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Published: Saturday, Nov. 17 2012 11:55 p.m. MST

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Bronco, Oh Bronco! Where art thou when needed. Perhaps heading to the minor leagues.

Everett, WA

It is absolute poetic justice that a spunky little Spartan team from the WAC with a good passing game outplays & defeats an over-sized, unimaginative running team from Independence & ESPN world. BYU used to be a spunky & imaginative little passing team from the WAC, just like SJSU.


As a BYU fan I still love my Cougars and appreciate their best efforts.

I think it is clear that, in spite of being beaten by BYU, USU is the best football team in Utah this year. Go Aggies!

Bonneville, ID

The coaches should have to answer for how long they have stayed with the Riley.

Frisco, TX

Riley has grit and determination, but he lacks smarts and skills. I cannot wait for the Riley Neson era to end.

Please let Lark start against NMSU, so I only have to endure one more Riley Nelson game in the Poinsetta.

Farmington, UT

After seeing a couple years of this, why am I not surprised. No O-line, no field goal kicking, no pass defense the first half, offensive turnovers and 4th and out plays by one certain QB who gets to play even when only performing at 65%, etc. We need some CHANGES in our coaching staff and we need to get a few more wins under our belt. Our schedule is improving....is our team? Are our coaches? I heard therer was friction in the coaching ranks and it that's true it explains an awful lot about this year. Mr Holmoe, please straighten it out asap.

(I did like the on-side kick but hated the 4th-and-outs when we only needed a few yards and couldn't pick them up.)

South Jordan, UT

Bronco isn't going anywhere!

As much as I admire the grit of a particular player, and the loyalty shown him by the brain trust at BYU, it's time for more loyalty to be shown to the other 60+ players to put in a QB that can give the team a legitimate chance to win. A player that won't contribute points to the other team with their untimely play.

Everett, WA

After another unworthy outing and loss ... people will blame Riley and call for new offensive coordinator. Problem is, Bronco has already fired an offensive coordinator, not to mention defensive coordinator. As they say, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. We need someone at the top, a head coach, that has a better vision for BYU football, and who can deliver it. Empty and broken promises for offensive passing greatness of old don't cut it, year after year after year.

st.george, ut

It's official- Riley Nelson has personally been responsible for losing more games than he has won for BYU. Can't understand the bromance Bronco and Doman have with him. James Lark deserved better than to be sidelined for him. Where has the BYU passing game gone? We don't even look like BYU anymore. Holmoe better insist on some changes in the program or be prepared to watch the whole thing go down in flames. Bronco is a great DC, not a head coach because he doesn't have any clue how to help the offense nor does he spend any time thinking about it.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Riley plays A LOT like Tim Tebow. He throws a bad ball but he has a lot of heart. The sad thing is a lot of heart doesn't win a lot of ball games. With his back as bad as it was at the end of the game they knew he couldn't run. His limited options at that point became a liability. Wish Bronco could have seen it but no.

blue & white
Boise, ID

Nelson shouldn't be playing. coaches blew it when he played hurt against Utah and BSU. we would have been shut out by BSU if Nelson kept playing. Nelson should have been yanked at half time tonight and let Lark play. Let Lark start against NMS and finish the season as a starter. Again Nelson missed wide open recievers tonight. Sometimes the coaches can't see the forrest because the trees are in the way. it takes a player to get hurt to see the ability of the backups which shouldn't be. the best players should play and we don't know what Lark can do even after 6 years! He has been patiently waiting give him a chance in a game situation! IF Nelson was at USU he would not be starting. Frustrated.

Bonneville, ID

The long pass game with Riley cannot stretch the defense to help the run game. the play calling stinks. I think they believed the hype that the offense was getting better against a weak team last week.

San Antonio, TX

Two more games and the Riley Nelson era will be over. Hopefully Brandon Doman will also head for the showers.

Buena Park, CA

Has anyone heard who are the leading candidates to be BYU's offensive coordinator next year?
Or is that being kept under wraps until after the bowl game?

Sandy, UT

Lark Carma

West Jordan, Utah

Not a fan of BYU but feel bad for Nelson. he is not the right guy for QB but his toughness and grit just isn't enough to win. he looks so beat up and dejected and the end of each loss.

Orem, UT

Riley's QB play is going to cost a coach his job at the end of the season.

Franklin, IN

Whoa Nelly!!!

Durham, NC

I think BYU fans will have a little more understanding of how hard it is for a team like Notre Dame to put competitive teams on the field. No doubt BYU will go through the same gyrations trying to build a team that can consistently beat big program teams.

What we have also seen recently playedout is this is the year of any team can beat any other team on a given saturday.

Danbury, CT

BYU is a pathetic program. No spunk, no discipline, no athleticism, no clue. This coaching staff seems to have no idea how to put together a winning season. How can we be playing our worst football of the year in NOVEMBER??

Like many, I am not a fan of Bronco or Doman. But how about Reynolds who has coached our O-line for decades and still can't open a hole for Jamaal or protect the QB.

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