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Published: Monday, Nov. 19 2012 6:40 p.m. MST

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Martin Blank
Salt Lake City, UT

The defense offered here by others is ludicrous. KSL did a story on April 19, 2010, about John Inglish's then-salary, which was $339,000/year. They noted that, nationally, only one head of a transit authority made more: The head of New York City's transit agency, which moves more than 8.7 million riders per day. John Inglish made more at the time than a comparable position in San Francisco, Denver, and Chicago, the next three salaries in the top five. The head of Chicago's agency, which moves 1.7 million riders per day, only made $198,000. And someone's defending him because he'd be cheap as an NBA player?
That's your tax money, folks--what are you paying for? Despite an argument to the contrary, I haven't seen any evidence that John Inglish can dunk, has a good three-point shot percentage, or any rebounding ability. That he can evidently talk a compliant UTA board into gold-plating his plumbing with the tax dollars of working Utahns doesn't seem like a job skill we should be rewarding.

Casa Grande, AZ

He would be getting even more if the IRS hadn't capped it at $200,000. Good job red state Utah.

Salt Lake City, Utah

ute alumni,

He would be getting about $50,000 in the private sector? Really are you kidding me in the private sector he would have gotten a multi-million dollar golden parachute. Like it or not this guy was a steal for what he has done.

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