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Published: Saturday, Nov. 17 2012 11:45 p.m. MST

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Washington, UT

Dixie Dan

What are you saying? Utah failed to reel in the top rated O lineman in Utah (going to Arizona), the top QB (Alabama), the top linebacker (Stanford) and the jury's still out on the top D lineman. They're not getting the best of what's right in front of them.

Laporte, CO

If you look at the comments of the two main stories about the cougars loss to San Jose state and the utes loss to Arizona. BYU fans are ripping their own program and then making fun of the program they lost to. Stay classy BYU fans. No comments from utes fans ripping BYU.


Congrats, Utes! You did better than I thought you would.


As far as penalties go, and letting the players play, I was fairly pleased with the officiating, but they did a terrible job of managing the game, and let Arizona do whatever they wanted to. Many times substitutions looked like a hockey match, and gave Utah no chance to sub players to match up. The worst, however, especially considering UA only led by one touchdown in the last few minutes, was when Blechen's helmet came off, and they made him come off the field, but allowed Arizona to run a play in for a TD without allowing someone to sub in for him. I've hated that rule all year, but if you're going to enforce it at all, it has to be done correctly. And lastly, not that it mattered much as we were down 2 possessions on the last drive anyway, but they let the last seconds run off the clock with Utah trying to run a play, but a defender tied his legs up with John White's to keep him on the ground for 10+ seconds as the time ran off.


That said, however, give credit to Arizona. Ka'Deem Carey was very impressive, and they came up with the stops when they needed them. Whether it's extrinsically (firing/hiring) or intrinsically, the Utes coaching staff will have to improve a lot to make it back to bowl eligibility next year, and the players need to have better senior leadership (looking at you, Blechen, Joe Kruger and Trevor Reilly).

Spanish Fork, UT

@gdog. Agree that Wilson was thrown in too early. Coaches should have used Hays more. Put them both on the field. Defense disappointed in key games.

Season not lost. Very entertaining to watch Utes play against big name opponents. PAC-12 is tough! Utes will recruit 3-star athletes that are passed over by USC, UCLA, etc. Coaching needs to be excellent to create competitive team with 2nd-tier athletes. And build depth chart. Future seasons look promising and challenging, if Ute AD can recruit and keep good coaches.

beats losing to San Jose St even during their rare "good years". Everything happening in Provo shows extremely poor football judgment. This former fan won't even change the channel to watch Y games now.


Yes, a real classy bunch. Let it go. Its the only way they can make themselves feel better about where their program is headed.
As for the Utes, realistically it will be three to five years before they compete consistently in this conference - and I will be enjoying the process. I'll be curious about any changes in the assistant coaching ranks in the off season. AND, how about thse Aggies?!! Coach Anderson has them playing!

Mesa, AZ

It looks like Sarkisian and Anae are the only Cougars to beat the Utes this season.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Well the simple fact is we have some major problems, and it starts from the coaching down. The defense was exposed except against BYU, WSU, and Cal. Which was a shock considering the defense was supposed to be the strongest part of this team.

Hiring Brian Johnson was a huge mistake, he's not ready to lead a PAC-12 offense. I see the same issues next year, this looks like a 3-4 year learning curve.

All year long this team lacked discipline and accountability. How many times did Utah commit a personal foul on big plays. We had one yesterday by our Starr player.

Season 2 Conclusion: Failure on offense, defense, and special teams with poor coaching all around. As of today I think this continues into next season, I can't see us winning more than 6 games with Stanford and Oregon on the schedule as well. Weber State, @BYU, and Utah State will decided if we win less than 6 games.

Provo, UT

Generally, I think Whittingham is one of the best coaches in the country. Bu--and there is a but, he has made some curious decisions on both the macro and micro level.

First, is Brian Johnson at age 25 really ready to be an offensive coordinator? I think the kid has a brilliant future ahead of him but he's over his head right now.

I think Utah went into a downward spiral with its QB situation with how it handled Corbin Loucks. If Wynn stayed healthy maybe things would have worked out differently but a few years back is when the dominos of this quarterback mess started. I agree they should have stayed with Hays and even tried to redshirt Wilson. Hays wasn't spectacular but I can't imagine that Utah wouldn't be bowl eligible with him at the helm.

