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Published: Monday, Nov. 19 2012 12:05 p.m. MST

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Ivins, UT

From what I hear he is getting rusty sitting on the banch. What can one expect when Sacramento does not utilize him. He needs to get out of there and play for someone else.


As long time Kings fan I see the team in total turmoil. Jimmer's career has gotten off to a terrible start because of it. I would think that if he continues to play well in the very limited time he is getting, some other team might show interest in a guy who can hit about 98% with no one in his face. Can you imagine if CP3 or Rose was feeding him passes? The kings have one good player, DMC. Everyone else is really a bench player on most other teams. And the coaching staff is wasting a former player of the year. Its sad to watch.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hey DNews, how about starting a 'Miller Watch'.
There just happens to be a guy named Andre Miller who played for another local University who is now NBA top 10 (all-time) in assists. He took his college team to a sweet 16, an elite 8, an NCAA Championship game, and the round of 32. He recorded a triple-double in an NCAA tourney game - one of eight all-time.
Fans whine about Jimmer being on the wrong NBA team to succeed, yet Andre has had to deal with the same thing over and over again but continues to quietly do the best he can to help teams win. In the process he has accumulated numbers, stats and averages that if he was on a more promising team would have had him in the limelight several times over.
I'm of course being a bit tongue in cheek about the 'Miller Watch', but it just seems like overkill to have 'Jimmer Watch' when the guy had one great season in college and has done and accomplished little else. Good guy, hope he breaks through, but not holding my breath.

Salt Lake City, UT


"how about starting a 'Miller Watch'"

Because nobody except a few diehards on the hill cares about Utah basketball anymore.

Herrmian, UT

Newspapers publish what people want to read. If nobody reads a Jimmer Watch, they stop writing a Jimmer Watch. Instead of complaining to Deseret News, complain to everyone who is interested in reading about Jimmer.

Wildcat Man
Ogden, UT

And while you're at it DesNews, how about starting a "Damian Lillard Watch", since he also played for another local University?? The only thing Damian Lillard has done since he was selected #6 by Portland is lead all rookies in averaging 19 points and 6 assists in 10 games this season as a STARTING POINT GUARD. In his debut, Damian had 23 points and 11 assists, joining Oscar Robertson and Isiah Thomas as the only players in NBA history with at least 20 points and 10 assists in their NBA debuts. He also joined Oscar Robertson as one of the only players to record 20 or more points and more than seven assists in their first three rookie season games.

Salt Lake City, UT

There's weekly updates about this? How about I just sum up his entire season now and we can skip 30 more articles.

Spotty success for Jimmer as the Sacramento Kings struggle to adequately utilize their assets throughout their roster. His growth minimal, it appears that Jimmer would need a better coached team to have a chance of reaching expectations where he could develop into a serviceable starter on a team.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk
Overland Park, KS

Man when are the Kings going to get with it and start playing The Jimmer?! They are wasting a once in a generation talent! Forget Lillard, give me more of the poor man's Kirk Hinrich.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Fair enough, but only the diehard coug fans haven't already given up on Jimmer doing anything in the NBA. So it's really not much different other than that Andre still posts consistently good numbers to this day.

Your point makes sense, but that said, I'm sure no one's buying the newspaper with the thought of there might be a good article on Jimmer today.

@Wildcat Man
Your comment makes the most sense of all. Most recent to have played for a local college team and is having the most success. There you go DNews, how about starting 'Lillard Watch'? Makes a lot more sense.

Durham, NC

This is just kind of funny. Living where I do, we have seen big names come through through here many times. If the news papers did a week by week analysis of players who were top draft picks, the sports sections would have to be doubled.

But here we have learned that big name college basketball players do not necessarily make great pro players - particularly when they play in a league of dubious talent levels. Let's face it, Jimmer had some fantastic years against some pretty ordinary defenses. This isn't a dis against him. We have had players here go all the way to the championship game in the NCAA - win the title - be named MVP - and had less then spectacular careers.

So take a deep breath. Enjoy the memories of Jimmer.... follow his career... and enjoy it for what it is. He is not the next Michael Jordan or LaBron James. Most players aren't.

St Louis, MO

People - and include sportswriters, fans and even NBA scouts - get so caught up in what just happened last week or last game. Or, in this case, the last season. The list of players who had so-so to lousy rookie seasons but managed to have solid careers is pretty long. I don't know how it will play out, but to assume Fredette is a hopeless cause is a product of groupthink. Teams need shooters. With a better fit than the Queens, he'd have a much better shot. That seems self-evident.

As for why we have "Jimmer Watch," it's because he was (and still is) insanely popular compared to Lillard or Miller. Why? He just is, that's why. I love seeing Miller do well, and I hope Lillard is a perennial all-pro. I grew up in Ogden, so that would be pretty cool. But Jimmer, for whatever reasons you care to cite, is just more interesting to a lot of people. Why fight it?

