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Published: Saturday, Nov. 17 2012 11:45 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

GO UTES, we can win the national championship next year! I don't care if you did not make a bowl this year, we may have sucked, but so what. GO UTES


Alpine Coug, not trying to split hairs here, because yes, BYU's schedule next year will be tough, but citing eight BCS conference teams (even though Notre Dame technically is not, but I get your point) as "far exceed(ing) any schedule Utah has ever had"? The Pac-12 plays a 9 game conference schedule, meaning that every team already plays at least 9 BCS conference teams. And if you match up each of those opponents, if this year is any indication: Oregon will be better than Notre Dame, Stanford will be better than Texas, USC is better than Wisconsin, UCLA will be better than Boise, Oregon State will be better than Georgia Tech, Arizona State will be better than Virginia, Arizona is better than Houston, and we both play Utah State.

Yes it is a tough schedule, whether you consider it tougher than Utah's, all we can say is welcome to our world. You'll find out what it is like soon enough, and decide whether that's what you want to continue with or not. I find the challenge exciting, but the sentiment of many BYU fans seems to be that wins, regardless of the opponent, is their preference.

Zona Zone
Mesa, AZ

Get used to having your Decembers free, Utah fans. You can't hang with the likes of us. #GoSunDevils


Hey Utah, the PAC 12 called. They want their money back. LOL!

Springville, UT

"... but we should take care of the Buffs next week to get 'some' momentum going into the off-season."

I'm dying to know what momentum can be had from beating Colorado? LOL

Farmington, UT

@ gdog

I'm glad to see that you are happy that Utah achieved their #1 goal this year (by inches on a missed field goal that clanked off the goal post) and that was----as always and forever----beating BYU.

How'd you do against USU (who BYU defeated)?

How'd you do in your elite "BCS Conference" play?

How'd you do in your dinky 45,000 seat stadium? Did you win at home?

Remind us again.....what years did you win BCS bowls? The relevance of that has evaporated and I can't quite remember when it was exactly.

CO Ute

I have followed articles on Utah in both the DN and he Trib all year. Can say that although there are 'trolls' responding at both papers (and, to be fair an equal number of trolls on the Y articles); there is no contest. The U haters in the DN are far more vocal, more obnoxious, and post in greate numbers than compared to the Trib. Seems like there are 10 or more that can't wait for a new article so they can make a post.

For those that fit this description and are true BYU fans; you need to look in the mirror and ask think about what a fine example you are setting as a representative of a Christian based faith. For the same fans that are so proud of the BYU honor code, you don't feel that you need to abide by the same principles in your life.

Highland, UT

I love the whining by utah "fans" about BYU fans posting on these articles. Very funny. Just remember until a couple of years ago no BYU fans ever posted on utah articles, none of us. For that matter no one at all ever posted on utah articles. There were routninely about 5-6 posts total on any utah article. On the otherhand there were always 50-100 posts on BYU articles and a large percentage of them were such allustrous utah "fans" as christina b, hedehog, naval vet, etc. Those great utah "fans" inspired the BYU fans, they showed us how it is done. They were the leaders, the trend setters, the ones who established what these boards would be and how they would be used. BYU fans are simply responding in kind, doing what we were taught to do by the true greats of comment board posting etiquette.

It is what it is utah "fans" and you are the pioneers. You showed us the way. Embrace your legacy.

IRS Agent

Wait, what??? Chris B said that Utah would be PAC South champions. How can it be that the PAC South champs aren't playing in a bowl game. That can be right, can it?

Salt Lake City, UT

Utes don't deserve to go to a bowl game after a year of disappointing defense and an unimaginative offense that seemed to have only 5 or 6 plays in the playbook. That was enough to beat BYU but not enough to beat the teams in a Big Boy conference.

Utes need more speed and athleticism at linebacker and much more creativity on offense. Let's throw in a offensive lineman or two also.

