the Big Sky conference record is much better this year. Care to refute me with legitimate evidence?

Also, Andersen has an Aggie tattoo. That's loyalty.

The A Game
Sandy, UT

Pretty sure Jordan High could beat a few Big Sky teams Stang. And yes, that includes SUU.

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