Crotty Kid
Salt Lake City, UT

Kevin O'conner's response about so many questions about Jimmer was basically what motorbike said about Andre Miller. He has had a great career but we don't hear that much about him. Damian Lillard is playing great too but there are rarely updates about him. None of the three grew up in utah and they all spent 4 seasons at their respective colleges in Utah but Jimmer has much much more coverage than the other two. Maybe it's because BYU has a better following or maybe we like following the white mormon guy because he's more like us. Either way, Dnews knows what to write to get the most comments.

O-town, UT

Thanks Wildcat Man,

Where are the stories on Lillard? I would like to read some on Andre Miller as well, but since the D-News has man crush on Jimmer, he gets all the ink. I personally don't like Jimmer's college game--too much of a ball hog for my taste and his 40-foot attempts were a little embarrassing when he missed them. I thought Jimmer had some talent surrounding that made him better like Emery, who was a really good shooter.

Still, great kid and wish him the best, but let's focus on the better talent of Utah shall we?

Lowndes, GA

Jimmer needs to study the life of Pistol Pete Maravich. Pete and Jimmer have one thing in common. They are both scoring type of guards. However one thing that Jimmer lacks that Pete had is confidence.Pete never doubted his ability and pushed himself to be the best. Jimmer has the talent and all the tangibles to be a great NBA scorer but he doesn't carry himself like the winner he really his. He needs to play with a chip on his shoulder and prove everyone that he his name belongs in the same conversation as Pete Maravich and Larry Bird. Come on Jimmer wake up and play to your potential. You made it to the NBA but just making it is not enough. We want to see you step up and show us that you really can shine and be a great player.

rock springs, wy

Sportswriters write for their audience--in this case, Jimmer fans and the minority who aren't. There will be a "Miller Watch" when it is perceived that there are more than a few Utah fans who care about Andre Miller (or even remember him). Whether Utah or Weber State fans like it or not, Jimmer was, for a time, a folk hero in Utah and the nation, for that matter. Damien Lillard was a great college player and is proving to be a very good pro player, but I've never heard of anyone saying they were "Damien'd." The Ogden Examiner could run a "Damien Watch" and Weber State fans would probably read it. Nobody else in the Deseret News regular readership would.

St Louis, MO

Wildcat is the latest in a long line of anti-Jimmerites who like to rip on him for repeatedly taking "40 footers." I'd be curious to see how many actual 40 footers he took, especially when you remove shots taken to beat a buzzer. To save time, I'll give you an answer: zero.

The college three-point line is just under 20 feet from the basket. Take a look at his more Youtubed bombs (at home vs TCU, near the end of regulation in the Sweet 16 game against Florida, at UNLV, at CSU) and tell me you still think that's even close to 40 feet. Maybe you just like to round all numbers up to the nearest 40, but I'm seeing, even in his longest shots, 28-32 feet.

How is this relevant to the article? It isn't. I just can't stand people expressing opinions backed up by complete fiction or exaggeration.

O-town, UT


There were quite a few times when Jimmer would shoot one about ten to fifteen feet away from the three-point line not because the shot clock was almost out, but just to get the attention of the crowd because he was on a streak making shots. I didn't care for Jimmer's style of game--it was a ball hog style.

Lillard on the other hand played a very team concept, and would gladly pass the ball when double-teamed where Jimmer did it as a last option. Lillard was very team-oriented, not self-oriented. I guess I am old school and like a team concept.

Lillard is already looking like a strong rookie of the year candidate, and Jimmer is playing limited minutes. The facts speak for themselves--Lillard is better...period, end-o-story. The great white hope is a great big nope!


Jimmer is not and never will be a NBA guard. There isn't a team in the NBA that will give him 25 to 30 shots a night like he had at BYU. The talent is too big and too fast at this level for Jimmer to be anything more than a deep threat at the end of each quarter. He cannot defend, he doesn't have that good of passing skills, he is too small for today's NBA two guards, and not good enough to play point. He was fun to watch at BYU, but the expectations around here are unreal. J J Reddick made it, so Jimmer mind find his place on a team, but he isn't going to be what some of you fans expect. Pistol Pete and Jimmer? Really? Damien Lillard could be the best product out of a Utah school in a decade.

Nampa, ID

Jimmer Watch:

Jimmer is less than average...again.

Jimmer may decide to play defense one day....again.

Jimmer is no John Stockton. Jimmer is no Steve Kerr. Jimmer ain't even Danny Ainge.

Jimmer WAS a good college player.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Play him 40 minutes a game and he will average 40 points a game.

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