Let Fakahafua play offense as well, he has amazing ball skills.

On the micro level, game management decisions were off, like the fake punt. It didn't work and Utah's season was doomed. Play calling was unimaginative all year. Davonte Christopher was a huge disappointment and even Star didn't live up to billing.

Mcallen, TX

Chris B is busy writing things down.

Next year he'll emerge as an Aggie fan.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


I disagree about the play calling. I thought that is was often too imaginative. Don't forget the hook and ladders and reverses we tried to run while inside the 5-yard line....

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah losing to Arizona? Unfortunate, but not unexpected.
BYU losing to SJSU? Pure comedy gold.
Congrats to the Aggies on their season. They are the best in the state.

Provo, UT

Two For Flinching:

I see your point but sometimes trick plays disguise a pedestrian offensive scheme. It is apparent that Wilson is still developing his skills. He rarely goes to a second or third option on passing plays. Sometimes coaches will try trick plays when the regular offense just isn't working or complex enough to keep the opponent's defense guessing and adjusting. I agree that many trick plays were used and many didn't work. I think we both see a problem. I think the imagination I think is lacking is a complex passing and running scheme say that Arizona possessed last night and since that is lacking, flea flickers, reverses and such are often used in order to try to get cheap scores (and they often backfire badly)...

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Is Blechen transfering to either Colorado or Washington?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I feel that the biggest problem is that Whit did not trust his team enough. Trick plays are to be used only when the other team does not expect them. When you run them all the time, then the opposing team will begin to think that every play is a trick play. When the Utes were only down by three, why would you run a fake punt on your own 40 with plenty of time left?

West Jordan, Utah

Countless BYU fans say Utah lives for BYU's failures. From what I read on these posts each time Utah loses from BYU fans, the comparisons are hypocritical. Seriously, read all of these comments by BYU fans on this Utah article (after losing to San Jose State no less). I know that little WAC team is formidable, but ya'll are looking silly.

Here is the thing. Both Utah and BYU are bad. Both Bronco and Kyle lost their players this year, and that is hard to fix in the future without big name player support or new blood coming in that responds extremely well.

Still, the truth is, as bad as Utah has been, they would be bowling with BYU's schedule. BYU played tough teams, I get that, but those were losses. The automatic wins were still built in. Utah played an easy Washington State game. BYU played them as well. I know the PAC 12 is not the SEC or BIG 12, but Utah's schedule is still tougher than that of BYU. Utah played Northern Colorado (penciled win). But BYU played Weber State, Idaho and New Mexico State.

Remember Utah has 8 of the last 11 head to head.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Funny to see coug fans make fun of the Utes when their team will only end up with 2 more victories with a far less challenging schedule.
The truth is this, BYU and Utah are very close in talent this year, their head to head matchup accurately sums that up. Swap schedules and I think you'd have seen very similar results. Utah wins 7 or 8 and BYU wins 4 or 5. I'd still rather walk away with 5 wins having seen great opponents and great games while also knowing how satisfying it will be when Utah has a break through year ... and yes, I believe that will indeed happen but not next year, Utah's schedule may end up being the toughest in the country.

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

@ gdog3finally
@ motorbike

You are both correct about this years schedule, but BYU's 2013 schedule will far exceed any schedule Utah has ever had.

In 2013 BYU will play: Texas - Notre Dame - Boise State - Georgia Tech - Wisconsin - Utah - Houston - Virginia = 8 BCS Conference opponents (Houston-BSU new in Big East). As well as the new local powerhouse Utah State. Middle TN State and Hawaii may be the only cream puffs. Hope we have a QB by the start of the season (Taysom Hill?) and that Kyle Van Noy decides to stay for his final season.

Actually, as a long time Cougar fan, I also root for Utah and look forward to the not too distant future when both once again return to revelancy and become perennial Top 25 teams!

Mission Viejo, CA

Lots of Coug fans celebrating on this article. I guess misery loves company. Frankly, Utah performed about as expected this and last year. BYU, on the other hand, squandered a defense good enough for great season if the offense had only been average (BYU average, that is).

So Coug fans, lay off the Utes. Look at the BYU schedule next year and pray for divine guidance. We're gonna need it.

Oh and hoops doesn't look so good either.

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