Congrats goes to USU who proved to be the best team in the State this year. By far.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


Ending the season with a win is always better then ending with a loss. The seniors are done but the underclassmen are still looking for their first road win of the season. Even if it's too late this year, a team needs to learn to win on the road.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Alpine Coug,

While BYUs schedule next year will certainly be its most challenging, the Utes' SOS will undoubtedly be higher.
Road games against Oregon, Stanford, USC, Arizona and BYU. Home against Weber St (the only patsie of the year), USU, ASU, UCLA, Washington, Oregon State, and Colorado.
The next two years Utah won't play two of the bottom three teams in the PAC-12 - Cal and WSU. Every team but two has spent time in the top 25 this season.
There's a legitimate chance that Utah's SOS could be the highest in the country next year. And yes I'll say it, it's scary. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

West Jordan, Utah

@Alpine Cougar

BYU's 2013 schedule does look tougher than the first two years of independence, but the hype on the schedule being so supreme is overhyped.

When I break down BYU's 2013 schedule I see holes yet to be filled by WAC teams. Some of the solid opponents have been rumored to back out of their match up with BYU (we will see).

I would argue Utah has the tougher schedule next year. Remember Utah will play Oregon, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Arizona, and Arizona State next year.

Here are the teams you say constitutes "the schedule better than Utah has ever had".

Texas = big name program. Stanford has been better recently. Notre Dame, like Texas is a huge name (good for BYU), but Oregon, like Stanford has been better overall in recent years. Boise State is a nice match up although they faded this year. Are they better than USC? Wisconsin is a solid opponent. Now the rest? Georgia Tech, Houston and Virginia would all be at the bottom of the PAC 12 if there. BYU has Middle Tennessee and Hawaii. Please?USU might lose Gary Anderson. What other WAC teams will be added to the 2013 schedule yet?

West Jordan, Utah

Also, it doesn't matter if BYU plays 8 solid teams in 2013, which they won't, because all they have to do is finish 2-6 in those to go bowling. That is because the other 3 or 4 games will be easy wins (i.e. the likes of Idaho State, Idaho, New Mexico State, Hawaii, Weber State, and Middle Tennessee).

Utah will play their warm up game each year like Northern Colorado. Then they will play the bottom feeders of the PAC 12 like Colorado and Washington State. Still, the last two are NOT penciled in wins for Utah like Idaho, Weber State and the others mentioned above are for BYU.

The rest of Utah's conference schedule, rather the PAC 12 is done or not is better than Virginia, Houston, and Georgia Tech.

Yes BYU will likely play Notre Dame and Texas barring a contract break up. Look, they are great opponents to play. But Utah has great opponents as well (i.e. Oregon, Stanford and USC). The middle tier Pac 12 teams like Arizona State, Washington, and UCLA (who is back) are better than Virginia, Houston and GT. Be realistic Alpine Coug. Still, I like your comments usually .

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


Schedule smack?

Don't kid yourself; you couldn't possibily know who is going to be better than who next season.

btw, the next shoe just dropped in the ever changing college football landscape.

Maryland's Board of Regents unanamously approved the Terp's move to the Big Ten; Rutgers will follow.

The SEC and Big 12 will pillage teams from the ACC, the ACC will replenish with teams from the Big East, and Boise State and San Diego State will be left second-guessing their move to the Big East before they've even played their first game in their new conference.

Independence may not be the ideal situation for BYU, but it's certainly looking alot better than playing this seemingless endless conference realignment game of musical chairs.

Allen, TX

Children, stop your bickering. Yes, both Utah and BYU will have tough schedules next year. But they will end with the same result as this year: BYU in a bowl, Utah watching on TV.

As long as you are both OK with these results, why bicker?

Layton, Utah

The Utesies are a sorry excuse for a football team. If it weren't for John White the 102nd, you would have maybe 2 wins since joining the Pac.



Go over to the y article and see who is whinning. You are getting your kicks that Utah had the down year, and you are happy that Utah has lost. But go check out the y fans on your article and you will see the biggest whinners on earth including yourself.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Oh well, at least we didn't lose to San Jose State Middle School

Salt Lake City, UT

Spokane Ute

"Oh well, at least we didn't lose to San Jose State Middle School"

The hill hyperbole never stops:

#21 Arizona
#24 Utah State
#30 San Jose State
#36 BYU
#45 Utah
#151 Colorado
#165 Northern Colorado

Unfortunately for U, beating Colorado in the toilet bowl still won't get U into a real bowl.

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